JCPenney Military and Veteran Discount

JCPenney: Unwrap the Magic

JCPenney has a long history of building brands and constantly developing and delivering new and exciting products and brands to meet the evolving needs of customers and their families. Let’s know about JCPenney Military and Veteran Discount.

JCPenney Military and Veteran Discount

(JCPenney: Miliitary Discount Quick and Easy Ways to Save)

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JC Penney was founded in 1902 with one simple rule – treat others the way we want to be treated. JCPenney is a large clothing, footwear and home goods retailer. Unfortunately JCPenney does not offer a military discount 

JCPenney Military and Veteran Discount

JCPenney does not have a store-wide military discount, but occasionally offers a Veterans Day discount in-store and percentage discount coupons for military families at its portrait center. 

An Alternative Option: Take Advantage of JCPenney Portraits Military Discount

Although the JCPenney store doesn’t offer military discounts, their portrait studio does. 

Presenting your military identity card at the beginning of a session will waive all session fees. This means that you can take pictures completely free of charge. You will also receive a free 8 x 10 copy

Everything else you buy will be 50% off, standard print prices have been reduced from $14.99 to $4.99, and a high resolution digital photo album can be purchased for as little as $99 (usually $149).

You can see the details of this offer or print a coupon with all the details at the JCPenney portraits official site.

How to save at JCPenney?

Unfortunately, the network does not currently offer discounts for the military.  However, they offer their customers various ways to save. 

JCPenney always has a variety of offers available to all customers-

  1. Check out JCPenney’s weekly ad

One of the best ways to save money at JCPenney is by viewing the weekly ads.

They have a lot of great deals, ranging from percentages off on all purchases to discounts on certain products.

These offers are usually available in-store and online.

  1. Visit JCPenney’s coupons and promotions page

JCPenney’s Coupons & Promotions page is one of the best places to check offers.

If there are any great deals that will save your money on the entire purchase, they’ll be listed here.

You can then print the coupon and use it in store, or save your promotional code and use it for online shopping.

  1. Sign Up for Emails or Texts

If you’d like to receive more updates about the deals JCPenney has to offer, you can sign up for JCPenney’s email or text message. 

This doesn’t give you instant offers, but you can be one of the first to know about new offers and promotions.

To get the latest updates, you have to visit the official JCPenney website and scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email address (for email) or phone number (for text) in the box at the bottom right.

  1. Create a JCPenney account

Creating an account on JCPenney allows you to earn points through JCPenney’s My Reward Program and these points can be used to save money on future purchases.

200 points equals $10, so it’s like earning free money at JCPenney.

  1. Sign up for JCPenney Credit card

 JCPenney credit card may allow you to save your most money by using it for in-store purchases 

This card gives you 15% off select items in most stores and 5% off select electronic purchases and only cardholders can enjoy the special savings day.

JCPenney account (an account that offer free money) can also earn points twice as fast

  1. Watch for Rebate Deals

A final way to save money at a regular JCPenney store is to keep an eye out for rebates.

With rebate deals, you can send a receipt and receive a large amount of money by email

You can keep checking the official website as they will be posted here as soon as they become available.

They are also commonly advertised in JCPenney’s weekly commercials.

About JCPenney 

JCPenney began in Kemmerer, Wyoming in 1902 after being founded by a man named James Cash Penney. And his first store was called “The Golden Rule” and his focus was always being customer friendly.

JCPenney is still focused on this, but it has grown into a chain with over 1000 locations and has stores in all states.

JCPenney stores can be found both in malls and in individual locations.

Their store sells not only clothes for the whole family, but also various household goods: kitchen utensils, bedding, children’s toys and decor.


Overall, it’s a pity that JCPenney doesn’t offer a military discount on their regular items.

However, it’s worth taking advantage of their other savings options and the military discount offered in JCPenney portraits.

Make sure you take advantage of the deal that’s right for you the next time you shop at JCPenney.

JCPenney Military and Veteran Discount

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