Qalo Military and Veteran Discount

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QALO was created based on commitment, quality, and function. QALO is a company that sells silicone rings and other silicone jewelry products. QALO stands for quality, athletics, love, and outdoor recreation and these are the four pillars on which the company is built. QALO Military Discount is a great way for military members to get the best price on QALO rings. Let’s know about Qalo Military and Veteran Discount.

Qalo Military and Veteran Discount

(Qalo: We believe in standing up for those who represent)

Qalo Military and Veteran Discount

In honor of those who have served our country and our city, QALO wants to offer exclusive discounts for military and first responders.

The QALO Military Discount gives men and women who serve in the U.S. military a 15% savings on their orders.

Details about QALO Military Discount

QALO offers 15% off military members just to say “thank you” for their service.

This offer is valid on any QALO product purchased online from

(SheerID is an online verification tool that helps businesses to offer discounts on military and other special items online. )

However, you don’t need a SheerID account to take advantage of this discount.

Validation is done in the background, so you don’t have to work with anyone other than QALO while you get the military discount.

Then, wait for the QALO customer support team to send an email to your inbox.

This email contains a discount code that you can use on your next online order.

Simply enter this code in the “Discount Code/Store Credit” field during checkout.

(QALO also recommends that you do not use Internet Explorer at the time of purchase to ensure everything runs smoothly.)

Who can apply for this deal?

This discount applies to all active-duty military personnel.

This includes members of all the five branches-Air Force, the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

It also includes those serving in active duty, the reserve, and the National Guard.

The deal is also available to former military personnel. 

This includes both veterans and retired military personnel of any branch of the military

Military family members, including spouses and dependents, can also apply for this deal

How to Apply?

Step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the discount:

Step 1– Visit the QALO official website.

Step 2 – Scroll down the page and click the US Military Discount link.

Step 3 – Fill in the information fields that appear on your screen.

Step 4 – After clicking Verify and Continue, your information will be verified with SheerID.

What are the restrictions to avail of this discount?

Fortunately, the QALO military discount doesn’t have many restrictions.

Most importantly you need a discount code to use it

This deal is available on the QALO website only

This means that even though you can buy QALO products at several other retailers like Target and Amazon, you’ll still have to pay in full if you go this route.

About QALO

QALO was founded in 2012 by two people, Ted Baker and KC Holiday.

The two friends got married a month apart and neither liked wearing a metal wedding ring due to their active lifestyle.

However, they still wanted to wear something that would symbolize their marriage every day, so they created the QALO Silicone Engagement Ring.

QALO stands for quality, activity, love, and outdoor recreation.

The company strives to manufacture products that fit an active lifestyle while maintaining strong family values.

In addition to wedding rings, QALO currently manufactures a wide range of silicone jewelry products, from teething chains to dog collar charms.


QALO was founded in 2013 as a leader in silicone wedding rings, inspired by the belief that you never have to choose between your safety and comfort, and showing your commitment to your loved ones.

That’s why, over the years, we have created a silicone ring that is extremely flexible, lightweight, extremely durable, and 100% safe.

All- in –All, QALO Military Discounts are a great way to save on high-quality silicone wedding rings (and other products).

If you’re searching for a ring that fits your active lifestyle, check out QALO and take advantage of this deal.


Does QALO offer military discounts?

QALO thanks men and women for military service and offers a 15% discount! When you visit, you will see a tab for discounts on US military or first responders under Inside QALO at the bottom of the page.

Do QALO rings contain Latex?

All of the QALO silicone rings are made from food-grade silicone which is latex-free.

Qalo Military and Veteran Discount

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