What Channel is LMN on Spectrum?

In this fast-paced life, good entertainment helps to relax and unwind. One way to do this is to watch your favorite shows on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). On this channel, you will enjoy high-quality content that will help you relax when you are going through a tough day. The channel has grown to the point that it is now seen in nearly 70% of American homes. The shows on this channel attract the attention of all viewers. Watching LMN on Spectrum enhances your overall experience by allowing you to enjoy all your content in HD. Some of LMN’s shows are for women. One can enjoy exclusive films. The channel’s popularity led to the launch of an Australian version. The Channel’s headquarters is in New York. This article gives an answer to the question of ‘What Channel is LMN on Spectrum?’.

What Channel is LMN on Spectrum?

What Channel is LMN on Spectrum?

If you want to enjoy LMN, you need to know the exact channel number of LMN.

Spectrum package offers more than 100 channels and if you try to find an LMC channel, you will miss an important part of your favorite program.

Here is the list of LMN Channel numbers for easy access as per city/state:

City/State Channel Number 
Alexandria, Kentucky87
Greenville, South Carolina
Orlando, Florida 55
El Paso, Texas77
Grand Junction, Colorado90/590
Bristol, Virginia 96/864
Great Falls, Montana90/590
Athens, Georgia 87/864
Los Angeles, California 630

Brief Introduction to LMN

Also known as Lifetime Movies or LMN for short, Lifetime Movie Network is a popular cable channel owned by A&E Network.

LMN is a popular choice with most American families as it offers a healthy mix of new and old releases from a wide variety of genres.

Focusing on women and high-quality materials, Lifetime Movie Network is popular among women

Spectrum plan which offers LMN

LMN has become an indispensable cable channel for many American women. It is a critical component of choosing a TV package for some people.

When you subscribe to the Spectrum TV Silver or Gold package you will have access to the LMN network as well as MTV. The first package costs $69.99/month and the second package costs $89.99/month.

When you sign up for Spectrum’s “Double Play Package” you can watch many different channels but you could have better internet too.

Shows to watch on LMN

LMN offers a range of interesting programming that sets their channel apart. Here are some of those shows on LMN which you should not miss watching:

1. My Haunted House

This show is aimed at people who can watch horror movies without any problems. This series is about a haunted house.

These houses belong to real people who are scared because the paranormal activity has suddenly turned their houses into a nightmare.

This show is perfect if you can’t find any other creepy and fun show.

2. My Crazy Ex

It’s a storytelling reality show that tells many stories about people in love, but along the way, their relationship gets out of control and they look for a way to escape.

This show is a perfect alternative to other reality TV series that are broadcast on TCL.

3. Escaping Polygamy

 Escaping Polygamy is a documentary series. The show is about two sisters who decided to separate from the polygamous group “The Order”.

With their experience, these sisters start helping other family members escape from polygamy. In addition, they have also helped many turn away from the FLDS churches and the American University of Beirut Church.

4. Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight is a reality show based on the Danish serial show Gift Ved Første Blik. After the first meeting, the couples on the show agree to get married. Eight weeks after marriage, the couple decides whether to continue together or divorce


If you want the best entertainment, LMN is the ultimate channel. Also, some of the above shows will make you want to watch this channel. Spectrum Subscriber can contact a customer service agent to find out the package you are paying for that includes Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).


Does Spectrum offer LMN on their packages?

Yes! Spectrum offers LMN on their Package 

Can I watch LMN on Hulu TV?

Luckily Yes! Hulu with Live Tv allows viewers to watch LMN

Does LMN have an App?

Yes, LMN has an app. With it, access to plays, real events and movies is guaranteed. The app works perfectly with a variety of mobile devices.

Do I have to pay for an app?

All you have to do is just download and use the Lifetime app for free. However, if you want to see the entire program catalog, you’ll need to sign in to indicate that you have cable and satellite TV subscriptions.

How do I contact Spectrum customer service?

For more information and to order you can contact Spectrum Customer Service at (1-855-423-0918).

What Channel is LMN on Spectrum?

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