Is the Maze Runner on Hulu?

Set in a dystopian world where a group of young boys are kidnapped and sent into a maze with their memories erased, waiting and patiently planning their escape from there- and with just that one sentence, you know you’re tempted to want to know more about the movie and where to watch it. The Maze Runner is the first movie in a trilogy of movies. And if you’re wondering Is the Maze Runner on Hulu, yes- it is.

Is the Maze Runner on Hulu?

Hulu is one of America’s topmost streaming services and has been a big player in the streaming services market since its launch in 2008. With various subscription plans, an eclectic mix of content, and a huge market, Hulu provides top-notch entertainment to its members and its offerings include the teen-thriller movie, The Maze Runner.

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The Maze Runner- What’s it About?

This book adaptation stars Dylan O’ Brien as the protagonist Thomas, who plays a pivotal role in the group’s escape from the maze, known as The Glade. The book series, authored by James Dashner was very famous for being a gripping page-turner and The Maze Runner too, is easily a very thrilling story- if we dare say it, it is just as good as the source material it was taken from- in a world where the book adaptations never match up to the expectations of its fans, The Maze Runner was a definite stand out.

The movie also stars Kaya Scodelario (of Wuthering Heights fame) and the ever-loved Thomas Brodie-Sangster, whose continued charm and cuteness have been some of his most endearing qualities. Other actors include Will Poulter, Aml Ameen, Ki Hong Lee and Patricia Clarkson. It focuses on a world that seems very out of reach for a group of boys who have been sent into the Glade with no memories of their life and form a society of sorts amongst themselves. 

A few of the boys in the maze run around the maze every day, hoping to finally figure out the key to escaping the Glade. A total turn of events finally leads them to discover that the outside world has been affected by a deadly virus called the Flare, caused by a deadly and massive solar flare. In the meantime, Thomas begins to be bothered by visions from his past, which are undoubtedly from the memories that he has now lost. All these subplots come together to form a thrilling storyline that you’ll love to watch.

The Maze Runner- Awards and Recognitions

The movie is highly credited for giving the lead actor, Dylan O Brien, his breakthrough role on the big screens. Having already had a solid taste of fame with his TV stint as Stiles Stilinski in the blockbuster hit show Teen Wolf, this movie made Dylan O Brien one to watch and cemented him as an up-and-coming actor with serious potential. The release of the movie undoubtedly boosted book sales too and the author James Dashner’s fanbase also grew to unprecedented levels.

This Movie Sounds Awesome, Where Do I Watch It?

If this article was enough to get you pumped about watching The Maze Runner (admit it, man has it got you curious!) then, of course, the next question is- how?

As we mentioned earlier, The Maze Runner is available on Hulu– America’s favourite streaming service! Hulu has been actively competing with Netflix in the United States for a decade and a bit more. The best part about Hulu, is that they don’t only provide the first movie in the trilogy i.e, The Maze Runner, but the streaming service also provides the second and third movies of the trilogy- The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, the two blockbuster offerings that are to be watched right after the first one! However, watching The Scorch Trials requires a plan priced slightly higher than the average basic one.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Watch it Now!

You’ve got a great thriller in your hands with The Maze Runner- teenagers, dystopia, and some serious twists and turns. It makes for the ideal Saturday night movie with friends and now you know where to watch it too- on Hulu. If you’re like us and prefer that your movie nights be undisturbed and quiet, then grab a blanket and some snacks, clear your bed and set yourself up for the ultimate entertainment experience!


If you’re part of the audience that haven’t yet watched it- The Maze Runner is long overdue on all your movie lists. And if you have already watched it…well, seeing Dylan O’Brien in the All Too Well short film recently, will have definitely piqued your interest in this movie, which is undoubtedly his most memorable role to date. So, whether you have already or are yet to, The Maze Runner is an easy entertainer which will keep you glued to your screen.

Is the Maze Runner on Hulu?

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