Kohl’s Rewards – Eligibility For Kohl’s Rewards


The Kohl’s Corporation is an American retail store company. The form was founded in 1962. At present, the headquarters of Kohl’s Corporation is in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin in the United States. It is one of the most trusted general stores in the United States. The company is known for its all-in-one retail store centers. All the family members can shop from a single place or location.

Kohls Rewards

The company manufactures a wide range of items like clothing accessories, fashion items, cosmetics, toys, home appliances, and electronics like mixture grinders, iron, heating rods, toasters, etc., bedding products, furniture, footwear, garden items, and many more. The company is known for its customer-friendly policies and schemes, it helps in attracting a large population of buyers in both online and in-store shopping modes.

Eligibility For Kohl’s Rewards

• The people belonging to twenty-one or more than twenty-one years of age can have a Kohl’s rewards accounts of their own. Moreover, people less than twenty years of age can not have Rewards or credit points accounts.

• The person who is willing to make a Kohl’s rewards and credit points account must be employed. The person who is not working or providing any services is not liable to have a Kohl’s Rewards Account even if his age is more than twenty-one years.

• The person can only make an account after he has made three consecutive purchases from any store of the Kohl’s corporation in six months.

How to Earn Kohl’s Rewards while purchasing the company’s items?

There are many ways in which the customers can earn Kohl’s rewards. Although, the most common way of earning rewards in less time is through purchasing items or products from Kohl’s Corporation. The people buying items through online shopping platforms or retail stores get different credit points and rewards.

In-Store Purchase Orders 

Kohl’s rewards give a special card to the customers who have a reward point account. The card holds the credit points earned by the customers. People who use credit points reward cards are liable to earn more points on every purchase order made by them. They are also liable to get a 35-50% discount if they buy using the Kohl’s reward points or credit points from any retail store of the Kohl’s Corporation. The customers can use rewards while purchasing items from any retail store with the help of the following steps-

STEP 1- the customers can go to any nearby retail store of the Kohl’s corporation.

STEP 2- Select the items and products he wants to purchase.

STEP 3- use the reward or credit points while paying the bill to the cashier.

STEP 4-therefore the customers can use the previously earned rewards points to get up to a 50% discount on the purchased products.

STEP 5- if the customers have more than 1000 Kohl’s reward points then the customers are liable to have a 60-65% discount on items of less than the price of 500$.

The customers get 10-15 rewards points or credit points whenever they purchase from Kohl’s stores. Moreover, they can also use these rewards points to purchase the items.

Online Purchase Orders 

 If the customers are buying the company’s products from any other platform, they can also use Kohl’s rewards on those purchase orders. The customers must follow the below-given steps while purchasing-

STEP 1- the customers can log in to the online shopping platform through which they are willing to purchase the items and products of the Kohl’s company.

STEP 2- they can select the preferred item and add it to their online shopping cart

STEP 3- if the products are of the Kohl’s corporation, the customers are given the option of shopping from rewards.

STEP 4- the customers who have more than 500 rewards can get a 5-10% discount on the order or free shipping, or free home delivery.

The people get 5-10 reward points while purchasing from the online shopping platforms. They can also use the earlier earned rewards and credit points to get discounts.

Purchase from Kohl’s App 

The people who purchase from the Kohl’s App or the company’s website get the most reward points and additional credit points. Moreover, they get many other benefits like monthly sales and offers, discounts to regular shoppers, cashback, gifts from the company, and many more.

STEP 1- the customers have to use their Kohl’s reward account while logging into the Kohl’s app.

STEP 2- they can choose the products they want to purchase and add them to their cart.

STEP 3- while requesting payment, the customers can choose the option of paying using rewards.

The customers get 25 reward points whenever they purchase items or products from the app of Kohl’s corporation.

Terms and Conditions

• All the customers are liable to take the benefits of Kohl’s rewards and credit points. They can keep the track of rewards earned by then through the internet stored in the person’s Kohl’s account.

• The Kohl’s rewards can not be converted to monetary income. Although, these can be used as discounts or offers while purchasing any product manufactured by the company. Also, the customers get additional reward points while buying.

• The customers can transfer only 250 Kohl’s rewards to another person’s account in three months.

• The rewards points of kohls can are only applicable to Kohl’s Corporation and its retail stores or online products.


The Kohl’s Corporation is one of the most trusted and widely used retail stores in the United States, Europe, and Asia. It sells products like toys, clothes, footwear, home appliances, etc. under a single roof. It is the most widely used online shopping website. The firm gives many benefits to the customers like Kohl’s loyalty program and reward system. Kohl’s rewards are the credit point system. The customers can use the rewards or credit points in their purchase orders. They can also renew these rewards by shopping from Kohl’s Corporation. These can not be converted to monetary form, although, one benefit of this reward system is that these credit points do not expire. Therefore, these can be used by the customer whenever and wherever they wanted to use them.

Kohl’s Rewards – Eligibility For Kohl’s Rewards

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