Weathertech Military and Veteran Discount

(WeatherTech: Military Discount+ Other ways to save at WeatherTech explained)

WeatherTech is owned by its founder and CEO, David McNeil. Unsatisfied with the quality of the existing car mats, WeatherTech started importing mats directly from the UK (England). However, Mr. McNeill was convinced he could use American workers to create a better product in the United States. Let’s know about Weathertech Military and Veteran Discount.

Weathertech Military and Veteran Discount

So in 2007, he decided to move his entire auto parts production line to the US and open a factory in suburban Chicago. By then, Weathertech had expanded its business significantly. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a military discount from WeatherTech, they don’t offer a military discount.

Weathertech Military and Veteran Discount

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a WeatherTech military discount, you will not get it. This is unfortunate, but not surprising. Not all companies offer military discounts, especially when they already offer products at a cheaper price.

Having said that, there are a few other ways you can save with Weathertech

Ways to save at WeatherTech

  1. Free Shipping Option

WeatherTech offers several ways to save on shipping and handling costs.

The first deal involves adding an item to your cart and then adding multiple items of the same item to your cart, which will give you free shipping on the additional items. If you pay the shipping and handling charges for the first product, the corresponding product will be free of charge.

This discount does not apply to Stone & Bug Deflectors. And WeatherTech had not given a list of other product exclusions.

Another way to get free shipping on similar products include free shipping on cargo liners or all-weather floor mats when you buy a laser-measured floor liner and pay for shipping.

This promotion must be done with standard shipping on all products in the same order.

Free shipping is also available on a second product when you first purchase either the cargo liner or all-weather floor mat and then again add the cargo liner or all-weather mat.

Other free shipping promotions include:

  1. Christmas tree mats
  2. Drink coasters
  3. Indoor/outdoor mats
  4. Boot trays
  5. Sink mats
  6. Indoor/Outdoor Car Covers

2. Visiting External websites 

WeatherTech doesn’t offer many coupons or sale options on its website, but you can visit an external site to find discount codes.

A few great sites to find deals include,, and

These sites will give details about the sale as well as discount codes. 

Many websites will show how many times the code has been successfully used, or retail websites where the code works, if not on WeatherTech’s direct website.

Return Policy

If you want to return products visit WeatherTech’s online Customer Orders Help Center. Enter the order number and zip code to retrieve your order and select the products you wish to return. 

Besides that, you can contact the WeatherTech Customer service department at (800)441- 6287 to get an authorization number.

The return authorization number provided by the company is valid for 30 days from the date of receipt of the order. Any returns without a valid return authorization number will be rejected. And write the return authorization number on the outside of the box under the return address.

About WeatherTech

WeatherTech is a US-based company that primarily sells automotive accessories such as custom-fit floor mats, floor mats, and boot liners.

WeatherTech strongly supports the retention of US manufacturing jobs in America.  It is mentioned on their website that they build, buy from and hire Americans, which means that all of their materials are sourced from America and that their products are made in America by Americans.

Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, WeatherTech has products distributed in more than 84 countries.

WeatherTech is an online store, but its products are sold in various outlets.

WeatherTech supplies accessories not only to consumers but also to German luxury car manufacturers and other car manufacturers around the world.

Their products have a lifetime guarantee and all unused raw materials are recycled.

Products Available at WeatherTech

WeatherTech sells interior protection products such as floor liners, sunshades, door guards, mats, and more.

They also have Exterior protection products which include truck bed liners, covers, mudflaps, hood guards, scratch guards, bumper guards, and many other great products.

WeatherTech also offers a variety of detailing products, license plates, car accessories, pet accessories, and WeatherTech Apparel.

To get more information on promotions, you can check WeatherTech’s Special Offers page available on the website.


WeatherTech is the best provider of custom accessories. 

Their product line includes many accessories from car floor mats to parts and mobile phone holders. Customers can purchase these products directly from the website, other online stores, and physical retailers.

WeatherTech offers exclusive ways to save money, but the military discount is not one of them. WeatherTech’s main savings option includes free shipping on purchases in bulk.

Weathertech Military and Veteran Discount

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