IHOP First Responder Discount

Although some companies and manufacturers do not necessarily offer first responder discounts, you must know that most companies do! Companies have brimming respect for the first responders and claim that they deserve a discount. There is no doubt that by offering such discounts to the first responders, the companies seem to be paying their respects to the services provided by them and to their incessant hard work! When it comes to IHOP, you may be quite ecstatic to know that you will be offered a first responder discount here. Now, let’s move forward and look at what this first responder discount at IHOP entails.

IHOP First Responder Discount

What is the First Responder Discount at IHOP?

IHOP states that if you work as a law enforcement employee or give your assistance in the medical sphere or work at a fire station, then you are liable to avail yourself of the first responder discount here! Moreover, if you already have a prior discount code, then IHOP gives you the option of combining the two discounts and using them to your full benefit. However, do bear in mind that you can only access this first responder discount at IHOP once you get your identity and some documents verified.

In this first responder discount policy at IHOP, if verified, you will receive a discount ranging from 10 to 20% on every purchase. So, whenever you crave those mouth-watering pancakes, make sure to place an order at IHOP and mention your discount code along with it!

What are the Eligibility Criteria of the First Responder Discount?

To avail yourself of the first responder discount, you must first check out whether or not you are eligible for the discount. IHOP simply claims that this special discount is for the special people who have the courage to take a step forward when things go downhill or when adversities are on the rise.

The people who are considered the true heroes of society and who put their lives at stake for others, qualify for the first responder discount. To be more specific, police, search and rescue professionals, EMTs, fire firefighters, law enforcement employees, and the like- all qualify to get the first responder discount! What’s even more intriguing is that, at IHOP, even the immediate family members and spouses are eligible to get hold of the first responder discount!

How to Get Hold of the First Responder Discount Online at IHOP?

Once you realize that you are eligible to get the first responder discount at IHOP, you must know where to access it from! If you wish to know how to get a hold of the first responder discount online, go through the below-mentioned points:

Firstly, log in to ihop.com. If you do not already have an account here, then now is the time to create one!

Secondly, scroll to the bottom of the website, where you will find the discounts section. Here, you will easily find the first responder discount. Or, you can make use of the search function on the website and type ‘first responder discount’ and the website will show you exactly the section that you need to access.Once you click on the first responder discount, make sure that you need to verify your identity by providing certain documents that prove that you work as a first responder. If you are not comfortable in getting verified at IHOP, you can do so by any third-party platform that works with IHOP. One such third-party platform is ID.me where, by showing your government ID and giving some personal information, you can be done with the process within a few minutes!The verification process is not time-consuming and once done, you can enjoy your exclusive discount code that you must make a mental note of so that you can use the next time you buy anything from IHOP!

Other Ways to Save a Few Bucks at IHOP

While getting a first responder discount in itself is a pretty good deal, as a consumer, you can and must make use of different tactics that might help you save your hard-earned money! You can go through the below-mentioned points if you wish to spend less and save more.

  1. IHOP Gift Cards: You can easily get a gift card at IHOP at a discounted rate which you can further use to make future purchases, which will, no doubt, be done at discounted prices! Each gift card has a different denomination so make sure to check that before buying one.
  2. Payment via Credit Card: If you regularly buy from IHOP, then you must be aware of their credit card rebate rewards program. In this, if you make payment for your purchases via your credit card, you will receive a $5 cashback to your account! You will get this cashback for every purchase that you make.
  3. Discounts and Coupons: You can go to ihop.com and look for the many coupons and discounts that they offer!


Now that you know that IHOP offers a special and exclusive first responder discount to the first responders, you should make use of this to save a few extra bucks on all your purchases from IHOP. To avoid any loopholes, IHOP first needs you to verify your identity and the fact that you are a first responder, and only then can you avail yourself of the first responder discount. Besides this, make use of the coupons and other discounts offered by IHOP!

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. How much discount will I get by using the first responder discount?

Around 10-20% off on every purchase.

  1. Are there any Other discounts by IHOP?

You can get a student discount, senior discount, first-order discount, and teacher discount.

IHOP First Responder Discount

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