Where Does Lump Crab Meat Come From? – Know More

Have you wondered, where does Lump crab meat come from, have look at this article! Soft, moist and absolutely luscious- lump crab meat is just perfect for any crab dish that anyone would want to make or better, eat! Lump crab meat usually comes from larger crabs, which is taken from the two large muscles that connect to the crab’s swimming legs. Unless you live near the coastal regions, most crabmeat in the US is sold packaged in tins and containers and not sold fresh. However, there’s no reason for it to not taste lip-smacking delicious! Crabmeat is amazing to make some rich seafood dishes with and it makes for some great bite-sized party dishes too! And in that regard, lump crab meat is the best choice for tasty dishes like crab bisque or crab cakes, to go with some wine and cheese!

Where Does Lump Crab Meat Come From?

How has Lump Crab Meat Generally Been Used?

As already mentioned, most crabmeat comes in tins and cans- so with the same convenience that canned tuna provides, there are a plethora of dishes to be tried and tested!

Over the years, lump crab meats has been used in some much-loved dishes and some twisted modern variations that make you drool. Crab cakes have always been a crowd-pleaser- and why wouldn’t it be? The succulent lump crab meats goes very well with the crisp exterior and hits all the right spots when served hot. 

There is also a lump crab spicy vodka martini, for anyone looking for a peculiar yet satisfying twist to your alcohol nights- this drink just about everything you want in a mouthful- tang, spice from the bell peppers, some drink to wash it down and of course, the classic taste and bites of perfectly cooked crab.

 Some sophisticated foodies have also given a big thumbs-up to a crab gazpacho- an almost puree-ish creamy soup made out of lump crab meat, greek yoghurt and avocados. 

Crab rolls and crab-based au gratin are also some amazing ways to eat lump crab meat: the luscious flavour of the crabmeat goes very well with the richness of the au gratin. 

Another fast and easy way to cook lump crabmeat is to make them into patties for sliders- this is a rustic and homey way of taming an otherwise very expensive and high-class-seeming seafood and making it something to be enjoyed every other weekend with a bottle of your favourite beer and perhaps some hot sauce.

Things to keep in mind while buying crab meat

One tip that never fails to impress when you buy crabs, is to keep an eye out for those that are still alive- crabmeat becomes mushy and the flavour changes faster than you know, which in consequence leads to a much drabber version of the crabmeat dish that you had in mind (especially since lump crab is the most-fleshiest part of the animal, this is a lot more important while buying lump crab meat). Buying crabs that are alive just about never disappoints- they stay alive until you dump them in the boiling water to cook and this ensures that your crabmeat dish has some great tasting and fresh crab flesh to feast on.

Also, to ensure that you have enough to serve everyone on your table, here’s a quick tip- always remember that an average crab gives you only 25% meat from what it weighs alive! So, it is safe to buy a bit more than you usually would with other meat to make sure everyone gets to eat to their heart’s content.

It is also important to remember when you cook lump crab meat- it is best to cook it as soon as possible after buying. While you can refrigerate it and it’d be good for 2 days (if bought fresh), the taste just isn’t the same. 

Lump Crab Meat- The Last Opinion

With this article, you now know that the potential to cook with lump crab meat is immense! Lump crab is meat is basically to crab, what the breast is to chicken- bigger, more juicy meat that is a tad bit expensive than the other parts. But that being said, there is no other part of the crab that works well to cook, then the lump crabmeat from the body. This meat that is sourced from the choicest crabs and sold to you fresh or through tins or boxes, is perfect for you to use in a salad, a dip, or a nice stuffing to a roll which melt in the mouth and leave just about anyone wanting for more.


Lump crab meat, which as we’ve discussed- comes from the backside chambers of the crab’s body. This ensures that the meat is intact and presents well in stir-fries, cocktails and many more beloved crab dishes. So, if you’re a seafood connoisseur or just a plain foodie who loves to have a bite from the sea now and then, lump crab meat must be on your list!

Where Does Lump Crab Meat Come From? – Know More

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