Can I Use Walmart Gift Cards to Buy Other Gift Cards? – Know More

Have you ever wondered, Can I Use Walmart Gift Cards to Buy Other Gift Cards? To know read further! Gift cards have become the norm in the current times. Instead of exhausting your time and energy in frantically searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones that might not even live up to their expectations, you can quite easily give them a gift card! Moreover, you can give your loved ones customized gift cards that can efficiently cater to not just their needs but their wants as well. When it comes to Walmart gift cards, you must be aware that they are very versatile and you are bound to find one not just at Walmart, but also at PayPal or Sam’s Club! Now, without further delay, let us move ahead and dive right into the query at hand.

Can I Use Walmart Gift Cards to Buy Other Gift Cards?

Can Other Gift Cards be Bought by Walmart Gift Cards?

Although gift cards pose various benefits, there might arise a situation where you might not like the company whose gift card you have received. Now, suppose you receive a Walmart gift card and you do not want to buy anything from that store, then what are the options that you have? Can you exchange this gift card for any other, or can you buy a gift card of your choice from the one that you currently have? Let us look at the choices that you have and figure out which one will fit you best!

There’s a unanimous policy among most stores that they do not let you buy other gift cards with the one that you have. However, you may be elated to know that Walmart is not like most stores! Here, you can buy another gift card with the one that you already possess and do not want to use. However, you can only buy this other gift card if it is in a Walmart store.

For instance, Walmart does not keep Bath & Body Works gift cards in any of its stores; thus, you cannot buy this gift card with the one that you want to get rid of. Instead, Walmart keeps Visa gift cards and therefore you can buy these with the one that you have. Further, if the gift card that you have has a high balance, you can also split your gift card into smaller denominations of Walmart gift cards!

Where to purchase one from?

As mentioned above, you can purchase Walmart gift cards from Walmart, Sam’s Club, and PayPal. Moreover, instead of going to the stores, you can purchase one online! You can visit Walmart’s official website ( or buy an e-gift card from PayPal. And although there are some third-party platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and the like, that claim to sell Walmart gift cards, it is best not to get yourself entangled in their trap since the gift cards they are selling might not be valid.

Amount that Walmart gift cards can have:  

When buying any gift card, one of the first things that should grab your attention is the amount that you are supposed to be having in them. When it comes to the gift cards sold at Walmart stores and on Walmart’s website, you must know that they can be loaded with any amount ranging from $5 to $500.

What is the gift card activation process like?

 Since Walmart gift cards’ amount limit is $500, you should know that any gift card worth or less than $250 does not need any activation process, i.e, these gift cards are already active when purchased. However, when it comes to Walmart gift cards more than $250, you will have to activate your gift card. 

Your Walmart gift cards can easily be activated online by going through the following steps: click on the activation link provided in your email; now, type in the card number, activation code, and the PIN that you have been provided with; when you provide all the necessary information, your card will be activated and will be ready to use. Moreover, you can also activate your card by going to the store or by using your phone.

Gift Card Balance:

 You can check your Walmart gift card’s balance online as well as offline. All you will need to keep in handy is your card number and the PIN. You can also check your card’s balance by calling 1-888-537-5503 or visiting the store where the cashier will help you in finding it out. As regards online, you can visit the Walmart Gift Balance website and enter the card number and PIN that you have been provided with. Once you click on ‘select card balance’ you will be shown the remaining balance!


Now that you know that you can easily buy another gift card that is sold at Walmart with the one that you possess but do not intend to use, make sure that you choose judiciously! After all, it doesn’t look good if you keep on exchanging one gift card for another. Nevertheless, besides this, you should know where you can get a Walmart gift card from, what is the price limit on Walmart gift cards, what the activation process is like, and how to check the remaining balance of your gift card!

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much amount can I put in Walmart gift cards?

You can have a gift card loaded with money ranging from $5 to $500.

  1. Can I buy a Walmart gift card from Amazon?

You can, but it might not be valid.

  1. Does PayPal provide Walmart e-gift cards?


Can I Use Walmart Gift Cards to Buy Other Gift Cards? – Know More

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