Who Does Office Depot Use for Shipping?

There is no doubt that there is a unanimous opinion that while shopping online, or even offline, for that matter, the consumer must be aware of certain things. As conscious consumers and customers, you must have all the information that may come in handy if ever need be. Thus, what you must aim to know when ordering products online is what or who a certain company or brand uses for shipping. This does not merely help you to gather information but also lets you know who to contact in case of an emergency when you need to contact customer care. Now, let us move ahead and gain information regarding Office Depot and Who Does Office Depot Use for Shipping?.

Who Does Office Depot Use for Shipping?

Office Depot: Who Does the Shipping?

Let us get straight to the point of concern without beating around the bush! When it comes to shipping their products, Office Depot makes use of companies that specialize in shipping products from one end to the other; such companies are FedEx and USPS. 

Office Depot, with the help of FedEx, offers easy shipping, easy package drop off which includes pre-packed return packages, and various other services that fall under FedEx such as FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx International shipping. When it comes to USPS, which is available at most Office Depot stores and some select OfficeMax stores, it claims to offer different services to cater to your needs; these include Priority Mail Express service, Priority Mail Flat Rate service, Priority Mail service, Parcel Post service, and besides this, if you are an ardent stamp-collector, you can easily go on their official website or one of their stores and shop for some very beautiful and aesthetic stamps!

Types Of Shipping Services Offered by FedEx

As regards FedEx, Office Depot states that it offers three kinds of delivery speed, catered right according to your preferences and needs. These are:

FedEx Express:

FedEx Express is the authentic FedEx, and while making sure to deliver your merchandise to your doorstep, it takes air routes and then loads your products on trucks that further deliver your products. This service, FedEx Express claims, is bound to deliver your purchase in not more than 2-3 business days. Since the very name of this service suggests that they make fast deliveries, it costs slightly more than the other.

FedEx Ground:

While FedEx Express delivers products overnight and via air routes, FedEx Ground aims to make deliveries depending on the size of the product and the distance it has to travel. FedEx Ground makes use of shipping and trucks to deliver your merchandise and costs slightly lesser than FedEx Express.

FedEx international shipping:

There is no doubt that FedEx also makes international shipping easier and more efficient. So, if you do not reside in the United States and decide to purchase your favorites from Office Depot, you must know that Office Depot then makes use of FedEx international shipping. With this, you are further offered different plans and you can choose according to your preference: 

FedEx International Next Flight:

This plan makes sure to get your merchandise delivered to you as soon as possible! Once your order is loaded on the flight, you are liable to receive it within the next 24 hours. This might be a bit costly.

FedEx International Priority:

With this, you are told that your order will be at your doorstep within 1-3 business days. Although this might seem costly, it is less so when compared with the former.

FedEx International Economy:

FedEx offers economical shipping and the duration depends from country to country. For a few select countries, this plan aims to deliver products within 2-3 business days, and for the rest of the 215+ countries, the merchandise will be delivered within 2-5 business days.

FedEx International Ground:

If you reside in Canada and order a package from the US Office Depot, then you can expect your package to be delivered within 2 to 7 business days. 

All You Need to Know About USPS

Now that you know about FedEx and all the services it offers, let us move further and gather knowledge on the services that USPS offers through Office Depot!

Priority Mail Express service:

With Priority Mail Express service, you can receive your package within the next 24 hours to 2 days. The starting price varies from $23.50 to $26.95.

Priority Mail service:

In this, you are liable to receive your package within 1-3 business days, depending on where the package is and where it has to be dropped off. The starting price varies from $7.37 to $8.70.

Priority Mail Flat Rate service:

This does not differ much from the former. However, in this, you are not bound to weigh packages that are 70lbs or less!

In all these services, USPS tracking is available!


Now that it is quite clear that Office Depot uses shipping services like FedEx and USPS, you can rest assured you can buy your products online from Office Depot. Both the services offer easy and efficient delivery right at your doorstep at a budget-friendly cost! Moreover, FedEx and USPS both provide the option to track your order once you have made the purchase. This ensures the people that are anxious for their packages that the delivery will be done within the duration given.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does USPS provide stamps?

Yes, you can buy stamps from the USPS website or store.

  1. Does FedEx make international deliveries?

Yes, FedEx offers international shipping, under which you will be offered four distinct options.

  1. Do Office Depot and OfficeMax both have FedEx and USPS services?

Yes, they both do.

Who Does Office Depot Use for Shipping?

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