Radisson Rewards – How To Avail It?

Radisson Hotels Group is an internationally revered name with 75 years of rich experience in the luxury hospitality sector. It is where one goes for a luxury experience during vacations, business trips, or just about anytime they feel like it; Radisson is known for its flawless, kind, and service-oriented packages, which make the customer feel like royalty for the duration of their stay. Their presence worldwide and their region-based service, which they leverage to the finest to cater to local interests wherever they are, has always been their strong point. With their commitment to providing the ultimate stay, Radisson is always the top gun in this sector globally. This article explains – Radisson Rewards.

Radisson Rewards

Their Rewards program is also comprehensive and customer friendly.

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With all this being common knowledge for a lot of people, what’s more, to know about Radisson anyway? But there is more to know about this popular hotel.

Radisson Hotel Group- A Description

Radisson Hotel Group is an international chain of hotels that are headquartered in the US. Under this bracket, there are many leading hospitality ventures: Radisson Blu, Radisson Red, Country Inn & Suites, Radisson Inn Collection, and Park Inn by Radisson, to name a few and the most famous and successful.

As far as Radisson Group of Hotels is concerned, a majority of them are located in the United States, where it all began. The headquarters of Radisson Hotel Group is located in Minnesota and the first-ever Radisson hotel, which was started in 1909, is still situated in Minneapolis.

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu- is an international chain of luxury, trendy hotels that are usually located at elite public hotspots- airport gateways, major cities and leisure destinations. Radisson Red is also a line of international hotels by the Radisson Hotel Group- this one however has a focus on modernity in design and has 23 operational hotels worldwide. 

Radisson Collection

Radisson Collection, another venture by Radisson Hotel Group, was launched as Quorvus Collection in 2014, as a luxury hospitality brand. If you’re wondering whether Radisson Hotel Group has anything to offer that is priced lesser than the above-described hotels, then Country Inn & Suites and the Park Inn by Radisson is just for you. Country Inn and Suites was launched to attract the work-trip audience. It consists mainly of independently owned inns and suites and is franchised under the Radisson brand, with proper licensing agreements.

Park Inn

Park Inn by Radisson is also one other similar offering, which was created to target the midscale audience. It is an “affordable hotel for business and leisure travellers.”- as described by them.Now, for any of you travel quite a bit for pleasure, for work or take a lot of vacations; whether you do it alone, or are accompanied by friends or colleagues; whether you have lots of money to burn or slightly lesser;

 whether you are looking for a luxury experience or a midscale or modern experience-Radisson Hotel Group has something to offer for all of you. So, if they make it this enticing to avail of their services, do they do anything to take it further? Yes- the Radisson Rewards program makes it much greater for you to continue to stay at Radisson Hotel Group-owned hotels. Read on to find out what they offer! 

Radisson Rewards Americas

For those of you living in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America- Radisson Hotel Group has some special benefits for you, as part of their Radisson Rewards Americas program.If you are a member of the program, you can save 10% on the most expensive rooms when the booking is done through their website or their mobile apps.

You will also receive 2 complimentary bottles of water! For every eligible stay, you get to earn 20 points per dollar spent! Isn’t that wonderful? You also get to use your points for award nights, gift cards, prepaid cards, airline miles and more! This is a three-tier awards program, with club level, silver level, gold level and platinum level membership choices. They each come with amazing perks and benefits, which only increase as you pick the highest possible plan.

How to get rewards through Radisson associated brands?

If you can’t stay anytime soon at a Radisson Hotel Group-owned hotel, then you can also choose to continue getting points through Radisson associated brands! This is what you should do- You could send flowers or cards for someone special through FTD and earn Radisson Rewards points. You would also earn points if you were to make a purchase at Vinesse Wine Clubs- however, this is applicable only on your first and second purchase. If you have professional commitments and you’d like to book a space at the Radisson for an office party or a meeting, then that would fetch you reward points too. You also have a chance to earn a lot of reward points if you were to make use of car rental services that are associated with Radisson Hotel Group.

Also, it is imperative to remember that this is applicable only in the aforementioned countries. If you were to want to redeem points outside of these countries, you can choose to transfer your points to your Radisson Rewards account from the Radisson Rewards America account. Here’s what’s a lot more interesting! If you were to have enough dough in your purse, you can buy these reward points for your account too! Yes, that’s right- You can purchase up to 1,000 points per year, up to a maximum possible 80,000 points for your account.


Who doesn’t love a luxury experience- even for those who don’t quite step out, getting pampered properly when you do choose to leave your house is the best way to do it. This is exactly what Radisson Hotel Group offers to their clients- luxury, richness, and unparalleled service. If you can get all this and get further rewards that would make your subsequent stays better, then why not? A membership with the Radisson Rewards Americas program would ensure that you are getting the maximum possible benefit out of your stays and your choice to continue your association with Radisson Hotel Group. 

Radisson Rewards – How To Avail It?

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