Cricket Hotspot Plans – Know More

In a fast-paced and technology driven world for which access to the internet forms a crucial part of the foundation of anything to be pursued, having a proper internet plan and the facilities to use it whenever and wherever needed is paramount. To get a proper internet connection plan and to ensure its accessibility at all times is something all invariably need and live by. With that being said, Cricket, owned by AT&T is a widely famous internet service provider who operates primarily in the United States. They have a varied number of plans and services that suit and benefit all types of consumers and this is a brand that is known for efficient providence of services as well. Exploring the plans provided by Cricket is a great idea- before which let’s delve into what the brand is all about. This article gives you a clear-cut explanation of ‘Cricket Hotspot Plans’.

Cricket Hotspot Plans

Cricket Wireless- A Seamless Service Provider

Cricket Wireless have been in the internet service provider game for the longest time now, with their steady client base and the amazing services that they provide. Their plans are priced at reasonably affordable levels, with them providing as many as five lines per user! With 1 line, a prospective or existing customer has access to five different plans that can be used. Beginning with the $60USD plan, which provides for unlimited usage and 15 GB of mobile hotspot.

 It also provides nationwide internet access- so doesn’t matter where in the United States you are, you can get access to a proper premium internet connection. The plan offers premium data so you can rest assured it will not slow down with your usage. It also offers 150GB of cloud storage, so your files have a safe and reliable place to be stored. You also get unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages within the US!

You’d also get access to HBO Max (with ads) with this plan, so you’ve got some entertainment to blow your internet on too! You’ll also get access to 480p video streaming, usage in Mexico and Canada, and unlimited texts from the United States to thirty-seven different countries! You’d also be eligible for HD voice calls and Wi-Fi enabled calling too, along with Cricket Call Defense, if needed.

This is just one plan that they offer, there’s more where that came from. Cricket Wireless also provides a wireless plan for 50 USD per month and another for 40 USD and another 30 USD. Every single one of these plans is accompanied by benefits corresponding to the price paid- with the common thread of quality and the assurance of speed being prevalent in all these plans, throughout! You also get the added benefit of getting to customize your plans, with mobile hotspot, data, device protection, and many more cool features at a very nominal cost!

Cricket Wireless connects over 99% of Americans across the country and if you’re a customer looking to change from a different network to Cricket Wireless, then you can choose to make use of your current phone service until you are prepared and perfectly ready to make the switch. Now that you know about the Cricket Wireless plans offered, take a look at their hotspot plans too!

Cricket Hotspot Plans

If you’ve been plagued by improper internet connections this whole time, then Cricket Wireless will help to keep you ready to face any task needed with its premium hotspot service! Cricket’s Turbo Hotspot 2 device, a portable internet access option provided by Cricket Wireless is the perfect way for all of you to stay on the go and keep working without the hitches that come with improper internet access!

This device is a great way to keep all of your digital devices- laptops, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, and any devices connected swiftly to a proper connection. The directions for use are very easy too! Just switch on the device, connect it to multiple devices that are Wi-Fi enabled, and there you have it! An easy and hassle-free way to go about working or chilling. The turbo hotspot device comes with dual-band Wi-Fi coverage, which helps to facilitate easy and fast internet connectivity. This makes faster downloading, uploading, and streaming happen too, all with the promise of reliability.

About Turno Hotspot

For you to work comfortably in a protected setup and not worry about public Wi-Fi where all your data has the possibility of being tracked, Turbo Hotspot is the best way to go! The device also works for up to 15.5 hours on a single charge session. The device can be accessed on 15 devices at a time, so you can be assured that even if everyone in your house has a device connected, you can still easily access the internet with a speedy connection.

The Turbo Hotspot 2 device is available for any kind of customer- you could be an existing or new client and the service is just the same for all of you! The device comes in the colour black and the customer (if new), can choose to switch to a new number or figure out making use of the existing number itself. If you are an existing client of the Cricket Wireless program, you can choose to switch between a line of Cricket, upgrade to a new phone or just get a new phone number too!


To be able to live in the age of the internet and to make use of the services available is an absolute privilege that all can make use of in this day and time. With the advent of many internet accessibility portals and handheld user-friendly devices, the potential for unlimited internet access at any point in time is becoming more and more immense by the day. With the Cricket Wireless connection, you will be able to make use of a lot of high-speed connectivity that comes with a variety of features. It comes as a huge price concession than a lot of the other brands and is something for you to consider when you’re looking for a switch in internet connections next!

Cricket Hotspot Plans – Know More

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