Foot locker military & veteran discount – know more

Foot Locker retail Inc is an American sportswear retailer. They sell every type of sportswear in their stores as well as online shops. Many brands are also associated with footlockers like Nike, reebok, jockey, etc. over the years footlocker has become the first choice of Americans. Let us discuss Foot locker military & veteran discount

Foot locker military & veteran discount

Does footlocker have a military & veteran discount offer available? 

Military and veteran discount is the most popular discount plan. This helps the buyers as well as sellers. Yes, Foot Locker offers a military and veterans discount program. They have many discount offers under this program. This discount offer does not have any specific period. US military service needs good quality and comfortable sports wearing for service purposes. If the budget of these products reduces then it can be helpful for the active service officers. So, under military and veterans discounts offered by footlockers, the US military services get huge discounts on their necessary products.

 We have gathered some reliable information about the footlocker military and veteran discount offer plan and the whole process for you. This information will help you to know the offering plan and how to access the plan to get an offer. If you are interested to know more about military and veteran discount offers then please read the full paragraph given below.

What are the footlocker military and veteran discounts?

 Foot Locker is an American sportswear and footwear retailer. So they offer many discount programs for the buyers. One of their discount plans is a military and veteran discount program. They introduced these plans for the military, navy, and others who are related to this profession. Now the discounts offered which come under the foot lock military and veteran discount plans are –

  • 20% discounts on every regular purchase
  • Save 15% on military discount offer

These two offers are ongoing at the current time. This offer program also gets changes from time to time so you need to follow them to get upcoming updated discount plans.

 Which products are under military and veteran discount offer?

 All foot locker products are available under a military and veteran discount offer. From sports shoes to sports clothes they include every single product under this plan. It depends on the product launching and marketing of a product model. They gave special offers on the new arrival products on their stock.

How does the discount offer work?

Well, there are two methods of buying products on footlocker. Either you can visit their store near you or you can purchase from their online shopping application. So, to access the military and veteran discount offer on footwear you have to follow their terms and conditions.

In-store purchase: If you visit the nearest foot locker store then to get the military discount offer you have to show your ID proof on the final bill.

On online store purchase: If you choose to purchase from foot locker’s online shopping application then you have to follow some basic steps to access the discount offer.

  • First, you have to sign up on the online shopping application
  • Then choose your products
  • On the payment page select ” military discount” and then fill the quick form with necessary details on the payment page
  • To complete the verification you need to provide your name, service branch name, and active post details.
  • Provide your ID for verification purposes
  • You will get the net payable amount with added 15% military discount

 Once you meet their terms and conditions properly you will be eligible for the discount offer plan.

 Does everyone get a military and veterans discount offer?

 Not everyone can get the military and veteran offers. These discount offers are available only for military officers, army officers, veterans, National Guard members, reservists, and others who work under US military service. Footlocker offers this discount program specifically for military workers, so general people can’t access this offer. At the time of registration, they will verify your email ID proof, service branch details, and post details for the military and veteran discount program. If you meet foot lockers terms and conditions and are eligible for the discount program only then they will permit you to access the offer.  


Providing the military and veterans discount offers to the military and veterans, footlockers has gained some social goodwill in the market. There are many other offers available in the footlocker. They offer for women, children, and students also. If you have some problem with the purchase and other queries about the discount offers and plans, you can simply contact them. The footlocker team will help with the entire process. You can also call them on the customer care service number given below.

For foot locker’s Domestic Customers: 1-800-991-6815

For foot locker’s International Customer: 1-715-261-9708

Foot locker military & veteran discount – know more

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