Essentia Mattress Return Policy- In-store Policy


The mattress manufacturing unit of the Essentia company is in Canada. All the mattresses, foams, and pillows manufactured and sold by the company are authorized bans certified by ISO. The is known in the world for a large number of sales of comfortable mattresses and foams. The mattress made by the Essentia Company is 99% eco-friendly. These are also free from undesirable and harmful chemicals. The mattresses, foams, and other accessories are also manufactured and sold by the company. Also, it is known worldwide for its high sales of products like pillows, adjustable bases, foundations, topped, crib mattresses, foam sheets, Dreamweaver, dog, and cat beds, and many more. Let’s know about Essentia Mattress Return Policy.

Essentia Mattress Return Policy

Essentia Mattress Return Policy

• TIME OF RETURNING THE PRODUCT– the reasonable time of returning the mattress purchased online is mentioned in the app itself. The customers can buy Essentia mattresses through any online shopping platform like Amazon, Flipkart, IKEA, or websites like My Essential Mattress. The reasonable time of returning the products on online purchase is generally 15 days after the return request of the customers is accepted by the company.

• PACKAGING THE RETURN PRODUCTS– the customers have to return the mattress in the same packing in which they have bought it. The customer has to add the required receipts and paperwork associated with the mattress. Moreover, if they are returning the product less than thirty days after purchasing it, they also have to include the other accessories associated with the purchased product. These free accessories include white sheets, pillow or cushions, covers, etc.

In-Store Policy

• REASONABLE TIME OF RETURNING THE PRODUCT– the return policy for the in-store purchase is a little different than the online purchase. In the case of the manual return of products, the customers have to return them to the same store. The maximum time of returning the mattress for the domestic buyers is fifteen to twenty days after the acceptance of the return request and for the international buyers, the maximum number of days is thirty days.

• PACKAGING THE RETURN PRODUCTS– the customers have to return the product in the same packaging in which they have bought the mattress and its accessories. Moreover, the company takes the originality test of the products, and then only it accepts the return parcel or package of the customers.

Return Of Product Before and After the Warranty Period

• RETURN BEFORE WARRANTY PERIOD- the warranty of the Essentia mattresses is fifteen years. The customers can also return or exchange the product or other accessories before the end of the warranty period of the product. The customers get an easy and fast exchange if the product is within the warranty period.

• RETURN AFTER WARRANTY PERIOD- the customers are likely to get no benefit from the Exchange and Return Policy of the Essential Mattress Company. It is because the return of mattresses after fifteen years is not acceptable. Moreover, the customers are not likely to get the product exchanged after it has crossed the warranty.

Return and Exchange of Mattress Afer Trial

• NUMBER OF DAYS FOR TRIAL– the essential mattress company offers 50 days of a free trial. All the mattresses, foams, waterbeds, and pet beds, are given for fifty days of trial. It gives its customers a reasonable time to check the quality of mattresses, comfort, reliability of the material, and use of the mattresses or accessories.

• RETURN AFTER TRIAL– if the customer is not satisfied with the product, he can return it within fifty days of a free trial. Moreover, a single customer is liable to take two free trials, both of fifty according to the company’s policy.

Return of Cat and Dog Beds

• The reasonable time for returning the pet beds is ten days after purchase.

• The products must be returned in the same packaging for both the online and manual return of the dog or cat beds.

• The company doesn’t allow the return of products in some situations. These conditions generally include if the material of the bed is destroyed or the surface is covered with fur or scratch marks, the company can deny the return request of the customers.


The company is one of the leading mattress and foam manufacturers in Canada and America. The company also manufactures a wide range of bed accessories apart from mattresses. The Essentia mattress company has international buyers and suppliers. The online website of the company for online shopping is My Essentia Mattress. The people who have bought products online can return them through the same website. This process is the same as any other online shopping app or website. The company also allows the customers to return its products if they are not satisfied or the product is defective. The customers willing to return the mattress, online or manually must follow the required guidelines and rules. If they fail to do so the company can deny their return request.

Essentia Mattress Return Policy- In-store Policy

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