Does UPS deliver Mattresses?- Know More


The UPS Store is happy to assist you with all your packing and shipping needs. According to its website, the UPS Store offers shipping, shredding, printing, faxing, passport photos, personal and business mailboxes, and notarial services. Merchants are charged by UPS based on all of the packages in a shipment or the total dimensional weight of the shipment, whichever is greater. UPS provides free boxes for most shipments. Let’s know ‘Does UPS deliver mattresses?’

Does UPS deliver mattresses?

Is UPS capable of delivering mattresses?

Yes, It is possible to ship mattresses via UPS. The mattress is wrapped and packed into a box of the correct size by UPS. Then, call UPS for pickup. UPS will pick up the mattress from your house and deliver it to its destination.

Is shipping a mattress expensive? 

While there’s no set price for shipping a mattress, you can expect to pay at least $300. In cases of heavier or longer moves, the price could be double or triple that.

Is UPS an option for shipping mattresses?

These limitations will prevent shipping most mattresses with UPS, since its weight limit is 70 pounds, and its package size limit is 108 inches long and 130 inches wide (for USPS Retail Ground).

Is UPS the best way to ship a mattress?

The UPS mattress shipping service takes care of wrapping and packaging the mattress into the appropriate size box. Once you call for pickup, UPS will take the mattress from your front door and deliver it to your destination.

How long does it take to ship a mattress?

Standard ground shipping is delivery arranged via a parcel post service, and it is usually free or for a modest fee. If your mattress is large, you may need to be home to receive the delivery or the truck driver will leave a delivery tag.

What is the shipping time for a mattress? 

After the date of order, the bed should arrive within 14 business days. Transit time by FedEx Ground to anywhere in the contiguous United States is approximately 20 business days.

What is the weight of a mattress?

The average mattress weighs from 50 to 150 pounds, depending on the materials used and the size. Mattresses are smaller than twin XL, and full weigh less, whereas queen, king, and California king beds are heavier.

What is the UPS overnight shipping procedure?

The cheapest UPS Overnight service is Next Day Air Saver. Most commercial addresses will receive their packages by 3 PM or 4:30 PM, while most residential addresses will receive their packages by the end of the day. In cases where afternoon delivery is acceptable to a business or residence, UPS Next Day Saver is an ideal option.

UPS overnight shipping costs how much?

The starting price for packages weighing half a pound or less is $26.35. For packages weighing 5 pounds or less, the starting price is $28.35. For packages weighing 10 pounds or less, the starting price is $42.70. For packages weighing more than 10 pounds, the starting price is $44.75.

Can UPS boxes be used for free?

UPS provides merchants with free boxes for most shipments.

How much does UPS charge to package an item?

Independently owned and operated franchises, these businesses offer several services related to the business world (printing, notaries, mailboxes, faxing, etc.) as well as shipping (small packages as well as freight) and packaging. The packaging does not have a standard price.

How long does UPS take to deliver packages?

Packages sent by ground will arrive within one to five business days. The delivery date is determined at the time of pickup based on the distance the package will travel.

What is the UPS delivery process?

In UPS’s hub-and-spoke network, packages are picked up by trucks at UPS centers, where they’re sorted into ground or air services. Parcels sent by ground are forwarded to the nearest hub, then shipped to the destination hub (often by rail), and delivered to the final destination. 

Is there a charge for a small UPS box?

Simple Rate prices vary based on delivery speed, including UPS Ground and UPS 3 Day Select, which start at $8.80 for a small extra package and $22.85 for an extra large package. 

The UPS account number is what?

UPS account numbers are six-digit numbers that identify a UPS account, regardless of whether it is an individual or corporate account. UPS uses these unique numbers to track invoices and payments.

Is it possible to ship UPS without an account?

Creating online shipping labels does not require a UPS account number since UPS Internet Shipping can be charged to a debit or credit card (where applicable).


UPS Company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and supporting its communities around the globe. UPS manages its activities from a single network of pickup and delivery points, including air and ground services, domestic, international, and commercial. As an industry leader, United Parcel Service has many strengths and has been able to maintain its market share while expanding into new markets.


1. Is it possible to ship an item to a UPS store?

Ans. This service offers flexibility in where packages are sent and received. A package may be delivered to a UPS Store instead of the recipient’s primary residence or business.

2. Does UPS charge based on size or weight?

Ans. Three factors determine the rate: service, weight, and zone.

Does UPS deliver Mattresses?- Know More

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