Is Xiaolin Showdown on Hulu?

An animated world is much more fun and interesting than the real world. Plus, everything is believable and possible within the realm of that animated world. Whether it’s fighting the bad guys or magic making this world a better world. Everything is fascinating and all the more interesting. That is why the craze for that world is coming back. Let’s know ‘Is Xiaolin Showdown on Hulu?’

Is Xiaolin Showdown on Hulu?

The craze never really dampened for that world. And now even the elders have fun watching those animated movies and series with their children. Plus, the children never stopped loving the animated world and deep down the elders loved it too. So is Xiaolin Showdown, as the name suggests an animated series based on Kung fu and martial arts. Ancient arts just like Kung Fu and martial arts have always intrigued us be it in a movie or an animated series. But the real question is whether it’s available on your OTT platform or not? Well, even if it’s not you don’t need to worry as there are many options to stream the series.

Xiaolin Showdown Synopsis

With 3 seasons and 52 episodes, the series is set in an environment where martial arts are omnipresent and magic is no oracle. Xiaolin Showdown is an American animated series that focuses on ancient martial arts and revolves around four young Xiaolin warriors on their journey to fulfill what must be done, fighting against the Hyelin forces of evil. They achieve this purpose by protecting Shen Gong Wu which are ancient artifacts that have immense magical powers. These artifacts fell into the hands of the evil forces, the world will be a slave to them, so the warriors must ensure that they got to them first. Each episode is based on one such particular artifact and the chase to reach them first. This series originally aired on WB Network from 2003 to 2006 and then reran on Cartoon Network and Boomerang afterward is a perfect fit for your children.

Is Xiaolin Showdown on Hulu?

When you are in a family you just can’t think of your preferences you got to think of others too and that includes children. Of course, those thriller and supernatural series aren’t for kids. But you know what’s for everybody including kids? It’s the Xiaolin Showdown. However, the real question, like always, is whether it is available on your current OTT platform. Well, if your current OTT platform is Hulu, then unfortunately you won’t be able to watch it on that with your children as the series isn’t available on Hulu. However, there are other options to watch this series exclusively other than Hulu and you don’t even need to buy an extra subscription for that. Though there is a huge variety on Hulu for you if you still crave to watch this series you can go for other options. 

Where to watch Xiaolin Showdown?

Xiaolin Showdown is a series that you will love to watch along with your kids and it’s the perfect way to spend some family time together. But as discussed above if you are looking out to watch this animated series on Hulu then you might have to disappoint yourself as this animated series isn’t available on Hulu. This series isn’t available on any of the OTT platforms to stream. So, the only way that remains to watch this amazing animated series based on martial arts is either to rent or buy it. You can do that with the help of Amazon Prime Video which allows you to do both. All of its episodes are available on the platform for you to watch. All you have to do is watch them.


Well, there are only a few series that refresh us in a way no series can, and sometimes they are so hard to find. Simply because the OTT platforms are full of those trending thrillers and gripping supernaturals that hook you to your TV screens. But of course, you cannot watch them with your family or kids. With family, you need some light-hearted shows that are interesting but don’t stress you out. Xiaolin Showdown is one such animated series. But the real problem with these animated series is that they are hard to stream. But don’t worry it is available for you to either buy or rent it. You can choose either of the two options at your convenience.


Q. How many episodes does Xiaolin Showdown have?

Ans. Xiaolin Showdown has a total of 3 seasons and 52 episodes.

Q. Is it available on Hulu to stream?

Ans. No, it is not available on Hulu to stream.

Q. Is it available on Netflix to stream?

Ans. No, it is not available on Netflix to stream.

Q. Where can I watch Xiaolin Showdown?

Ans. Xiaolin Showdown is only available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime Video. You cannot stream it on any OTT platform.

Is Xiaolin Showdown on Hulu?

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