Does Canadian Tire Make Keys?

Canadian Tire Corporation Limited is a retail company based in Canada that sells its products in multiple sectors such as the automobile sector, hardware, sports, leisure, and houseware sectors. Canadian Tire took over the clothing and textile company ‘Helly Hansen’, in 2018. Canadian Tire was founded in October 1922 by Alferd J Billes and J William Billes and is presently headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The company along with its subsidiaries are currently operating in almost 1686 locations across Canada. Let us know ‘Does Canadian Tire Make Keys?’.

Does Canadian Tire Make Keys?

Making keys or Cutting keys refer to the making of a duplicate key, for a safer side in case the original key gets lost or in any way is no longer accessible. It is also advisable as well to get yourself a duplicate key made beforehand, as once the original key is lost, there is no chance any key could come to the rescue, the lock needs to be broken then altogether, as the key cutting process is carried by taking the stamp of keys teeth which acts as a guide, the print is taken on a requisite metal, after which the shape of the print is cut out and further finishing is done. So, an original key is a must-have for a duplicate key to be made.

Does Canadian Tire Make Keys?

Canadian Tire does follow the process and makes duplicate keys for its customers. When you visit their store, you need to carry your original key, and based on it they would make a duplicate key for you, and depending on the type of key you want for yourself they would charge you the cost, for example, a standard key would cost much less than a cut chipped key that costs up to $40 each.

Types of Keys

Mechanical key  

This type of key is among the older types of keys, they are also called the traditional keys, easy to cut through any machines that are used to cut any metal. This type of key is for older models of cars that do not have any security encoding.

Remote key 

This type of key can be used to lock and unlock even through a certain distance. It works by using an infrared signal or radio transmitter to send an encoded message to the receiver fitting in the car. These are operated through batteries.

Transponder key

This type of key has a microchip in the key handle and is secure in comparison to the Mechanical key. As the name suggests, when the key is inserted into the ignition, a sensor responds and activates the transponder.

Flip style remote

This kind of key is also called the ‘Switchblade key’. There is a button pressing which a key will pop out for use. The key functions just like a switchblade knife.

Smart key 

This is the latest kind of key in terms of technology designed for the latest model of cars. The security of this kind of key is unquestionable. It is truly smart in its function, when the key is present within the range of the car, it will enable the car to turn on by pressing its button. The key does not need to be inserted into the ignition.

Master key 

This type of key was made in the year around 1995. It was very prevalent in those years. It was made to help make the duplicate keys. It can also be found even now in some older models and if you are buying a second-hand car, you may end up receiving a master key.

Valet key  

This kind of key is only created for Valets, as the name suggests. This key only has an access to lock in and unlock the car including turning on the ignition. The keys cannot be used for entry into the private area of the vehicle like the trunk, glove, or compartment.


Even though the local locksmiths can make a duplicate key of any kind and that too at a much cheaper price than these bigger retail stores, the guarantee and quality that the brands hold is an ‘X’ factor. Also, the local locksmith options are a great rescue in case of emergency in the longer run, it is always advisable to get yourself a duplicate key from a recognized brand store. The retail stores of a brand can always be held accountable whereas it is a little difficult. Nevertheless, depending on your needs you can always decide for yourself.


1. Does Canadian Tire do home delivery?

Yes, the Canadian tire does have a service of home delivery for most of their products wherein you can shop online through their website and your products would get delivered at your doorstep starting from a delivery price of $5.99 

2. What methods of payment are acceptable for online purchases?

There are multiple options available for payment in online purchases such as Triangle World Elite Mastercard, Triangle World Mastercard, Masterpass, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, American Express, and Canadian Tire Money. Currently, however, they are not accepting other credit/debit cards, gift cards, or store credit for online purchases.

3. What is a Core charge at Canadian Tire?

A core charge is also called a casting charge and it is not exclusive to the ‘Canadian Tire’. It is a kind of deposit you pay for a car’s part until the part of your old car is returned to the company from where you got yourself a new part, after the old part of the car is received you would be refunded fully. In case you do not have the old part at the time of purchase, you would not be refunded the amount and it would be kept as the core charge. This process is done to encourage the process of recycling among the people.

4. How to reach out to Customer Service at Canadian Tire?

The Customer service could be reached out at their helpline number 1-866-746-7287. You can also write a letter to them at PO Box 2000, Station Main, Welland, ON L3B 5S3.

Does Canadian Tire Make Keys?

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