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This year’s FIFA 22 FUT Champions Weekend League contains a new qualification system, as well as new award levels. Everything you need to know is right here.FUT Champs has been revamped in FIFA 22, with EA SPORTS aiming to make the game’s competition more accessible and lower the amount of time it takes to compete. Instead of using the previous year’s win-based system, it now uses a points-based system, which allows participants to proceed even if they lose. They’ve also introduced Champions Play-Offs and Finals, which have stretched the competition format throughout the week. After a few months of establishing a new rewards system, EA planned to overhaul the ranks and incentives by 2021. You’ll learn all you need to know in this tutorial, including how to qualify, how the new system works, which FUT Champ rewards are available, and how many points you’ll need to acquire them.

FUT Champ Rewards


You must collect Champions Qualification Points in Division Rivals to be eligible for FUT Champs. You’ll automatically qualify for the Play-Offs after you’ve earned enough, and your Champions run will begin whenever you’re ready.

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Season 3, qualifying was made significantly simpler, with players just requiring 1250 points to be eligible for the Play-Offs. This may be obtained quickly depending on your Rivals division after a few hard-fought victories.

Play-offs for Champions:

The Champions Play-Offs are the first round of the competition, and they’re available for the duration of the six-week FUT Season. Players gain points toward Champions Ranks and Rewards by playing a limited number of games at their leisure. When their run is over, they’ll get FUT Champs rewards according to how many points they achieved.

Players that gain enough points will also receive a Finals Qualification Token, allowing them to continue competing in the event as Champions Finals. Those who didn’t make it that far will simply re-qualify through Rivals and return to the Play-Offs.

Season 3 tweaked the rules once again, reducing the requirement for 5 wins from 9 games to merely 4 wins from 10.

Finals of Champions:

The FUT Champions Finals are held on weekends, much like the Weekend League in FIFA 21. The Finals Qualification Token also allows you to enter the tournament whenever you choose, rather than on a predetermined weekend.

Re-qualification and Entry for Champions:

In the past, players were required to earn a particular amount of points to be re-qualified. However, this is no longer the case with FIFA 22. FUT Champs may now be attempted numerous times throughout the season, and only your best effort will be counted.

In FIFA 22 FUT Champions, how many games are there?

The format of FUT Champs has altered, and participants will now be required to play 20 matches each weekend.

What is the FUT Champs point system in FIFA 22?

The Weekend League tournament now functions like a mini-league, with players earning a certain number of points every game based on their performance.

  • 4 points if you win.
  • 1 point is a loss.

FUT Champions Ranks in FIFA 22

Rank 176 points
Rank 272 points
Rank 367 points
Rank 460 points
Rank 551 points
Rank 645 points
Rank 7 36 points
Rank 824 points
Rank 912 points
Rank 104 points

Rewards for the FUT Champions Finals

As soon as all 20 Finals matches are completed, rewards can be claimed. Special FUT Champions versions of cards from the most recent TOTW will be included in Player Picks.

The following is the complete list of FIFA 22 Champions Finals prizes:

Rank 11 x Player Pick 1 of 5, 1 x Ultimate Pack, 2 x Premium TOTW Pack, and 105,000 Coins 
Rank 21 x Mega Pack, 1 x Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 1 x Premium TOTW Pack, and 60,000 Coins
Rank 32 x Player Pick 1 of 4, 1 x Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 1 × Premium TOTW Pack, and 35, 000 Coins 
Rank 42 × Player Pick 1 of 4, 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack, 2 x Mega Pack, and 15,000 Coins 
Rank 52 x Player Pick 1 of 3, 1 x Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack, 1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, and 10,000 coins 
Rank 61 x Player Pick 1 of 3, 2 x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 1 × Prime Gold Players Pack, and 5,000 coins 

Tips for FUT Champions

Because FIFA 22 FUT Champs draws the finest players, you’ll need to bring your A-game if you want to win the most money. Even the lesser ranks, though, are worth playing for due to how simple they are to obtain – particularly Rank 5, which just requires you to play and lose all 20 games.

In light of this, here are some suggestions for making the most of your FUT Champions Finals weekend.

Prepare by playing a warm-up game:

If it’s your first game of the day in FUT Champions, chances are you won’t be playing to your full potential. To get in the mood for a lengthy slog, we recommend dropping into a Division Rivals game or playing a high-difficulty Squad Battle.

It won’t guarantee a fantastic weekend, but it will clear the cobwebs and give you the best opportunity possible.

Create a strategy that is unique to you:

Many players utilize Custom Tactics to swap their favourite arrangement in-game, but it’s easy to forget to use every slot. We propose that you change each of the four strategy options, ranging from Ultra Defensive to All-Out-Attack, to deal with several situations.

Make sure you have a five-at-the-back configuration for when you need to protect a lead badly, as well as a flood-the-box formation if you’re losing in the final minutes.

Don’t be scared to quit:

In FUT Champions, a loss still earns you one point, so you don’t go home empty-handed.

With 20 high-pressure games to complete, staying in games where you have little chance of winning makes no sense.

If you’re playing against a superior player, exit the game, take your point, and go on to the next one if you score a lot of goals early on.

Subs with a big impact:

Every opponent has a different style of play than the last, therefore your starting XI may or may not be effective against the side you’re up against.

That’s why having a wide range of replacements that each provide something unique and can turn a game on its head is critical.

Have a pacey player on the bench if you play with a target man up top, for example, so you can vary things up if necessary.

It’s also a good idea to consider the players on your squad who have low stamina and plan substitutes for when they get tired.


That’s everything there is to know about the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Weekend League in this year’s game.


Q: When do you get your Fut Champs prizes?

Ans: FUT Champions awards will be accessible on Mondays at 10 a.m. GMT/11 a.m. BST, according to EA Sports.

Q: What are the benefits of being a futsal champion?

Ans: FUT Champions is a game mode in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team that rewards players who have completed at least five matches in the preceding weekend with packs, player picks, money, and points. 

FUT Champ Rewards – Know More

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