Where Are Bulaggi Bags Made?

Bulaggi is a company that sells a variety of luxury handbags and purses for women. The company was founded by couple Wim Walraven and Trix Walraven in May 1969. They began their business from their apartment in Hilversum, Netherlands. It gradually grew and became a family-owned business from the time it was founded more than 50 years back. As of now, the company is handled by Annemarieke Schouten Walraven. So, the question here is where are bulaggi bags made?

Where Are Bulaggi Bags Made?

The place where it’s made

The Bulaggi’s headquarter remains at the Hilversum. Bulaggi bags are made in Hilversum, the Netherlands itself, and it is from there that their handbags and purses get into the European markets. The founders of Bulaggi Bags came from a very humble background and they began the company from scratch. Perhaps, it is the same humble background’s values that are being manifested by the heir of the company. They have not forgotten their roots are continuing to operate from a small place in the Netherlands.

There could be other practical reasons as well that might have become the factor for not shifting their base to a mainstream marketplace after all “many bricks make a house”. It may be possible that the connections and relations they have built-in all these 50 years with their partners including investors, loyal employees, and other reasons they would have thought it is better not to risk all of these important things in business when their business is going well.

The other reason could have been that generally, the bigger companies that have a hold in the market and are doing well operate from the very same place from where they began and this attaches a sense of antiquity to the company in the mind of the customers. But whatever be the reason the answer remains the same since they are set up in Hilversum, Netherlands from the beginning itself, it is from there that their products are manufactured, distributed, and sold.

Bulaggi Bags Uniqueness

Bulaggi bags claim to be vegan and animal friendly. This factor ensures the durability of their bags and always appears new even after frequent use. It is such a piece of good news and also a good factor for customers who make a conscious choice and are concerned about making more and more animal-friendly products a part of their lives. Bulaggi bags is the place for such customers they need not give a second thought to this as they even have a vegan certificate from PETA. Hence, no question of doubts about their products being animal friendly after the certificate.

There is more reason for Bulaggi bags to be unique among the many options. Despite offering a luxury quality of products they offer a very affordable range of prices for their products. Their bags are always trendy with little extras for any occasion to carry. The bags overall are an amalgam of functionality, high quality, and design. The multiple details on the bags make them stand out among the number of options available in the market.

Why Bulaggi Bags?

With the changing times, bags have become a part of the outfit which is one word for clothes and accessories. Undoubtedly, bags can contribute to your outfit of the day, commonly known as OOTD. The show-stopping accessory that Bulaggi offers you is a statement-making look with its impressive texture and a wide variety of colors.

Its best features include:-

  • The inner lining that the Bulaggi bags have, makes sure that it provides a great space and allows you to carry your stuff stylishly.
  • Lightweight Bulaggi Bags are another addition in the reason to opt for their bags in everyday use.
  • The compelling design and alluring quality and eye-catching look can never be stressed enough.


If you are someone who likes to go with the trend and cannot compromise on the quality and love the luxurious details and also cannot afford to have high-end bags or several bags, the Bulaggi handbags and purses are a great option for you. You cannot go wrong with their bags. They have a collection of a variety of bags from which you can choose for yourself. Also, if you are looking for something to gift to the women in your lives, you can gift these handbags and purses to them. They are going to love it.


Q.1. How to place an order online on the website of Bulaggi bags?

A. There are only three steps that you need to follow for placing your order:

1. You need to choose the products of your desired color and category and using the add to shopping bag button, you can place them into your shopping bag.

2. Now, you need to give your details including your name, email, phone number, and address. This process is called checkout.

3. In this last step, you need to pay for the products you choose for yourself. There are various payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.

Q.2. What are the shipping costs for the products in the UK and USA?

A. The shipping costs for the Bulaggi bag’s products in the UK is 19,95 Euros which includes your shipping costs, customs duties, and taxes. However, the shipping cost for the USA is 24,95 Euros.

Q.3. What is the return policy at the Bulaggi Bags?

A. At Bulaggi bags, you can return your products within 14 days from the date you received your products. The products need to have an original packing and Bulaggi tag. It must contain the return form that you need to fill out while initiating the return process so that they can trace the products. The items purchased in Sale are also eligible for return if you do not like them after receiving them.

Q.4. How do I contact Customer Service at the Bulaggi Bags?

A. To contact the Customer Service at Bulaggi Bags you need to call on their number +310356212757. You can also mail them to their address: BULAGGI, Franciscusweg 227, 1216 SE Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Where Are Bulaggi Bags Made?

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