Do Bunnings Make Keys?

There is essential home equipment that we ensure to keep them safe so they don’t get lost. Most times we try to duplicate things to have access to more than one piece of equipment just in case anyone gets missing and this same duplicate method applies to our keys. Let’s learn ‘Do Bunnings Make Keys?’.

Do Bunnings Make Keys?

Bunnings specialize in cutting and replacing lost keys purchased at their store and this activity is done with the right tools prices ranging from the workload making it easy for people to have access to replacing their lost keys and also cutting their keys to the right fitting shape.

Do Bunnings Make Keys?

NO! Bunnings doesn’t make keys but they partner with brands that manufacture blank keys. Bunnings is popularly known for its key cutting skills which entail using different machines to cut the key properly without mistakes. They ensure to color code the keys after they have been cut.

They make use of the Silca automatic poker machine and this is an automatic machine used to cut keys correctly. One can either walk into the store to get their keys cut or can purchase this machine at the store and make use of it at their homes.

Bunnings also make use of the manual key cutting machine made by IIco which is quite cheaper but involves more manual labor than the former.

One can purchase blank keys on their website or in-store. Also one can demand a pick-up or door delivery once the key has been cut. Bunnings can only cut keys that were purchased from them so one just needs to provide their receipt of payment for the blank key.

About Bunnings

Bunnings is a retail warehouse in Australia and New Zealand which specializes in home products. This company was built by the Bunnings brothers named Arthur and Robert.

Bunnings was founded by Arthur and Roberts Bunnings in Perth, Western Australia. The two brothers purchased their first sawmill making the bunnings limited to sawmilling until 1952 when it became public and expanded its sector thereby purchasing several stores.

Bunnings was able to expand in the retail sector and in the Western Australian market. Already has a timber business, they became a public company and the top western Australia supplier of hardwood to construction companies.

Since 1989, Bunnings has grown in every aspect purchasing various warehouses in different locations making the store a public store. Over the years it has been recorded that bunnings has purchased various warehouses and has grown.

In 1989, it purchased the Alco handyman in Western Australia and was able to merge operations also to get the right publicity and exposure it needed.  In 1993, they purchased McEwans in South Australia to get the right exposure on the eastern coast.

It was in 1994 that bunnings purchased its first warehouse in the Melbourne market which was owned by the Wesfarmers. In 2001, Bunnings was able to become international in the New Zealand market by purchasing the BBC hardware network, Hardware house, and Benchmark stores in New Zealand.

Bunnings also purchased a Homebase network in the UK and Ireland but it was in 2018 that bunnings were able to launch its e-commerce in Australia making it easy for people to be able to place orders online.

It is evident that Bunnings has expanded in every aspect both internationally and within Australia and New Zealand.

Bunnings keys

Bunnings has several keys ranging from different prices. The good thing about bunnings is the machine they make use of while cutting their keys. 

There are various keys one can purchase at bunnings and they are:

  • IIco silver nickel plated Y200 Domestic blank key
  • IIco silver nickel plated KK4R blank key.
  • IIco blue aluminum LK1 Domestic blank key.
  • IIco Purple aluminum KK4 Domestic blank key.

These keys are some of the keys one can purchase at Bunnings and each key has its own features and prices.

What to look out for when purchasing a key at bunnings?

There are various specifications that have been added to the various types of keys at bunnings most especially when one wants to purchase these items online. Some key specifications one has to look out for when purchasing a blank key are;

  • Features: These blank keys are different from each other so they all have their recommended features which will help customers choose which one they will want to purchase.
  • Details: This consists of the products and package width, height, depth, weight, color, model name and number, material, etc.
  • Available service: This specifies if the key can be cut while you wait or can be picked up later by yourself or door delivery.
  • Ratings and reviews: This shows how good a product is.


The question of if bunnings make keys will still be in speculation because of how well they are known to cut keys and also sell blank keys. Bunnings has various brands and IIco happens to be one of their brands it is one of the top manufacturers of blank keys which are sold at Bunnings.


  1. How does delivery work?

One can either choose door delivery or in-store and one can also rent a van to get your items delivered by yourself.

  1. How long does delivery take?

The timeframe for delivery may defer probably due to high volume items or locations but most time delivery time-line is usually seen when items are added to your cart. Special order items take longer.

  1. Can I return a delivered item?

Yes, one can return an item if purchased from one of the local stores and probably if the item is faulty when it was delivered or if the customer has changed their mind about the item. One can either exchange or purchase a new one but should provide evidence of payment.

  1. How much does delivery cost?

The delivery cost of items varies based on the particular means of transportation or delivery type. The delivery type can either be parcel, truck, Ute, cane, etc ranging from 10 dollars to 175 dollars.

Do Bunnings Make Keys?

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