Does Greenwood Mall Have Wheelchairs?

Greenwood Mall is a Canada-based shopping mall. The mall is very famous for its enclosed shopping center experience in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. The mall is not just like any other regular mall because it has more than 50 stores for people to choose their products from. It is a huge mall where people love shopping. Let us know ‘Does Greenwood Mall Have Wheelchairs?’.

Does Greenwood Mall Have Wheelchairs?

Does Greenwood Mall Have Wheelchairs?

Greenwood Mall does come with wheelchairs for people looking for accessories. It has been made available at the carousel. However, apart from that, the mall does not only have wheelchairs but also offers electric scooters as well. These items are available in the customer service area or at the carousel. 

The mall also comes with a customer service contact number that people can contact to inquire about their doubts. The mall also comes with extra amenities other than wheelchairs and electric scooters. Some of them are WiFi, accessible parking spaces, ATMs, and many more. 

What Is The Procedure To Get A Wheelchair At Greenwood Mall?

The procedure for getting a wheelchair at Greenwood Mall is very simple. The steps mentioned below should be enough for you to get access to a wheelchair at Greenwood Mall easily.

  • Wheelchairs are located at several entrances (Entrance 1, Entrance 2, and Entrance 3)
  • Wheelchairs are free of charge but it would be better to inquire about them.
  • Leave your driver’s license with the Guest Services in the Center Court and receive the benefits of wheelchair services free of cost.

What Is The Rent Of Wheelchairs At Greenwood Mall?

There may be a certain amount that the customers need to pay if they want to utilize the services of wheelchairs located at the carousel. The amount of rent still has been undisclosed by Greenwood Mall, so it would be better if people looking for wheelchairs directly contact the customer service team of Greenwood Mall so that they can assist you.

The official website of Greenwood Mall has featured some basic instructions as to where the wheelchair services can be availed. There is no option for people to pre-book wheelchairs as of now, but if you contacted the customer service team, there may be options for doing that. 

Is It Worth Visiting Greenwood Mall?

Greenwood Mall is a large mall that includes more than 50 stores for people to purchase their favorite items. However, proper assistance can also be provided at Greenwood Mall for people with a particular disability. The mall offers essential services of stores and has a great list of amenities at their mall for the visitors or, rather say, the customers.

It will be justified to say that Greenwood Mall is worth visiting as it is a lovely mall with great amenities. People will not feel uncomfortable looking for a specific thing because customer service is available inside the mall, which is a great way to attract new customers. If you have never been to Greenwood Mall you must visit once in your lifetime. 

Is There A Customer Service At Greenwood Mall?

There are different customer services for Greenwood Mall that people can contact. Three different departments (mall management department, shopping line department, and mall security department) have been made available for the customers to contact in case of any query. The following mentioned are the department-wise contact number.

Mall management: (317) 887-8601

Shopping line: (317) 881-6758

Mall security: (317) 887-8604

People can also ask for the availability of wheelchairs from any one of these above-mentioned contact numbers. It has been made easier for people to get through their problems with the help of these contact numbers and people are quite satisfied with the quality of service that Greenwood Mall offers.

Is There A Refundable Fee After Depositing Wheelchair?

The authority might ask you to pay an extra dollar while you are asking for a wheelchair rent. While returning the wheelchair, you may be refunded this extra dollar. This extra dollar is just a security deposit fee charged just to ensure that the wheelchair would be returned safely to the authority.

The rent for wheelchairs may not have been disclosed by Greenwood Mall online on their website, but one can contact the mall management department to get an idea about the rent prices of wheelchairs and electric scooters. This way, customers would feel a sense of convenience while they are at the shopping mall looking to rent a wheelchair for their elder one. 


In the end, it is all about getting proper service from the management of the Greenwood mall. But, since Greenwood Mall provides wheelchair services, it has become quite convenient for elderly people of society to visit their mall and purchase from their favorite store. The mall may charge certain amount of money while renting out their wheelchair and electric scooters. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Greenwood Mall good for shopping for clothes?

Ans: Greenwood Mall has got more than 50 stores in it and it is one of the best places to shop for different brands of clothes. 

Does Greenwood Mall offer wheelchair services?

Ans: Greenwood Mall does offer wheelchair services, and along with it, they offer a wide range of amenities in their mall.

Is it worth visiting the Greenwood Mall?

Ans: Yes, Greenwood Mall is worth visiting because they offer a wide range of stores for people to choose from and buy their favorite items. There are many options from where people can choose.

Does Greenwood Mall Have Wheelchairs?

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