Where Does Taco Meat Come From? – know more in detail

Gone are those days when this delicacy was only limited to Mexico. America has become a hub of all the regional delicacies mingled into fast food. And people love to try these just like the taco. Plus, Taco is one of the favorite snacks people like to munch on while enjoying their beautiful evenings and busy workdays. Since we all are so connected to this amazing recipe, all of us would like to have little details on this one. let us find out Where Does Taco Meat Come From?

Where Does Taco Meat Come From?

Well, we all know that this wrapped up the savory tortillas. But we do not have a clear idea of what’s wrapped inside. This leads to a budding curiosity among everyone. And we do understand why this curiosity arises. After all, we really want to know what’s the secret to its amazing taste and above all what we are eating at all. Though it’s mostly beef inside a taco, it’s not all beef. It does have a lot more than just beef.

Taco and Its Origin

The exact origin of tacos is a bit unclear. But thanks to the findings of Jeffrey M. Pilcher who we owe our knowledge of tacos to. He gave us what we really need to know about our favorite dish and how it came to America to rule its hearts. According to the theory, it dates back to the 18th century and the silver mines in Mexico. Though it does seem a little absurd, the taco was the term referring to little charges the miners would use to evacuate the ore which was little pieces of paper wrapped around gunpowder inserted into holes carved in the rock face. Well, it looks pretty much the same as taco except for the fact that it’s edible. However, the first references to this exquisite dish date back to the 19th century, and the first type among them is tacos de minero, which is the miners’ tacos. Clearly, the origin lies in the mines of Mexico.

What’s inside a Taco?

If you are still wondering where the chicken and meat inside come from, it comes from USDA inspected and supplied domestic farms that follow the guidelines laid down by industry-standard animal welfare. Plus, it comes from trusted stores like Tyson Foods, so you have nothing to worry about. When it comes to beef it comes from a supply chain that believes in US-grown beef which is completely trusted. Since it is a part of the US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, you can be assured of what you eat completely. The chicken and beef you are savoring in this delicious recipe are not only tasty but sustainable too. Plus, it’s prepared the traditional way by simmering to drain off the excess fat and then seasoned with authentic spices to give you the taste you can rely on.

How did Tacos come to America?

The first time Taco came to America was through a newspaper in 1905. A time when Mexicans first arrived in America to work for mines and railroads. At that time their food was considered as lower class food or street food, according to those standards. But now that is surely not the case. Chilli Queens was among the first vendors who sold these. Their popularity was such that San Antonio was known by their name. Plus, the sizzling hot recipe completely matched with their outgoing personality and that gave this business a really good push. However, the popularity of Mexican food rose when the children of the immigrants advanced economically. Now, all we can see in America are the adaptations of Mexican food. From Hamburger to Cheddar Cheese all these are a perfect combo of Mexican American styles.


Tacos have grown its popularity to such an extent in the American audience that Americans can’t imagine their life without them. Started off in a mine in Mexico, who knew that one day this dish will sway all the Americans into its charm. But we do like to know the meat inside this exquisite dish. And more importantly what kind of meat is used in there. Well, there’s nothing to worry about, the meat used in there is straight from the farms of America and is verified by the authorities.


Q. What are some good Taco joints in the USA?

Ans. You can find some really good Tacos in La Taqueria in California, Veracruz All Natural in Texas, The Shed in New Mexico, Pancho’s Mexican Taqueria in New Jersey, and Coyo Taco in Florida.

Q. How does Taco Bell prepare their seasoned beef?

Ans. They do it using the traditional ways. They first boil the beef to churn off extra fat and then season it with some of the authentic spices to give it an original taste.

Q. Where does Taco Bell’s meat come from?

Ans. It comes straight away from the farms of America or from popular grocery stores like Tyson Foods.

Where Does Taco Meat Come From? – know more in detail

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