Does Dixieline Make Keys?-Know More About It

What are keys?

Keys have been a very important part of human existence for a vast number of reasons. They are often small objects designed to open and close a lock. They can also be made into bigger sizes depending on the type of lock involved. Keys have become an initial part of humans as they foster the security of lives and properties from prying eyes.Dixieline does not make keys but rather depends on suppliers. This in no way diminishes the value we provide on keys as we ensure that we only contact the best of key makers as our suppliers. We are not just limited to keys in our stock as we also have quality key blanks from quality key brands. What’s a key blank, you ask?

Does Dixieline Make Keys?

A key blank is any key that has not been cut to suit any lock specifications. In simpler terms, it is any key without its teeth and is useful for making original keys or duplicates.

Key blanks sold at Dixieline are made in high quality and only brass and nickel-brass plated keys are put on our shelves for display. We partner with top key brands to give you the best quality. We guarantee this 100%. Our list of key suppliers includes; Kwikset, Hilton, Pundra, Schlage, Toolbox, Samsonite, and ACE just to mention a few. These companies offer the best of no-rust keys and key blanks in the United States.

Does your local locksmith charge you exorbitantly to make duplicates? Well, buying key blanks will help reduce cost by 50% as all he has to do is cut the dimensions using a key duplication and not start afresh. Our key blanks are available for below $3.

Asides from quality keys, we also partner with credible brands and seasoned professionals to give you the best quality product and service experience. Even in emergencies, we are just a call away.

All You Need To Know When Buying House Keys

When purchasing house keys, there are a few tips to have in mind. These tips will help you make the right choice for keys that will properly secure your home and also keys with high market availability.These tips are:

  1. Buy Quality 

When buying keys, ensure it is an original. Counterfeits of a dozen products exist and keys are no different. Look at the shape of the key head, the logo crest or the alphanumeric found on the key head. Dixieline assures you nothing but aquality supply of keys from leading key brands in the country.

  1. Types of Key

There are two main types of keys; single-sided and double-sided keys.

Single-sided keys are majorly used in padlocks or cabinet locks. These types of keys have two slots cut into them and can only be inserted one way, i.e. only one side of the key can fit into a lock. It is rotated in either direction.

Double-sided keys are way different. Have you ever handled keys where both sides can fit into a lock? That’s a double-sided key. These types of keys are very convenient to use as you do not need to memorize which side of the key fits into the lock.

These types of key activitiesare most suitable for home security and serve best in emergencies.

  1. Key Availability

When purchasing keys, it is important to ensure that such key has lots of key blanks available in the market. Some key manufacturers make their keys scarce intentionally, so it is very important to ensure that whatever key you buy can easily be duplicated. Without these key blanks, it will be very expensive to duplicate your keys if you have no copies of them left.

Ensure you go for top key brands as it is almost certain that they make their key blanks available in large quantities to satisfy their ever bubbling customers. Dixieline is home to top keys and key blanks makers.

What Other Services Does Dixieline Provide?

We are a multi-faceted organization based in San Diego, California, USA and we offer full-service home and office building designs, remodeling, and renovations with professional care.

Dixieline offers both product and service-based activities to our clientele. Our service-based activities include:

  • Kitchen and bath design ideas
  • Door and window ideas
  • Outdoor living ideas
  • Custom home ideas, etc

We will help you fix, build and customize whatever home decor you desire, to your taste. All you need is to sit back and relax.

Our product based activities include:

  • Grilling
  • Lawn and garden
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Power tools
  • Paints
  • Decking
  • Lumber
  • Building materials, etc

We serve you high-quality building materials and home decor products that stand you out.


Dixieline Lumber and Home Centers is a private company that offers you the best of keys and key blanks from industry leaders. As stated earlier, we do not just sell keys; we are also involved in the all round transformation and restructuring of your homes. We ensure that our products are of top quality and at insanely competitive prices.

With over 1000 employees, we are positioned to exceed your expectations.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. What type of company is Dixieline Lumber and Home Centers?

Answers: We are a private company that builds, restructure and renovate home and office building to suit modern demands.

  1. What is Dixieline’s return policy?

Answer: Dixieline has a 90-day return policy within the period of purchase on unopened products.

  1. Does Dixieline have special promotions or coupons for active duty and veteran military personnel?

Answer: Dixieline does not have special coupons or promotions for active duty or veteran military personnel. What we do have is offer coupons and discounts that are available to all and sundry.

  1. How can I get Dixieline coupons?

Answer: Our coupons are available on our websites and blog post. Are you a big fan of Dixieline? Well, stay glued to our blog post and website for exciting offer coupons and discount codes. We currently have a coupon running until April 31st, 2022. Take advantage now!

Does Dixieline Make Keys?-Know More About It

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