Does OWA Have Wheelchairs?

Theme parks or amusement parks have come to be one of the places where people go with their loved ones to unwind and get that happy feeling. Whether you are swirling around in a giant saucer, playing a game, or just watching loved ones have fun, one thing is sure – theme parks create an atmosphere of fun and a feeling of warmth and togetherness. Understanding the vital role played in society, most theme parks are structured to allow all kinds of guests to have an exhilarating experience whenever they visit. OWA Parks & Resort, in short OWA, is one such amusement parks. Read on to know Does OWA Have Wheelchairs?

Does OWA Have Wheelchairs?

The park at OWA has a limited number of wheelchairs available for rent at a $10 fee. The renting of these wheelchairs is typically on a first-come-first-serve basis due to the limited number of wheelchairs available. Hence, wheelchair reservations are not allowed.

Can I Rent Wheelchairs at OWA?

OWA makes available several wheelchairs for its visitors with mobility problems to ensure that these special guests do not feel left out of all the fun. As we stated earlier, these wheelchairs can be rented for $10 and are on a first-come-first-served basis due to the limited number of wheelchairs available. This also means that guests cannot make wheelchairs reservations in advance.

If you want to rent a wheelchair during a visit to OWA, you can inquire at the Guest Relations desk located at the park front gate.

Note that OWA advises visitors to bring their wheelchairs during a visit to the park due to the limited number of wheelchairs available and to curb unnecessary disappointments.

Is OWA Wheelchair Accessible?

Asides from making wheelchairs available, OWA is built in a way that makes mobility easy for wheelchair users. The 520 acres sized park is erected on smoothly leveled concrete. There is plenty of space and no unleveled or hilly ground or walkway that may pose a problem for guests with walking disabilities. There are also parking spaces available for the disabled, large-sized restrooms, and ramps that lead to rides for all visitors to enjoy.

Is OWA Worth Visiting?

OWA pronounced oh-wah is an amusement park recently opened in Foley, Alabama, United States. The park is home to over twenty-one thrilling rides such as the Rolling Thunder, Alabama Wham’a, and Crazy Mouse. There are also various family-friendly games, mouth-watering restaurants, shows, splash pads, etc.

As it pertains to the thrill rides, OWA being a child-friendly park, has several safe thrill rides for kids, even kids as little as two and three. For instance, OWA has a mini roller coaster called Southern Express. This mini-coaster is somewhat similar to the Rolling Thunder, the big Roller coaster, and is for kids and adults who do not want to experience the full-fledged terror of the big roller coaster.

Asides from the kiddies ride, the park has many great rides which adults can enjoy, such as the Freedom Flyer and the Twister. 

Note that OWA lists some precautions for visitors interested in taking some of the park thrill rides. Check out the OWA website for more information about these precautions.

Apart from the rides, the park has several games which visitors can play to win prizes like stuffed animals. Guests can also enjoy the shows and musical events organized in OWA from time to time. The park has many snack carts and food vendors with fantastic menus scattered over the park for hungry visitors.  Also, all the park rides are lighted up at night, giving OWA a carnival feel.


OWA understands the vital role theme parks play in creating a feeling of togetherness and love in the family and society. The park also understands that all guests are not the same. Hence, it goes the extra mile of ensuring that every visitor feels welcomed and not left out. In light of this, OWA makes available several wheelchairs on a rental basis for visitors with walking disabilities. The park is also fully wheelchair accessible for these guests to go about the park and have fun with little supervision.

Frequently Asked Question
  1. Is the entry ticket into OWA expensive?

Many have reviewed OWA entry tickets as highly-priced. However, these guests further state that it is always worth the price.

  1. What does OWA mean?

OWA in Muscogee Creek means big water.

  1. Does OWA have strollers?

Yes, they do.  

  1. What time does OWA close daily?

According to the tickets, OWA closes by 6 pm daily. However, visitors review that on days when there are not many guests, the park closes at 4 pm.

  1. Can I buy alcohol in OWA?

Yes, you can.

  1. Where exactly is OWA located?

101-N South OWA Boulevard, Foley, Alabama 36535.

Does OWA Have Wheelchairs?

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