Is Grimm on Hulu? know more in detail

Grimm is undoubtedly one of the best series to watch if you like the supernatural with a little tinge of cops in it. This series grasps your interest right from the beginning and grows more intriguing with every proceeding episode. But the question here arises is the series available on the OTT platform you use be it Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Well, it’s a real disappointment when the OTT platform you pay for doesn’t have your favorite series or the one you are craving to watch. But you gotta have some more options. You can go on and have many of them. Each platform has its list of shows that won’t be available on other platforms. And about the show, if you really wanna watch it you can always watch it with another OTT platform. Let us find out Is Grimm on Hulu?

Is Grimm on Hulu?

Grimm Synopsis

As discussed, Grimm is an American supernatural police drama. Created by Stephen Carpenter, Jim Kauf, and David Greenwalt and produced by Universal Television for NBC, it follows the story of a homicide detective who figures out that he is a Grimm, and that too the last of his lines. The Grimms are disappearing and he is the last of them. Well, initially, he does have a hard time gulping down the fact but a whole unexplored world opens to him when he is aware of the fact. Based on the famous The History of Brothers Grimm, this series received mixed reactions from the critics at first but surely won their hearts through the run. Wrapped up on 31st March 2017, Grimm has a total of 123 episodes. Well, the interest of the audience has peeked right from the start when the tagline goes “Only he could see what no one else can – the darkness inside, the real monster within, and he’s the one who must stop the. This is his calling. This is his duty. This is the life of a Grimm.”

Life of a Grimm is tough to live but intriguing to watch.

Is Grimm on Hulu?

The answer to it is a yes and a no. Hulu does have the new episodes of this fascinating series but it doesn’t have any of the previous ones. Since NBC is partially owned by Hulu so it has partial episodes but it doesn’t have all of them. So if you are all done with the previous episodes, then you are all geared up to watch the new episodes on Hulu. But if you haven’t watched the series from the start then you might look for some other platforms to provide you with the previous seasons. However, there are many other options that you can go for. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Where to watch Grimm?

Well, if you are looking out for watching Grimm on platforms like Hulu and Netflix. Then we would have to disappoint you since both of these have either partial or no Grimm episodes at all. If you are the one who is partially acquainted with the show and knows what happened in the previous episodes then Hulu might suffix. But Netflix doesn’t have any Grimm episodes, be it new or old. So Netflix is a bad option if you want to stream Grimm. However, if you want both the old and the new episodes, you can get them all on Amazon Prime Video. They have all the episodes of intriguing fantasy. Plus, you can watch the new episodes of this supernatural crime thriller online for free on or their official app.


Grimm is a great show to binge on as this is a show that will pique your interest with each proceeding episode. But where to watch it is the real question that interrupts that quest. Plus, if the show is available on the OTT platform you currently own then it’s an added advantage. If it isn’t then you have to go on and buy a new one. That might not seem a feasible option for many. But you don’t have to worry about watching this amazon series as you can watch it for free too as NBC airs the latest episodes of Grimm on their official site.


Q. Is Grimm available on Hulu?

Ans. Yes, it is. But only the new episodes are available as of now. They don’t have the whole series with all the seasons and the episodes.

Q. Where can I watch the whole series of Grimm?

Ans. You can watch the whole series of Grimm on Amazon Prime Video. They have all the episodes of the series be they new or old.

Q. What is the total number of episodes in the series?

Ans. Grimm has a total of 123 episodes. Its final season premiered on January 6, 2017, and the final episode on March 31, 2017.

Is Grimm on Hulu? know more in detail

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