Pinwheel phone return policy – know more interesting facts


Phones such as the pinwheel phone are smartphones. As with any smartphone, it contains apps. However, since it is pre-screened and only contains healthy apps, you do not need to worry about social media or other potentially harmful apps getting downloaded. Children’s activities and software on their phones are under the complete control of parents. Parents can provide their children with these devices specifically to protect them from potential cyber-crimes and other dangers they should not be exposed to. Lets us discuss the Pinwheel phone return policy

Pinwheel phone return policy


If a customer returns the unopened device and accessories within 30 days after purchase, they will receive a full refund. 

Information about Pinwheel Phone 

As the company advertises, pinwheels are kids’ first phones that grow with them. It only has safe apps with all-time security for kids. It’s not just some old flip phone, but rather a real smartphone with parental control. Like any other smartphone, this one has apps, but since they are all pre-screened and healthy, the risk of downloading social media or harmful apps is eliminated. The Pinwheel Phone gives parents complete control over an extremely versatile device. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their kids are safe while their kids develop a healthy relationship with a mobile device from day one. There are many different kinds of apps for the phone. Pinwheel offers several phone models, all of which run on their custom platform. Pinwheel prices its phones from $149.00 – to USD 249.00 plus monthly fees of USD 14.99 for the parental control system. Pinwheel’s software must be paid for monthly. Once you have the phone you have to pay once.

Refund Policy

To receive a full refund, the device must be in proper working condition, with all original contents, undamaged, and undistorted. Images must be clear and the entire device and accessories packages must remain unopened to qualify for a refund. No tampering with the software of the phone should be done or else the customer will not be entitled to a refund. In certain circumstances, partial or full returns may be refused for damaged, unsanitary, dented, or scratched phones. Opened or used accessories are not eligible for a refund. Subscription costs are not refunded; however, they will cancel your subscription when you contact them regarding a refund.

Steps to avail Refund

  1. Please contact Customer Care and send clear photos of the device and your full name and account email. 
  2. The Pinwheel store will then provide you with a pre-filled Return Form as well as a prepaid shipping label.
  3. Your items, the return form, and your SIM card must be placed in a hard-sided box/carrier after you remove your SIM card. You will also need to attach the return label.
  4. Send back the box through email and you’ll receive your refund within 7-10 business days once it arrives.  


Within 30 days of your purchase, you can return your Pinwheel phone. A customer can only return a product if they follow the steps and instructions outlined on the company’s website.

Answers to Frequently asked Questions

  1. What is the price of the Pinwheel Phone?

The phone will cost you between $149 and $249, which includes a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 each month. The phone can be powered by either a Mint SIM card purchased at checkout or a Mint data plan. When it arrives, it can be activated, but you can also add it to your existing plan once it arrives. 

  1. What is the purpose of a subscription?

Parental control is easy with Pinwheel phones, which include an operating system that is specifically designed for parental control. With the software, you can manage your contacts and apps remotely from your phone using features like no web browser, contact approval, scheduling of contact, therapist-approved apps, no app store, app availability, and more.

  1. Is there a map and GPS included in the pinwheel phone?

You can always check on your child to see where they are with the Pinwheel phone because it comes with a GPS tracker. Keep them safe from harm by checking in on them at all times.

  1. Would it be possible to subscribe to Pinwheel without purchasing the actual phone?

There is no free pinwheel software. You’ll have to pay every month to subscribe for it after buying the phone.

  1. Does the software system of the Pinwheel phone offer different apps than those available on other platforms?

Pinwheel software does not offer any apps that are unique to it or made by the company. They are all the same as the ones found on other phones. These apps however are approved by many people and are children friendly.

  1. Will the SIM card also have to be returned to get a refund?

Yes, if you’re returning the phone or ceasing the pinwheel subscription, the sim card must be returned.

Pinwheel phone return policy – know more interesting facts

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