Wakefit Mattress Return Policy – Know More

The Wakefit Innovations Private Limited, founded in 2016 in Bangalore, is a start-up established with the object of improving the sleep health of people through a wide range of efficient sleep products. In its journey to tackle and eliminate the issue of sleep deprivation, the company currently has a market share of 35-40%. The vision of the company “to democratize sleep for one and all with premium quality sleep products at affordable pricing” has been achieved to a greater extent, and policies adopted by the company in satisfying its customers are extremely appealing, especially the policies about exchanges, returns, and refunds. Let us here know the ‘Wakefit Mattress Return Policy.

Wakefit Mattress Return Policy

Wakefit Mattress Return & Refund Policy

1. Warranty 

Different warranty periods cover the Wakefit products. The terms and conditions will contain the warranty period for the product, and in case of any contrary provisions between the terms and conditions of the mattress warranty and that of the general ones, the terms and conditions prescribed in the mattress warranty shall prevail.

2. Returns

  • The Wakefit mattress can be returned within the first 100 days of receipt of the product.
  • The return shipping within India is free.
  • Also, the cancellation can be made by the customer any time before the shipment of the mattress.
  • There are certain conditions on the return of the products.

They are:

  • The product must have no stains, tears, or another soiling, i.e., it is eligible to return if it is in donatable condition.
  • The eligibility for return is confined to India, i.e., products that are being shipped to foreign countries cannot be returned.
  • A customer can return using his/ her name or shipping address any product, which can be a maximum of 2 in the number of a particular one per initial order.
  • The offer of 100-night trials on mattresses will not be available on the order of a particular product if the customer has already returned the same product in an initial order.

3. Refund Mode and Duration

The customer requesting the refund must provide his/her bank count details in the email that he sent requesting the return and refund of the product from his official mail ID.

 Then the company will make a refund within five working days from the date of receipt of the refund request.

4. Return Request Duration

A return request can be made by a customer within 100 days of purchase of the product of the company.

There will be a replacement made by the company if the product is lost or damaged during the delivery process due to a fault on the part of the company or their logistics partner.

Wakefit Mattress Return Policy

The return policy of the company is termed as ‘no question asked easy return.’ This means that Wakefit asks no question to the customer if he intends to return the mattress. It is a sufficient reason for return that the customer is not satisfied with the product or his/ her expectations were not met by the usage of the product.

Thus, this policy ensures that the customer can return the product for any reason within the specified time. The only restriction put upon this timely return is that the product must be in the original condition as delivered by the company, along with the tags, packaging, and warranty card. 

How to Return?

  1. Check the period during which the product can be returned once you intend to return it.
  2. Make a return request through the order page of the company
  3. The packaging of the returnable product must be made in the original package to return it.
  4. Then the executive assigned by the company will pick up the product to be returned.
  5. Either a refund will be initiated and will be credited to the bank account of the customer within five business days, or a new product will be dispatched for replacing the old one.

It is to be noted that the executive while picking up the product, will check the quality of the product, and a subsequent quality check is made in the company warehouse again. Only after the quality assurance is made will the company pick up the product for return or replacement.

If the product fails in the quality check, the company has the provision to ship it back to the customer.


Wakefit, which recorded Rs. 6.75 crores revenue even in its initial year of operation is expanding over its competitors like Sleepyhead, SleepyCat, etc. It exists as an independent entity with its exclusive policies in all the areas attracting customers and ensuring their satisfaction. The return policy being one of the major factors that fascinate the customers, has captivated a lot of them since Wakefit’s return policy seems more appealing to the customers. The timely return and refund proceedings of the company enabled itself to gain goodwill even among its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can the refund/ replacement be initiated?
  • Go to the orders page.
  • The product shall be selected.
  • Opt for return or replacement there
  • List the reason for return/ replacement
  • Give address for pickup by the company executive
  • Confirm it 
  • Get estimated date for return or replacement
  • Pack the product in the original form
  • Hand over it to the delivery staff.
  • Status can be tracked.
  1. Why is my product reshipped?

The company will make a quality check once you hand over the product, and if the product fails, the quality check will be reshipped to the customer’s address.

  1. What is the mode of refund?

If paid online, it will be refunded to the same source of payment. If it is paid on delivery, the refund will be made to the bank account of the customer.

Wakefit Mattress Return Policy – Know More

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