Stores Like Lucy In The Sky

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Lucy In The Sky is an online retail shop where influencers shop clothes to amass vast numbers of followers. Founded in 2001, Lucy in the Sky is one of the fastest-growing online fashion brands from which both millennials and Gen Z love to shop. Their unique style of clothing is cute, feminine, and better while appealing to a large number of people. Operating from Los Angeles, California, they are based in one of the hottest fashion capitals of the world.

Stores Like Lucy In The Sky

Lucy in the Sky has some fantastic selections for women’s clothing, including summery maxi dresses, floral rompers, and some lovely dresses. Here, with careful consideration, we have listed stores comparable to Lucy in the Sky.

Hello Molly  

Lucy in the Sky offers the perfect clothes and styles for a young female audience, maybe for teenage high school girls. However, Hello Molly is all about pushing the limits. While the clothes from Lucy in the Sky are considered “tame,” Hello Molly offers a lot of bold options that are perfect for a little mature audience such as college-going girls and women in their early to late twenties looking for the perfect outfit to go to parties in.

Clothes from Hello Molly are a little bit more risque, with brighter patterns, vibrant colors, and shining whites that make you stand out in a great way! While their forte lies in manufacturing some sexy pieces, you can also feel comfortable in the other styles of clothes they offer – you can select long dresses with modest necklines as well. 


Exactly like Lucy in the Sky, ASOS is a fashion brand that many fashion lovers across the globe love. It is because they offer international shipping and for that reason, they are so popular in the world. However, unlike Lucy in the Sky, ASOS has a unisex and men’s section that appeals to a wider variety of people from all walks of life.

Another point of difference between ASOS and Lucy in the Sky is the fact that ASOS has a dedicated plus-size or curvy fashion. They also offer maternity, petite, and tall sections of clothing. So the demographic range that they appeal to is much wider and larger than that of Lucy in the Sky. but if you are in the market for feminine dresses that Lucy in the Sky is popular for, ASOS has a handful of equally adorable dress options.

Their marketability lies in the fact that their selection is so versatile – a high schooler can wear these dresses to prom or a thirty-something can wear these dresses to weddings as well. If you are also looking for branded mech, ASOS sells clothes by name brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. If you are working on a strict budget, ASOS has also got you covered! You can find plenty of cute dresses and clothing options in their sales section. 


One of Lucy in the Sky’s primary and prominent features is that they are an inexpensive brand that works perfectly for women who are looking for high-quality dresses that work well if operating on a budget. So, if you are strapped for cash and are looking for an even cheaper alternative to Lucy in the Sky, look no further; we have found you BooHoo.

Versatility is the name of the game that BooHoo has mastered, and you can find anything there, ranging from maxi dresses, skater dresses, and tight bodycon dresses as well. BooHoo offers a lot of plus-size and inclusive fashion that is perfect for all our curvy girls out there! This online fashion retailer is our go-to pick for dresses for a plus-size audience.

Boohoo is the perfect store to check out if you are on the hunt and lookout for wrap dresses to risque bodycon dresses. The point of difference between Boohoo and Lucy in the Sky is that Boohoo sells tops, activewear, jeans, shoes, and beauty goods in addition to dresses, swimwear, and rompers.

Their beauty area is so extensive that vegan-friendly goods are included. Boohoo is a terrific place to shop if you want to keep in style without breaking the budget. Their internet bargains are incredible, and their outfits are so varied that no matter what your style is, you’ll be able to discover something you enjoy.


Lucy in the Sky is a women’s apparel retailer that sells many of the same styles as Missguided. Missguided, on the other hand, sells shoes, beauty goods, and jeans, unlike Lucy in the Sky. If you like frilly clothes, matching sets, sportswear, and Playboy-themed clothing, you’ll appreciate browsing the Missguided website, as this retailer sells numerous trendy things at a low price. 

Missguided also carries beachwear that is feminine and bohemian in style, making it a perfect location to buy for our fellow tropical babes. Whether you’re seeking everyday wear, maternity wear, or plus-size clothing, Missguided is sure to have something for you. Although some of the items sold at Missguided are more expensive than those sold at Lucy in the Sky, you can save money by shopping there.

Both of these establishments should provide comparable services. If you’re a student, though, the price difference isn’t as significant because Missguided gives students an extra 20% off the final sale price.

Forever 21 

Forever 21 is a fashion retailer that is continually releasing new styles. Even better, this retailer carries a wide range of sizes, including a line specifically for plus-size women. Although the quality of Forever 21’s clothes isn’t quite as good as Lucy in the Sky’s, you can expect to pay a lot less for similar-looking items.

What Forever 21 does have that Lucy in the Sky doesn’t is an unending sea of clothing items that fall into several style categories. Forever 21 is known for its ability to cater to a large audience, so you can find boho-chic tops there to be able to find some alt clothing for the goth in your life as well.

This store has the advantage of allowing you to purchase adorable, flowy, and contemporary summer and party dresses for a reasonable price, especially if you take advantage of online specials. Whether you’re trying for the girl next door style or the skater-girl look, Forever 21 has you covered. 

Princess Polly

Princess Polly, like Lucy in the Sky, sells lovely and cheap graduation gowns, contemporary bikinis, and elegant rompers. Princess Polly also sells graphic T-shirts, vegan leather, and cozy loungewear, among other things. Princess Polly’s pieces, on the other hand, are not all as dressy as those available at Lucy in the Sky, making them more appropriate for everyday use.

Princess Polly is of equal quality as Lucy in the Sky and at a similar price. It’s worth noting, though, that the Princess Polly denim can be a little costly. The apparel in this store caters to a wide range of styles, including punkish and bohemian appearances as well as refined and preppy attire. But Princess Polly, sadly, does not cater to plus-size women, as the store’s sizes do not surpass a US 12.


Both Venus and Lucy in the Sky provide a large assortment of fashionable clothes. In fact, whether you’re looking for the perfect dress to wear to a party, wedding, or another special occasion, both of these stores are excellent choices.

When it comes to tiny black dresses, however, Venus reigns supreme, with a collection that encompasses everything from feminine alternatives to runway appearances. Venus dresses are often less expensive than Lucy in the Sky dresses, though this can sometimes be reflected in the quality of the clothing.

Venus is unique in that it sells a wider selection of clothing, including faux leather jackets, sophisticated blazers, activewear, turtlenecks, jewelry, and novelty jeans. While Lucy in the Sky caters to a specific demographic that is 20-something, Venus’s clothes can easily be worn by people from all walks of life.


If you’ve been admiring Lucy In The Sky and wondering what other brands like Lucy In The Sky are available, we’re here to help you sort through the options. Many of these products have the same seductive appeal as Lucy In The Sky, but with different flairs that can give your wardrobe a unique touch. The hallmark of clothes from Lucy in the Sky is that they are beautiful and charming without you having the break the bank. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does Lucy In The Sky Ship Internationally?

Yes, Lucy in the Sky does ship internationally and they are happy to accommodate you if you don’t see your country in the shipping address option.

  1. What Size Does Lucy In The Sky Carry?

Their sizes are fairly limited, as they carry from Small to Large.

  1. Does Lucy In The Sky Have An Actual Store?

No, Lucy in the Sky does not have an actual store, but they are based in Los Angeles.

Stores Like Lucy In The Sky

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