Can I Use Jared Credit Card Everywhere? – Know More

Jared Credit Card can be used only at Jared The Galleria of Jewelry stores, which are located in 41 states.Can I Use Jared Credit Card Everywhere? keep reading.

Can I Use Jared Credit Card Everywhere?

Jared Credit card is managed by two different banks they are 

  • Comenity Bank
  • Genesis Financial Services 

Here is the list of where you can use: 

  • Jared Jewelry stores (in 41 states)
  • 19 locations in California
  • 22 locations in Florida
  • 29 locations in Texas

One can also apply for online, as there are no requirements. It is a credit-based card, so it would review your credit standing. 

Benefits Of Having a Jared Credit Card 

A couple of benefits to a Jared credit card program are

  • Birthday offers
  • Cardholder anniversary perks
  • Exclusive offers throughout the year.

Jared Credit Card is suitable for people who have low income but want to buy jewelry products.

Another good thing about the Jared Credit Card is that there is no annual fee and the purchase APR is 27.48% variable, It checks the credit score for free and no credit card is required. Keep in mind that the recommended credit is scored from 602 to 850.

What more can you do with it?

With Jared’s credit card, you can do a lot of things online. You can, for example, pay a credit card, check your balance, or examine the results of your financing application. But bear in mind that you must first create a Jared credit card login before you can perform any of these.

To log in, open a new tab in your browser and select the following button:

  • Click “Sign In” or you can click “Apply” if you’re new to this facility.
  • After the “Sign In”  process, you will access your credit card account and you’re good to go.

Different types of Payment options for Jared

There are three main ways to pay for your Jewelry card at present.

  1. Online: The first option for paying your credit card from Jared is online. You’ll need to log into your credit card account for this. You’ll be able to pay your Jared card from there.
  2. Phone call: You can also pay your credit card from Jared over the phone by simply dialing 1-866-231-0070. And simply follow the operator’s directions and pay with your credit card.
  3. Mail: There is also another way to pay Jared’s credit card by mail. Your payments should be sent to the following address: 
Comenity Bank
PO Box 65978
San Antonio, TX 78265-9728.

So, payment is never that complicated if you are one of Jared’s clients, as it offers different types of payment methods.


Jared’s credit may be good; however, just because you want to buy something from Jared doesn’t mean a Jared Credit Card is the greatest option to save. 

Right now, there is a slew of excellent 0% credit cards available, including the US Bank Visa Platinum (0 percent for 20 months), Citi Simplicity (0 percent for 18 months), and Amex every day (0 percent for 15 months). To qualify, you must have strong or exceptional credit.

Conclusion & Final Thought

Jared’s credit card is good but doesn’t have a lot of benefits. You should only apply for this credit card if you are in desperate need of jewelry financing. Otherwise, there are a variety of credit cards available that will reward you for shopping at Jared.


  • There is no annual charge.
  • Low credit card requirements for Jared.
  • Jewelry purchases can be financed at a low cost.


  • Jared’s credit card interest rate is extremely high.
  • Jared’s credit card can only be used at Jared’s stores.
  • Except for financing, there are no other noteworthy advantages to owning this credit card.

In addition, cardholders are entitled to complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection. Plus, on your birthday and account anniversary, you’ll get exclusive discounts. To be eligible for all these criteria, your account must be in good standing.


  • What is Jared’s credit card? Can I take A loan?

No, you cannot take a loan or borrow money from Jared’s Credit Card.

  • Is there a payment plan offered by Jared Jewelers?

Here’s an example of what some of the most well-known jewelers usually have to offer: Jared The Jewelry Galleria is a place where you may go to learn about different kinds of jewelry 

For the first 12 months, Jared financing offers a zero-interest plan. However, a 20% payment and a Jared credit card are required.

  • Aside from Jared’s Credit Card, what are the best Jewelry credit cards? 

Aside from Jared’s, Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card and Reeds Jewelers Credit Card are the top jewelry store credit cards. Both cards provide 0% introductory APRs on purchases of $299 or more, which is far lower than the 0% barrier imposed by most jewelry store cards. 

Furthermore, neither card demands a down payment to finance a purchase, which is a benefit and fairly unusual for this type of card.

  • What is Jared’s alternative Credit Card?

There are many credit cards to choose from aside from Jared’s. Some of them are 

  1. Discover 
  2. US Bank Visa Platinum
  • Is it possible to make payments at Jared?

You can choose the date your payment will post to your Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry Credit Card Account when making an online payment. The financial transfer from your checking account to your Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry Credit Card account may take up to two business days to complete.

Can I Use Jared Credit Card Everywhere? – Know More

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