Does Roadside Assistance Make Keys?

Not exactly, but if you lose your car keys, your roadside assistance plan will aid you in obtaining replacement keys. That means roadside assistance can help you unlock your car and provide you with another key.

Does Roadside Assistance Make Keys?

Who is Roadside Assistance?

So you’ve locked yourself out of your car, and you don’t know what to do? One of the simplest solutions is still to make a call to the roadside assistance company, which will send a tow truck, take your keys, or provide a jump start. If you’re not familiar with roadside assistance or auto repair, be sure to check out their website. 

Everyone in life faces these types of situations once in their life. It could be miserable and sad too.

So, when the car breaks down, and you lose your car keys, your first thought is two words: Roadside Assistance. All you need to do is dial their number, and if you are within 50 miles of their location, they will reach you as soon as possible. Furthermore, for vehicles less than 5 years old is advisable to buy roadside assistance.

What is covered under the Roadside Assistance?

Although each roadside assistance package is different, many of them offer similar services. In an emergency, this type of service can be quite beneficial, and it can include:

  1. Duplicate Keys – If you misplace or lose your vehicle keys while on the road, RSA will not only offer replacement keys but also cover the cost of the specialists needed to unlock your vehicle.
  2. Medical Coordination – This coverage makes it easier to coordinate transportation to the nearest hospital in the event of an accident-related medical emergency.
  3. Tire Puncture – In the event of a flat tire, the RSA can assist you. The cost of the technicians needed to replace the tire is covered by this benefit.
  4. Dead Battery – If your vehicle fails on the road due to a faulty/dead/depreciated battery, this is what you should do. It also covers all labor and transportation costs.
  5. Towing Charges – This insurance covers towing services if your car is significantly damaged and needs to be towed to a garage immediately.
  6. Messenger Services – This coverage provides you with the ability to send an urgent message to your family in the event of an emergency.
  7. Repairs – Minor repairs arising from unforeseen circumstances are also covered.
  8. Fuel Assistance – This coverage helps you get up to 5 liters of fuel to a spot where you’re stuck.

The Benefits of Roadside Assistance

Even if you’re usually a calm driver, a roadside emergency or car collision can elicit heightened emotions. Even a basic repair, such as a dead battery or a flat tire, might turn into a whole disaster if it occurs in an area where assistance is difficult to come by. Many insurance providers offer round-the-clock roadside assistance if you become disabled. Even though this service is readily available, many drivers choose not to get coverage. Although choosing specific insurance coverage is a personal choice, there are various reasons why each driver should accept roadside help if it is given.

When you need help, don’t worry; you can rely on roadside assistance.

  • Lost Keys? or broken or misplaced keys? Roadside Assistance can help you get back in your vehicle.
  • Tire repair or replacement.
  • A dead battery can be jump-started.
  • Run out of gas? Don’t worry, and they will bring it to you.
  • Towing you out of a ditch or the snow.

You are perfectly covered

It’s crucial to double-check the specifics of your insurance with your provider, but one of the nicest features of a decent roadside assistance program is that it covers you as well as your vehicle. When driving a vehicle that isn’t yours, this can assist give you peace of mind. This type of policy might be very useful if you borrow a car from time to time or if you utilize a car that isn’t yours. If you encounter problems with a vehicle you don’t own, it may be covered.

It is a budget-friendly option

For only a few dollars a month, you can usually add roadside assistance to your existing auto insurance coverage. This means you may get 24-hour roadside assistance for less than $70 per year. A single tow could be more expensive than the yearly premium for full coverage. The risk of not purchasing insurance could outweigh the initial expense.


We now understand how roadside assistance benefits can help you out when your new car breaks down. Although this blog post is more focused on new car owners, roadside assistance benefits can be beneficial for anyone who owns a vehicle. They can also come in handy for those who plan on selling their current car, renting a car, or going on a long trip. 

However, to avail of this type of service and assistance, one must first become a member. This means that only individuals with a membership number are eligible for emergency roadside assistance.


What is the upper limit, and what is excluded from coverage?

Roadside Assistance does not count as a claim, and you can use it up to four times each year.

  • During the policy period, you can get fuel assistance twice.
  • Intoxicated/drunk while driving or without a valid driver’s license. 
  • Not adhering to the rules of the road

Who should get Roadside Assistance Insurance?

It is recommended that you acquire RSA coverage if your car is less than 5 years old.

If you travel by automobile or motorcycle frequently, an RSA policy is a requirement.

What is the procedure for obtaining Roadside Assistance?

You must have an enrolled device with you to obtain Roadside Assistance because the service follows the device. If your account has more than one eligible device, you may choose to enroll each one separately.

Do you require immediate assistance? For assistance, contact Roadside Assistance.

What if my car is being driven by someone else and they require Roadside Assistance?

If the enrolled device is present where assistance is required, another person can receive Roadside Assistance. The phone, not any one person or vehicle, is tracked by the program.

What is the cost of roadside assistance?

Each registered line on your account costs $4.99 per month.

  • There is a Pay Per Use price of $115 (if towing is required) or $70 if the enrolled mobile device is not at the service location (without towing)
  • Towing above 10 miles is paid for a cost of $5 per mile.
Does Roadside Assistance Make Keys?

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