SeaWorld Military and Veteran Discount

How eagerly we wait for our vacations to start so that we can have our best summer fun. Some of us prefer going to their native places, and some go to their grandparents’ home, some just stay in the city and have fun. Having has in the city isn’t that bad. You can go for numerous adventures, and one of them is a theme park or water park. Let us know about ‘SeaWorld Military and Veteran Discount’.

SeaWorld Military and Veteran Discount

Does SeaWorld provide Military and Veteran Discount?

SeaWorld is an entertainment and theme park company across twelve regions in the United States, with seven theme parks and five water parks. As an honor and to show gratitude towards the military personnel, SeaWorld does provide military and veteran discounts.

More on SeaWorld: –

SeaWorld as a company has touched great height in their business such as they were ranked ninth in the year 2018 for the best theme park company across the globe. The company has numerous parks and entertainment ventures under various brand names. To name a few:

  • Adventure Island
  • Aquatica
  • Discovery Cove
  • SeaWorld
  • Sesame place
  • Water Country
  • World of Discovery

Each of these brands provides different recreational experiences to the customers.

Details about the military and veteran discounts at SeaWorld: –

  • The discounts for military and veteran falls under the policy of the waves of honor military salute program at SeaWorld.
  • The program allows the military person and his or her family a free admission into the park at SeaWorld. 
  • Only three closes related family members are allowed to benefit from this program at SeaWorld per year.
  • Talking about the veteran, they too can avail themselves of almost the same benefits with 50% off on a Single Day Ticket. 
  • Not just the military personnel and veterans qualify for the program but also retired military officers honorable separated officers of the military. Under the title ‘’
  • Verify yourself by providing the military ID on the website.
  • To benefit from these offers, you must sign yourself at the site 
  • Guest tickets are given to the spouses of the military officers, but they need to book themselves under the veteran’s account
  • At different places and different parks, the program varies accordingly.

Other services of SeaWorld: –

  • SeaWorld company though is an entertainment ad recreational company, but the company also makes active efforts to make sure to look after the environment. The company is doing its best to rescue animals, generate renewable energy, reduce waste and emissions, responsible seafood sources, among many others.
  • The company also hosts awards and educational workshops.

Conclusion: –

SeaWorld is a recreational and entertainment company that has many themes and water parks across various locations in the United States. As a token of honor towards the military officers, the company provides at least a fifty percent discount on the tickets of military and veteran officers. The discount is extended to the family members as well. The only condition is that, under this program or policy, only three to six closely related family members. The criteria vary slightly at different them and water parks.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

1. What is the parent company for SeaWorld?

The parent company is SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. of SeaWorld. Under this parent brand, many sub-brands are there which provide various entertainment experiences to the customers.

2. Does SeaWorld have its sanctuary park?

No, SeaWorld does not have any sanctuary.

3. How to book tickets under the military and veteran discounts at SeaWorld?

One can book the ticket for this policy or otherwise by visiting the website of SeaWorld.

4. Name of the programs that avail discount tickets at SeaWorld for military and veterans?

A wave of Honor is the name of the program that avails discounts tickets to the military and veteran personnel even if they are retired. The policy also extends to close family members.

5. What are the payment methods accepted at SeaWorld?

SeaWorld accepts all kinds of online payments through credit cards, debit cards, EZ pay, google and Apply pay, and a few others. 

SeaWorld Military and Veteran Discount

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