Stores Like Libby Lu

Club Libby Lu was an experiential retailer for young girls aged 4-12. The chain store was founded in August 2000 by Mary Drolet. It had employed 98 stores in 28 states in the United States before closing in 2009. The company used to do Makeovers that cost $ 25 to $ 60 depending on the package you choose and include ups, manicures, and makeup. However, Saks announced that it would close all 98 Club Libby Lu locations.Lets discuss about Stores Like Libby Lu.

Stores Like Libby Lu

The chain has struggled to make a profit for years, and the recession of 2008 has forced executives to close the chain permanently. But there are several stores like Libby Lu that fill the market gap for products for young girls aged4 to 12 years.

Stores Like Libby Lu

In addition to dressing up for the day, Club Libby Lu VIP (VIP stands for Very Important Princesses) is a variety of places by club advisors, including a ‘beverage bar’ where VIPs can make their lotions and perfumes, fairy dust, and lip gloss. In addition, there is a pouch parlor where guests can own their favorite stuffed animals.

Some stores that are similar to Libby Lu are:  

Claire`s, Justice, Charming Charlie, American girl, Children’s play, Delia`s, and PrettyLittleThings.


Claire’s is a global brand powerhouse for self-expression, creating exclusive and carefully selected fun fashion jewelry and accessories and providing world-leading body piercing services. The company runs two brand names that, are claire`s and icing. The company operates 2,300 Claire stores in 17 countries and 190 ICING stores in North America.

Claire`s was formerly known as Claire’s Boutiques, Claire’s Boutique, Claire’s Accessories. The company is an accessory, jewelry, and toy retailer primarily targeted at tweens and teenage girls. The company was formed in 1961 and is based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, on the outskirts of Chicago. The store caters to teenagers and tweens and has a children’s section.

They average about 1,000 square feet and are usually found in malls and malls, with the largest selection of Claire brands. The products are suitable for all age groups, from babies to teenagers. Customers will find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wallets, hair accessories, fashion accessories, plush toys, cosmetics, and licensed merchandise. Stores are designed in such a way that children of different age groups and fashion trends are attracted to the store.


Justice is an online clothing and lifestyle retailer ( targeting the justice market, formerly known as Limited Too, Inc. and Too, Inc. Justice sells clothing, lingerie, pajamas, swimwear, lifestyles, accessories, and personal care products for girls ages 6-14. Justice was once run in malls and malls. Tween Brands operated 900 Justice stores at the time of the acquisition by DressBarn. Many of which were converted by LimitedToo between 2008 and 2010.

Justice wore a girl from size 6 to size 20 and a plus size of size 10-24. Plus size dresses, tops, and jackets are available online and some styles are available in stores. Justice had more than 1,000 stores at its peak in March 2016. These stores were primarily in Canada and the United States, but some were in Mexico, Central America, South America, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. As of August 2021, Wal-Mart Canada began shipping Justice Lines at 326 across Canada.

Justice was formerly named Limited Too. Limited too was also developed by The Limited, Inc. For the young population. From 1987 to 1995, the number of stores increased from 2 and reached 288.

Charming Charlie

It is a contemporary fashion and accessories retailer based in Houston, Texas. The brand was launched in 2004 by founder and former CEO Charlie Chanarazopon, the brand is known for offering a wide range of women’s clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetology, gifts, and many more.

Charming Charlie was filed for bankruptcy in 2017 but tried to reorganize and continue the business. However, in July 2019, they again filed the company for a second bankruptcy. It announced plans to close all of the remaining 261 stores. In November 2019, Charming Charlie planned to renovate as an online retailer with a small retail store starting at a specific location.

American Girl

It is an American line of 46 cm dolls released by Pleasant Company on May 5, 1986. The dolls represent boys and girls aged 8-14 years of social class from different ethnicities, beliefs, and different eras of history, and are sold with books told from a girl’s point of view. Originally, the story focused on different eras of American history but expanded to include characters and stories from modern life.

In addition to the original American Girl dolls, buyers can also buy dolls that look their own. The brand also offers a variety of related clothing and accessories that are very attractive. In 2017, the brand also launched a service to order custom dolls with owner-determined features and clothing called Create Your Own.  

Pleasant Company was founded by Pleasant Rowland. The company won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award eight times and was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2021.  

The American Girl Store sells American Girl dolls and also introduced clothing and accessories that were very popular amongst the young girls. The first store, 35,000 sq ft American Girl Place, designed by Donovan / Green Nancy Green, debuted in 1998 in Chicago.  

Children’s Place

This store got opened in 1969. The Children’s Place has grown to become America’s largest children’s clothing company with over 1,100 stores on five continents. With a wide selection of trendy and essential styles and a full line of accessories and shoes for children from newborns to size 14, Children’s Place does shopping for children’s clothing fun, fast, and convenient.

Whether you are shopping in-store or online, it is easy to find and combine all the head-to-toe clothes that the child wants to wear at an affordable price.


Delia`s is a brand aimed at girls and young women. The brand emphasizes lifestyle apparel and accessories for young girls. Delia’s was an independent retailer and did direct marketing. The brand emphasized the young women clothing aged 10 to 24 in the United States labeled teenage girls.

Delia’s, a fashion brand for female college students, was launched by teens. His success was as bright and instant as a glowing fire crusher. Founded by former college roommates Stephen Khan and Christopher Edgar, who settled in West Village, New York City, Delia’s is an exception to the enthusiastic pace of mall retail and what other popular clothing brands of the time were. It was completely different.

713 and girls between the ages of 13 and 19. Delia’s was popular with college women because many of its products are affordable and suitable for college students. Delias sells apparel including pants, shorts, skirts, T-shirts, jackets, blazers, bikini tops and bottoms, accessories, shoes including sneakers and boots, cosmetics, and furniture. The brand was previously sold to young consumers through direct mail catalogs, websites, and, in the case of Delia, specialty retailers in malls.


PrettyLittleThings is a UK-based fast-fashion retailer for women aged 1642. The company is owned by the Boohoo Group and operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, the United States, France, the Middle East, and North Africa. The brand is headquartered in Manchester and has offices in London, Paris, and Los Angeles.

PrettyLittleThing has announced a collection with reality actress Lucy Mecklenberg. They collaborated with many American reality TV personalities who hosted the launch party in Los Angeles. the brand has all products that cover all your beauty needs. You can buy everything from fake tans that shine all year round to skincare essentials and essential makeup kits.  

They have a wide variety of products for every age. They are size inclusive wherein you will find every size.  

Conclusion for Stores Like Libby Lu

Libby Lu was an experiential retailer for young girls aged 4-12. The chain store was founded in August 2000 by Mary Drolet. She opened 98 stores in 28 states in the United States and was very popular among the young generation. Unfortunately, in 2008, the company closed all its 98 stores due to the recession. It was at a loss and was forced to close the company and stores in 2008 permanently. But, now, many such stores are filling the market gap for young girls.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why Did Libby Lu Shut?

Ans. Due to the recession in 2008, the company was unable to earn a profit. Hence the company had to shut all its 98 stores in the united states.

  • Which Is The Most Popular Store That Is Similar To Libby Lu?

Ans. Claire`s and justice are the most popular stores amongst the young generation that are very similar to Libby Lu.

  • Are Justice And Limited Too The Same Brand?

Ans. Yes, Justice got formerly named as limited too. Limited Too was developed by The Limited, Inc.

Stores Like Libby Lu

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