Does Lowe’s Mix Paint?

Known for its home improvement and décor products, Lowe’s is a leading hardware retailer. Customers can find a variety of paint and related products on the company’s website and in its stores to help them improve their homes. Lowe’s customers can wonder if they can mix paint and purchase paint at their stores.

Does Lowes mix paint?

In 2022, Does Lowe’s mix paint?

At most Lowe’s stores as of the year 2022, Lowe’s offers a free paint mixing service. Although Lowe’s provides a paint matching and mixing service, customers must have bought the paint from Lowe’s before receiving the service. Furthermore, Lowe’s also has the capability of mixing and tinting existing paint for lighter or darker shades for customers.

Listed below is more information on whether Lowe’s mixes paint, including what paint Lowe’s sells, the process of mixing paint at Lowe’s, and other things you may be interested in. 

Lowe’s Paint Mixing: How Does It Work?

At Lowe’s, you can make your paint according to your specifications so you can make sure you are purchasing the right colour. The spectrophotometer is used by Lowe’s when matching paint colours with customer specifications. At Lowe’s stores across the country, customers can browse their range of colour swatches to find the ideal colour for their project. Furthermore, Lowe’s offers a variety of paint tin sizes to ensure that you find what you need. Additionally, you may also choose to view the paint colours available on Lowe’s website and see if there is a paint colour that meets your needs before having the paint mixed in the store. 

Do Lowe’s match paint?

As well as mixing paint, Lowe’s has developed a light measuring system with which it can match existing paint colours evenly (and can produce mixed paint that is the same shade as existing paint as well). Lowe’s stylists will use their spectrophotometers to determine the exact shade of paint that is currently in use and match it to the closest shade that is currently available from one of the brands that are represented at Lowe’s. 

Can Lowe’s paint be lightened?

At Lowe’s, mixed paint can be lightened or darkened. At Lowe’s, mixed paint can be lightened or darkened by 10%, 15%, 25%, or 50%, depending on how dark or light you want it. In Lowe’s paint stores Lowe’s Paint Associates can adjust the colour of your mixed paint for you by tinting it to something lighter or darker depending on your preference. 

Can Lowe’s shake paint for you?

In Lowe’s stores, paint purchased there can be shaken by their staff. Other types of paint can be shaken at Lowe’s at the discretion of their employees, although some online shoppers have stated that Lowe’s may be able to shake certain types of paint. 

Does Lowe’s paint mix with Home Depot’s?

It appears as though Lowe’s is capable of matching colours in Home Depot paint, however, it is unlikely that they will be able to do the same with paint purchased from Home Depot. Regardless of whether the Lowe’s store is owned or not, they can only mix paint that has been bought from them directly or that has been ordered from them before they can mix it. Simply provide a sample of paint from the Home Depot store to Lowe’s to ensure that the paint matches. 

What colours of paint do Lowe’s sell?

Depending on where you go in their stores, you’ll find a variety of colours for paint including neutral colours like white, grey, and tan as well as more vibrant colours like red, blue, and green which are very popular. There are several colour collections that Lowe’s offers on its website, and those can be viewed and ordered online as well, or viewed before stopping by the local store to make your purchase.

What types of paints do Lowe’s sell?  

Among the products, Lowe’s sells are a variety of paints designed for a wide variety of uses. There are several paints that Lowe’s offers, including paints for walls, ceilings, doors, trims, furniture, and much more. Besides the paints that are available to crafters and those who are doing small projects at Lowe’s, there are also primers, spray paints, and stains.

What kind of paint finishes does Lowe’s offer?

A variety of Lowe’s paint finishes are available for you to choose from. Unlike other paint stores, Lowe’s offers a variety of paint finishes such as flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. By asking one of Lowe’s Paint Associates for advice on paint finishes, you will make sure that you get the most appropriate paint finish for the project you are planning. 

Does Lowe’s Paint allow you to return it?

We are proud to announce that Lowe’s Paint Colour Guarantee offers a 30-day return policy for all interior and exterior paint, stains, and resurfacers in the original container.

A Lowe’s paint return must be done within 30 days after the date of the purchase. In addition, the original receipt must be presented to Lowe’s paint return department.


In Lowe’s stores, paint can be mixed to match the customer’s chosen colour to make their project as personal as possible. The company also offers the ability to match paint colours to a customer’s swatches or paint chips as well as create custom paint colours. Lowe’s can only mix paint that has been purchased from their stores and cannot mix paint purchased from other retailers. Lowe’s Paint Associates can help you find the ideal paint in-store by providing more information and other assistance.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Does Lowe’s offer paint matching services?

Lowe’s can indeed match paint colours since they have spectrophotometers in their paint department in each of their stores. In the same way, other large big-box retailers have also been in the news for the same reasons such as Home Depot and Walmart.

Does Lowe’s Mix Paint?

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