Grazie Rewards Points – How To Earn It?

When you play any slot machine and video poker machine in the casino, you will receive Grazie Rewards Points. You can exchange these points for Slot Credits or Resort Comps, and these Grazie Rewards Points can be used at any of the resort’s sharing partners.

Grazie Rewards Points

Grazie Rewards has

  • More tiers
  • More benefits
  • More ways to earn as a casino rewards member.

You can save up to 5% on all-suite rates when you use Grazie Rewards. The other fun part of having Grazie Rewards is that you can skip bargain hunting and concentrate on the fun stuff. 

Grazie Rewards Points can be earned by Slots: For every $1 of theoretical win, you get 4 Grazie Rewards.

Grazie Rewards Card

You can start earning points after applying for the Grazie Rewards card. If you plan on applying for one, don’t let anything stop you, as applying for the Grazie Rewards card is fast, easy, and free.

There are two ways of applying for the Grazie Rewards card:

  1. Online
  2. Offline

Online: Visit

Offline: In Las Vegas, you need to stop by the Grazie Rewards booth at The Venetian or The Palazzo and Show any of your valid ID cards to pick up your Grazie Rewards card.

How to earn Grazie Rewards Points?

Each time you play with your Grazie Rewards card at The Venetian Resort or The Palazzo Resort, it will let you earn points by playing any game such as

  • Slots
  • Table games
  •  Race betting etc. 

Another way to earn points is also by the cost of the suite, entertainment purchases, hospitality outlets, spa services, food and beverage outlets, bars, nightclubs, and retail shops. Besides this, there are lots of opportunities ways to earn points and enjoy rewards at every turn.

What benefits do I have for Grazie Rewards members?

As a Grazie Rewards member, you’ll have extra options for making your stay more enjoyable. Spending money at hotels and resorts, playing table games, and playing slots can all earn you points and move you up the tier ladder. Grazie Rewards members receive the best suite pricing, unique resort access, and rewards based on casino activity, among other benefits.

  • All the Grazie Rewards members have great benefits and rewards. 
  • You’ll exclusively discount prices and make you feel more valuable than others.

Note: You must link your Registration with a Grazie Rewards account in order to receive these points.

Where can you use Grazie Rewards Card?

You can use the Grazie Rewards card in

  1. Slot & video poker games
  2. Tables games
  3. Poker room
  4. Participation partners
  5. Check-in

Note: Grazie Rewards points will expire after 12 months of you stop continue earning a Grazie Rewards points. 

Grazie Rewards Card & Benefits

Grazie Member
  • Tier Points: 0-999
  • Entry Level
  • Grazie Points Redemption: 1pt = $0.01
  • Provides a wide range of benefits and promotions across the properties
  • Qualified to Earn Grazie Gifts Points
  • Grand Canal Shoppes, Digital Shopping Passport
  • Exclusive Ticket pre-sales
  • Gondola Ride Discount: 10%
  • The Venetian Floral Discount + Online Orders: 20% discount
  • Canyon Ranch spa + fitness Savings on Services: 10% discount
Grazie Premier: 
  • Tier Points: 1000-9999
  • Grazie Points Redemption: 1pt = $0.015 
  • Got all benefits from Grazie Member
  • Priority Slot Service
  • Personalized Gaming Offers
  • The Venetian Resort Retail Outlets Discount: 10%
Grazie Elite:
  • Tier Points:. 10000-39999
  • Grazie Points Redemption: 1pt = $0.02
  • Got all benefits from Grazie Premier 
  • Dedicated Reservation Line
  • Priority Line at Select Venues
  • Complimentary View Upgrade
  • Invited Guest Check-in
  • Gondola Ride Discount: 20%
  • The Venetian Resort Retail Outlets Discount: 20%
Paiza Gold:
  • Tier Points: 40000+
  • Grazie Points Redemption: 1pt = $0.025
  • Got all the benefits from Grazie Elite
  • Reserve poolside sitting
  • Complimentary Next Suite Upgrade
  • Canyon Ranch spa + fitness Savings on Services: 25% discount

The higher the level of the card, the faster the points are earned!

Earn points and climb the tier ladder by spending money at hotels and resorts, playing table games and slots, purchasing show tickets, dining, spa services, nightclub beverages, suite prices, and shopping. 

When playing slots and table games at The Venetian or The Palazzo hotels in Las Vegas, all you need is one Grazie Prizes card to qualify for advantages and rewards.

Spending at the resort, playing slots, and playing table games all help you earn points toward on-property prizes and your next Tier Level. Every reward gives you the experience you deserve, from comps and Free Play to luxury suite upgrades. What’s more, there’s a bonus. You’ll always get the greatest suite discounts and unique resort access if you join our hotel loyalty club.

Grazie Gifts Points

When you play any slot machine or table game in the casino, you will receive Grazie Gifts Points, and these points can be redeemed for compelling gift/presents from one of your favorite luxury resorts or hotel at the renowned Grazie Gifts event.

How to earn Grazie Gifts Points?

  • Slots: Earn 4 Grazie Gifts Points for every $1 of Theoretical win
  • Tables: Earn 2 Grazie Gifts Points for every $1 of Theoretical win


One of the best things about the Grazie Reward Card is you don’t need to stay at the Venetian or Palazzo Resort. It allows anyone to sign up for Grazie Rewards online because it is free to sign up. Furthermore, it gives you discounts on things like the gondola ride, etc. 

The point is, you can visit the Venetian or Palazzo Resort just to hang out and play around with all the games and enjoy as much as you can with Grazie Reward Card. 

In addition to this, the more you use your GRAZIE REWARDS CARD at the Venetian or Palazzo Resort, the more Grazie Gift points will be added to your Grazie Reward Card. And in return, the more points you have, the more upgrades of your Grazie Reward Card. So, in no time, one can reach the level of Grazie Elite or Paiza Gold. 


  1. Is there an expiration date for Grazie Rewards Points?

So long as you’ve rated slot play in the last 12 months, your Grazie Rewards Points are still valid.

  1. Do Grazie Gifts Points have an expiration date?

Unused Grazie Gifts Points will expire after the annual Grazie Gifts event in November, so don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime purchasing opportunity.

  1. If I have a problem, how can I contact the Grazie team?

Their helpful Resort Services team will be delighted to assist you with everything you want. Please contact them at 866-276-5655 to talk with one of their representatives.

  1. How do I check my Grazie Rewards points balance?

You can check your points in three ways:

  • Online at
  • Grazie Rewards Desk
  • Any Slot or Video Poker Machine with the iView Screen
  1. Can I transfer my Grazie Rewards Points to someone?

No, you cannot transfer your Grazie Rewards points to anyone as they are Non-transferable.

  1. If I use all of my Grazie Rewards Points, will my Tier Level change?

No, your Tier Level will only change if you do not obtain the required Tier Points (Grazie Premier = 1,000 Tier Points, Grazie Elite = 10,000 Tier Points, Paiza Gold = 40,000 Tier Points) by March 1st of each year.

Grazie Rewards Points – How To Earn It?

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