What does “Offer phase ext” mean for USPS?

In this ever-shaking economy that you live in, having a stable source of income is extremely crucial, and you know that the pandemic has only amplified the unemployment rates, especially in the private sector. A government job like USPS- the United States Postal Services- among others might be tough to bag but provides immense financial security. Here’s a comprehensive guide answering What and How questions on USPS. It is a self-standing, executive institution of the government of the United States, which overlooks and sustains the postal system across the country. Let’s know What does “Offer phase ext” mean for USPS?

What does “Offer phase ext” mean for USPS?

What exactly does “Offer phase ext” mean?

After you’ve passed all the requirements and taken the written exam, you might have to wait a long time before you get a reply. If you have passed, you will get an “Offer phase ext” which essentially means that you’ve passed the exam and will soon be called for an in-person interview. Some sources claim to have had their name on the roster for over a year before they called in, so patience is the key here. 

NOTE: It is important to score well, but scores are not the factor that’s at play here. Other factors like experience and real-life skills play a major role too.

What does USPS do?

USPS is the dominating mail service in the United States; it boasts 34,000+ retail branches nationwide. You can avail online shipping services, mail your tax returns, and it even has a salient feature for small businesses to support a wider shipping coverage. It sells a wide range of stamps and allows you to pre-book shipping services or decide on pick-ups and drops, although recently International shipping has seen a downfall because of Covid-19. On the other hand, it is a marvel how it has stood the test of time, as the world is rapidly going online, leading to deteriorating postal health globally.

It has divided its consumer community into essentially two groups:

Business customers:

USPS enjoys the privilege to license manufacturers with personal logos, organize auctions for unclaimed deliveries, and much more. Its motto for the same is “Working with businesses. Sharing success.”

Residential customers:

USPS has made it to the top by offering reliable and convenient services as it allows you to schedule your emails, track them, and has a simple interface website to learn about their latest developments easily.

How do you become an employee at USPS?

The prerequisites to becoming a proud USPS member are as follows:

  • You have to be at least 18 to apply for a job, although they are not completely averse to 16-year-olds with a high school diploma.
  • You have to have American citizenship.
  • Have a legitimate employment history and appropriate details of the same.

After you’ve checked the requirements boxes, you have to pass various screening tests like:

They run a background check on you, similar to any other institution in the world. They’ll drug screen you to check if you have been consuming any.

Exams. Depending on what post you are applying for, you’ll have to sit for a written test before you are selected.

Your fitness is also of importance here as working in the mail industry requires a lot of physical work.\

Head over to the link below for further details on the same:


What is on the USPS exam?

The question paper is divided into three sections: Work Scenarios, Tell Us Your Story and Describe Your Approach. All questions are subjective, and it all depends on how apt and eloquent your answers are. The minimum passing score is 70 out of 100.

Some tips would be to apply only once you are thorough with your preparation, not skip over the details, and take help from former USPS exam-takers or present employees. A study guide would be enough too.


You now have a complete understanding of what USPS is, its recruitment process, and what the phrase “Offer phase ext” means, which was this article’s primary concern. If you are an aspirant, you now have all the right tools and tips to win the employers at USPS over!


  1. How long does it generally take to complete the hiring process?

Since USPS employs over 63,000 people easily at any given moment, your hiring process- from interview invite to orientation- might range from 3 days to 3 years. It all depends on how excellent your performance was, or even retirements and resignations.

  1. How does USPS conduct background checks?

The USPS background check is extremely detailed and you absolutely cannot get away with lying or trying to push old matters under the rug. Whatever it is that you’re trying to hide will be discovered, and that will not only cancel your name out but also make it harder for you to get jobs in other areas. 

What does “Offer phase ext” mean for USPS?

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