Amazon Commercial Account- Know More

Amazon- It is an American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. Commercial Account- It is any type of bank account that is used by corporations and businesses. Let’s know about Amazon Commercial Account.

Amazon Commercial Account


If one is having a problem with the current vendors in the market or with other e-commerce platforms, then Amazon Business\Commercial comes into the picture.

Amazon Busiiness\Commercial helps in saving money while getting the supplies quickly and efficiently. It is easy to access hundreds of millions of products, everything from IT lab equipment to education and other services as well as business-only selection and pricing and to know more about its functionality and use, one needs to dive into its discussion.

How to open a Business\Commerciall account on Amazon?

To avail of all the benefits provided by a commercial Account of Amazon, one needs to have a Commercial Account beforehand and if there is no Commercial account, then by following the steps, one can open a personalized Commercial Account on Amazon.

STEP 1- Open the Amazon Business Membership page 

STEP 2- Click the button ‘Create a Business Account’

STEP 3- Type in one work email

STEP 4- Enter the full name and choose the Business password

STEP 5- Verify the email address

NOTE: It takes at least three days to verify an email address.

STEP 6- Enter one information such as business name, etc

STEP 7- Register oneself on Amazon

STEP 8- If one organization already has an Amazon Business, then one will receive an option to request to join the business account

STEP 9- Add people to the Business Account

STEP 10- An Amazon Commercial Account will start operating.

Benefits of an Amazon Commercial Account

  1. Can manage all the users on one Amazon Business Account
  2. Can opt into Amazon Corporate Credit
  3. Can integrate purchasing systems with customers
  4. Can make a company credit card accessible to certain account users
  5. Can create a free business account for every type of organization

About Amazon Commercial List

A normal account of Amazon provides customize products and it helps in making the most favorable products into one cart, the same functions as Amazon Commercial List, as Amazon Commercial Lists allow one to bookmark the preferred products, frequently visited products or it keeps giving highlight products, which one would like to purchase for the organization.

Types of Business\Commercial List

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Amazon is known for its customer-sustainability preferences and saves a lot of time. With the special option of having a Commercial Account, Amazon provides different types of Business\Commercial Lists which makes a user-friendly approach that helps the users of Amazon to buy products by simpling writing the keywords like Amazon product number(ASIN) or the URL(weblink) in the product page of the Amazon Business Lists and the lists are as follows:

  1. About Lists
  2. Create Lists
  3. Share one’s lists
  4. Manage one list of content
  5. Purchase items in one’s lists.

Commercial Pricing and Quantity Discounts 

Commercial Pricing- It is available for only registered customers.

Quantity Discounts- While surfing Amazon, many a time, a customer gets attracted to particular merchandise or product and wanted to buy a bulk of those products. Amazon understands the urge and needs of its customers, and here only it makes its business account valuable by providing quantity discounts on the products,

Quantity discounts are volume-tiered pricing discounts available on eligible items on Amazon Business. 

How to request a quantity discount on one Amazon Commercial Account?

If one wants to purchase large quantities of products from selected sellers, one can place bulk orders to avail of pricing discounts and the discount can be availed by following a few simple steps.

STEP 1- Open one Business Amazon Account

STEP 2- Select ‘Buying in bulk’ on the product page

STEP 3- Request for a quantity discount, a pop-up message

STEP 4- Then, select Continue

STEP 5- Specify the date by which the seller can send a response

STEP 6- Select ‘request a discount’

STEP 7- The request for the discount will be viewed by the seller in the working days.


Like so much of other e-commerce platforms, Amazon Business stands apart from all those e-commerce platforms as it gives its customers an approved workplace, tax exemptions, and multi-user business accounts with dedicated customer support, making the whole process of business sustainable and user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- Does Amazon provides Amazon Business Credit Card?

Answer- Yes

Question 2- Is the Amazon Business Credit card linked with another company?

Answer- Yes, Amazon Business launches its Credit Card with American Express

Question 3- Is there Amazon Business Prime also?

Answer- Yes

Question 4- Is it worth having Amazon Bussiness?

Answer- Yes.

Amazon Commercial Account- Know More

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