Havertys Mattress Return Policy – Know More

The mattress is one of the most important furniture pieces in a house. When you come home from a busy day and lie down on a comfortable mattress, half of your stress vanishes. That is the power of a strong and sturdy spring. Havertys is a trusted furniture company that produces mattresses, tales, cabinets, rugs, home decor accessories. And its most selling item without a doubt is the mattresses. What if you bring home one of its mattresses but soon realize they are not suitable for you. What do you do? This article will educate you about the Havertys mattress return policy in detail. So, start reading!

Havertys Mattress Return Policy

What different brands does Havertys have?

Did you know that Havertys offers mattresses of different brands on its website? It provides bedsprings from seven distinct companies. These include:-

  1. TEMPUR – PEDIC – It is a manufacturing company of mattresses and pillows made of viscoelastic foam. Its springs are very comfortable and soft and are best suited for side and back sleepers. 

2. Sealy – This mattress company uses science and technology to provide cool and comfortable mattresses. Its Posturepedic mattress collection has absorbing coils that will give you a relaxed and deep sleep.

3. Stearns & Foster – This is yet another mattress brand that gives HD memory foam to make you feel comfortable and at home. These mattresses are developed with the best of technology to minimize partner disturbance.

4. Serta Comfort – It is the best company for hybrid mattresses in the sleep industry. The durability lasts from seven to ten years. The springs are cozy and made for people with back problems. 

5. Beautyrest Black – These mattresses are the top-rated interns of springs for stomach sleepers, people with back and neck pains. They offer varieties in the firmness of the boxsprings and keep the needs of people as their priority.

6. Scott living – This is a company which offers restonic mattresses. It includes five layers of spring, with memory foam and zoned support to make the sleeper feel at ease. The specialty of this brand is the extra breathable mattresses.

7. Skye – Using Arctic Gel technology, this brand makes mattresses for hot sleepers. They provide relief to the sleeper and use hypoallergenic material through traditional methods. 

Are Havertys’ mattresses comfortable?

Yes, they are extremely. Havertys’ mattresses are the definition of comfort. And the most appealing feature of this company is that it provides you with a variety of different brands under one roof. They even contain protection plans to help and guide you to maintain and keep your mattresses protected from wear and tear over time. Keeping in view the types of sleepers, Havertys has hybrid, innerspring, foam, pillowtop, gel, and memory foam box springs. And each suits every kind of sleeper. It even provides a warranty to save its customers from untimely damage caused to the springs. 

What is the Havertys mattress return policy?

Havertys’ mattress return policy is complicated yet simple. Since Havertys procures, displays, and sells mattresses from other brands, the return policy varies. According to the brand of the mattress you purchase, the return policy will vary. To make it easier for you, the return policies are as follows:-

  1. TEMPUR-PEDIC, Stearns & Foster, and Seal hybrid – If you purchase one of these brands’ mattresses, you will get a 90-night comfort guarantee. Under this guarantee, your mattress will be eligible for return or exchange after 30 nights and prior to 90 nights from the delivery. If you want to exchange, you will get a chance to buy from the same or any other brand under Havertys. 
  1. Beautyrest Black, Scott living, Serta – If you purchase one of these brands’ mattresses, you will get a 120-night comfort guarantee. Like the other return policy, you will be eligible to return or exchange your mattress after 30 nights and ahead of 120 nights from delivery. You will be eligible for an exchange, if you wish to, from any of the brands that Havertys covers. 

To return it you need to contact them on 1-888-428-3788 and the customer service will guide you through the process. 

What is not covered in the Havertys mattress return policy?

Like all return policies, says there are some limitations to the Havertys mattress return policy as well. 

They are as follows:-

  • Only one exchange per customer is allowed.
  • If changing brands, the flat box spring must also get changed.
  • Pillows and sheets are not applicable for exchange or return.
  • Mattresses cannot get returned before 30 days of using them.
  • Bed foundations and adjustable bases or not qualified for return.
  • If the mattress is damaged, abused, soiled, or hampered, it will not be eligible for return.

If you are planning to return your Havertys mattress, you must keep these points in mind. 


The Havertys mattress return policy is like the return policy of other mattress brands. But what makes Havertys different is that it provides variety to you while selecting and re-selecting your bed springs. Its seven different mattress choices segregate the return policy into two parts, 90 nights guarantee and 120 nights guarantee. However, you need to keep the limitations and period in mind to return your mattress successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the size of the mattresses at Havertys?

Havertys has a variety of sizes of mattresses so that it can accommodate many people. It sells mattresses of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

  1. What is the return policy of other Havertys products?

Havertys has a three-day return policy for its other products. If you are not satisfied with the product, Havertys gives you a chance to return your purchase within three days of delivery. 

  1. Can I get an appointment on Havertys?

Yes, you can. If you wish to see the mattress or any product before you buy, you can schedule an in-store appointment on the official Havertys website.

Havertys Mattress Return Policy – Know More

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