Home Depot Contractor Discount

Contractors may find it advantageous to negotiate lower prices on building supplies, tools, and machinery to minimize costs and maintain their business. You may be wondering if Home Depot has a contractor discount, as it is that store in the U.S. where most tools and supplies are purchased.

Home Depot Contractor Discount

About home depot:

As the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, Home Depot, Inc. is commonly known as Home Depot. The company carries a wide variety of home improvement products, including tools, construction products, appliances, and services. Incorporated in Cobb County, Georgia, with an Atlanta mailing address, the company has its headquarters there.

Is there a contractor discount at Home Depot in 2022?

Sadly, Home Depot will not exclusively offer any contractor discount in 2022. Those who belong to Home Depot Pro or Pro Xtra receive special offers and rewards that are only available to members. They also receive discounts on high-volume purchases. Lowe’s and Dunn Hardware also offer special discounts to contractors.

Discover what hardware retail stores offer contractor discounts, how you can save money while buying supplies from Home Depot, and much more by keeping reading!

As a contractor, what are some ways you can save money at Home Depot?

Contractors can become members of Home Depot Pro or Pro Xtra, though Home Depot does not directly offer discounts to them.

The Pro Xtra program might be more attractive to you as a full-time contractor. It includes member-only benefits like: 

  • Exclusively available deals
  • Get a 20% discount on paint, primer, and stains, and get free tinting and color matching with the paint rewards program
  •  Each purchase also includes tool rental benefits
  • as well as purchase tracking to help you with tax preparation.
  • Volume pricing is designed to make large purchases less expensive.

You may prefer the Home Depot Pro membership package if you prefer to shop online.

These tools include digital features to help you shop effectively, including adding payment options, managing payment methods, adding items quickly, creating quotes, adding job names to orders, and creating lists. 

Home Depot offers what alternative discounts?

The Home Depot offer

s a 10% discount to active military personnel (but not to online customers). Military cards must be presented in-store to receive the discount. The Home Depot offers a discount on certain items when you buy them in bulk as well. Insulation, conduits, concrete, drywall, piping, fencing, paint supplies, and many other products fall under this category. To qualify for this offer, orders of $1,500 or more need to be placed. 

Do contractors have other options for saving at Home Depot?

Without signing up for Pro/Pro Xtra at Home Depot, there are several ways to make a saving. Some of them are: 

Coupons can be used 

Using Home Depot coupons can save you money on a wide variety of products. Coupons like these typically result in 20%-30% price reductions or multibuy deals.

Home Depot offers vouchers online, in stores, and through coupon websites. Manufacturer coupons are also accepted at Home Depot. 

Savings Center: Buy Now

In the savings center at Home Depot, you can find return merchandise, slightly damaged products, and clearance items.

Customers can save up to 60% by purchasing products from this collection, including taps, furniture, lighting, and electric devices.

Be a member of The Garden Club

The Home Depot Garden Club might be of interest to you if you’re a landscaper. After you sign up, you’ll save $5 off your first purchase. 

By becoming a member, you’ll be able to receive exclusive coupons to use on outdoor equipment and plants. 

Renting equipment is a great idea 

With Home Depot’s rental service, you don’t have to pay full price for tools you’ll only need for a short time.

In addition to lawnmowers, leaf blowers, pressure washers, chainsaws, pipe tools, and vacuum cleaners available to hire, this service also provides a variety of other equipment for rent.

It should be noted that the rental prices can vary from state to state and may be determined by the length of your lease. 

Apply for The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card 

Those who sign up for the Home Depot Credit Card will get 25 percent off orders up to $299, 50 percent off orders $300-$999, and 100 percent off orders $1000 or more. You can sign up and pay your balance online at HomeDepot.com. 

Price matching at Home Depot? 

A Home Depot price match policy ensures that if a similar product is offered at a lower price at Costco, Walmart, or another competitor, Home Depot will match that price. Online shoppers should make sure that the price match items on the competitor’s site are in stock and that they can be shipped to their addresses. Customers ought to know that Home Depot will only honor their requests if they make them themselves. If a price match is to be conducted in-store, customers must present an advertisement, a printout, or a picture of the competitor’s item to confirm the price.  


In the presented article we looked at the Home depot contractor services and the discounts they avail. Sadly, Home Depot will not exclusively offer contractor discounts. For members of Home Depot Pro or Pro Xtra, however, deals and rewards are only available to them as well as discounts on high-volume purchases. Contractors can also get exclusive discounts at Lowe’s and Dunn Hardware. We also looked upon the membership services that home depot offers to its premium consumers.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Contractors receive what kind of discount?

Dealers typically give five to ten percent discounts to the lowest-ranking contractor accounts that do $25,000 in business or more. Customers in the “A-rank” segment do more than $100,000 in sales and make 10%-15%. To qualify for tiered pricing, prompt payment is required.

Home Depot Contractor Discount

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