Is King Ice Jewelry Real?

Is King Ice Jewelry Real?

King ice is a popular jewelry brand founded in 2015 in Los Angeles and has worked with several hip-hop royalties like Snoop Dog, Odd Future, Wu-Tang Clan, and many more. The co-founder of this Los Angeles- based company is Derek Belay, who is familiar with both jewelry and hip-hop. King ice offers high-quality hip-hop jewelry following the urban culture and is popular among hip-hop and rap stars. Whether you are looking for pendants, bracelets, watches, or rings, king ice has got you covered. This brand has different styles in store for you, be it street style or funky, they are never going to leave you disappointed. Derek Belay also stated in one of his interviews with XXL that King ice definitely wants to continue its contribution in creating original designs and grow the brand further. They want their products to be in stores like DTLR on the East Coach. So, if you guys are looking for the world’s best jewelry collection then this is the place for you to shop and immerse yourself in the world of jewelry. 

Is king ice jewelry real? 

Absolutely! King ice has a wide range of collections that are gold and silver plated, while some of them are stainless steel and others are pure gold and diamond. Well, it doesn’t matter whether king ice is real or fake as long as people are buying and as long as it looks good on them, right? There are millionaires who buy from king ice without even questioning whether it is real or fake.

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King ice is one of the leading streetwear jewelry brands in the world. They offer a great price and their products start from 143.951 dollars! huge right? They have a collection of 14K gold king ice earrings, ethically produced jewelry including the diamond sapphire rings, black diamond rings and men’s rings, Pharoah and Jesus pieces in the upcoming launches they are even planning to have Cuban flooded with the skulls in it, skateboard pieces, and we also have a Thor’s Hammer. 

King ice has a diamond jewelry collection that features 14k Gold Notorious B.I.G GOAT necklace, 14k Gold Chief Keef Glo Cup Necklace, 14k Gold Wu-Tang logo necklace, 14k Gold Odd Future Donut, 14k Gold Champion USA logo necklace, 2 14k White Gold Jesus Pieces, and the Death Row pendant worn by Tupac and Suge Knight. The luxurious gold and white gold collection is premium and is only found on the King ice website.king ice jewelry is real and does exist! 

Apart from jewelry they even have a collection of apparel. Isn’t that cool?  What is baffling about king ice is that it takes a month for the craftsmen to design one high-quality, unique and affordable piece, which means that their jewelry is a work of intricacy. King ice products have appeared in many films as well. On Karma loop, Kings ice is one of the top-25-selling brands competing with apparel. In jewelry, they are in the top 3. 

Is King Ice a unique jewelry brand?

Well, this Los Angeles- based company is very creative, they have unique and one-of-a-kind designs in store for celebrities which means that they engage in trying out different things. King ice in the past years, has held skateboard and rap contests and sponsored a number of skaters and rappers. There aren’t any major brands like king ice that sell these types of products. They have had collaborations with top artists like Wiz Khalifa, Mike Tyson, Tyler, Game, Pusha T, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and more. And you know what’s the best part? They have also worked with different stylists because they supply jewelry to them for their music videos, one of them is Katy Perry’s music video “Dark House”. 

Also, this jewelry brand king ice is lending its streetwear jewelry to Sony for the first-ever series of PlayStation jewelry, it brings its vibrant, bold and meticulous designs for the gaming system. This brings both cultures together, combining fashion with PlayStation emblems. Pro gamers can now wear their prowess with pride and fly high. What’s in the box is a gold PlayStation controller pendant, designed to include all elements including buttons, touchpad, and 3D thumb sticks. Wait there’s more to it, a pendant featuring a gaming system’s PS logo and ID bracelet.  


Hip-Hop culture is a never-ending culture it was and will always continue to grow. King ice’s contribution to the world is something that needs to be appreciated. After knowing all the facts about king ice, about their products and services  it can be stated that king ice is one of the most authentic and leading brands to rely on. Not only does it work on jewelry but also on accessories, apparel, and gaming. King ice works on the styles and needs of people that they demand. 

Is King Ice Jewelry Real?

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