Where Does Knuckle Meat Come From? – know more

Where Does Knuckle Meat Come From? - know more

You are all aware of the term meat. Meat is the raw or uncooked flesh of an animal that is consumed as food. Meat is obtained from animals such as cows, chickens, sea animals like fishes, crabs, lobsters and shrimps, sheep and pigs, and the meat obtained from these animals are called beef, chicken, fish, crab meat, lobster meat, shrimp meat, lamb and pork respectively. The meat from each animal has different types of cuts and each specific cut is named differently. Some of them include ribs, chuck, loin, sirloin, round, brisket, shank, knuckle, and many more. The article  will help you know more types of knuckle meat, where it comes from and its health benefits so stick till the end. 

 Types of Knuckle meat and where does it come from? 

There are people in the US, UK, and Germany that consume knuckle meats of various animals including turkey knuckle, pork knuckle, lobster knuckle, beef knuckle, and lamb knuckle. 

Let’s discuss them one by one. 

  1. Lobster Knuckle: Lobster knuckle is that part of the lobster that is attached to the claw. Generally, lobster meat is taken from its tails and claws and people enjoy consuming these parts of a lobster. But hey! don’t forget the knuckle meat that is present within the shell between the claw and the body of the lobster. It has the maximum amount of meat present as compared with other parts and is the tastiest of them all.  
  1. Pork Knuckle: Pork knuckle is that part on the pig’s front shank and this part is considered to have more meat. In some places, pig shank is not considered as pork knuckle but in some areas it is considered. It is a stubby portion of meat that is covered with thick skin and fat. Pork knuckle is also termed as pork hock. It is eaten in roasted and braised form and also cooked in gravies.  
  1.  Turkey Knuckle: Turkey knuckle is that part of the thigh and hip, it is basically thigh meat that has a bit of knee joint bone. It is used in stew or eaten in braised form.  
  1. Beef Knuckle: Beef knuckle is a subprimal beef cut. In simple words, a beef knuckle is present above the knee joint at the front of the hind leg. It is known to be very lean meat and is called by different names in different countries like ‘center’ in UK and Ireland, ‘tip center’ in the USA Other names include the round, round tip, thick flank, beef ball tip roast, and French roll toast. Beef knuckle is made by 4 muscles: Rectus femoris, Vastus Intermedius, Vastus Lateralis, and Vastus Medialis. 
  1. Lamb Knuckle: Lamb Knuckle is also called ‘lamb shank’ which is a tough cut from a lamb leg. The front shank is the cut from the front of the legs whereas the hind shank is taken from the back of the legs and is one of the meatiest portions. Lamb’s knuckles are generally braised and stewed. 

Health Benefits:

  • Lobster knuckles are packed with nutrients and have several health benefits. It is free from polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated fats. It helps lower blood pressure, helps to fight cancer, prevents arthritis, promotes a good mood, alleviates depression, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, helps in weight loss, and prevents anemia. 
  • Pork knuckles are considered one of the collagen-rich foods. Collagen is a fibrous and insoluble protein and is commonly found in skin, bones, and connective tissue. Collagen helps to prevent aging and thus pork knuckles are considered anti-aging foods. 
  • Turkey knuckles are rich in protein. Many people especially in the U.S prefer consuming turkey over red meat as it is packed with nutrients and is a much healthier option. Since turkey has a low glycemic index food the blood sugar levels of our body do not escalate. It also helps in preventing cancer risk 
  • Beef knuckles are lean meats and there are a number of health benefits of lean meat. Lean beef is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are also found in fish and is rich in vitamin B12. Consumption of beef knuckles helps in the regulation of red blood cells. 
  • Lamb Knuckles are a rich source of minerals and vitamins, particularly B Vitamins. B12 vitamin is the most common. Lamb’s knuckles are great for immune health, energy creation, DNA formation, and mental health. 

The knuckle meat is beneficial when it is eaten in any form, usually, it is eaten in the form of broth which is really good in enhancing immune health and is good for the bones and muscles but not many people know it


So, by reading this article you are now know what knuckle meat is. You have learned about the types of knuckle meats and from which animals they come. Moreover, you also read about the health benefits of consuming knuckle meat.

Where Does Knuckle Meat Come From? – know more

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