Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Plans- Know More

The Franklin T9 Mobile hotspot is a portable hotspot device that runs on 4G LTE (Long-Term-Evolution). It is mobile broadband that supports high-speed internet and can connect up to 15 devices thru VPN. The device supports 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE. This hotspot device is developed by T Mobile in 2021. It has LTE speed and multi-band support. It is compact and lightweight so that it can be carried while traveling. Let’s know about Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Plans.

Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Plans

The Wireless Communication Standard 802.11b is used for Wifi connectivity. It uses Linux OS and the processor used is Qualcomm. There are certain steps to be followed for setting up the device. There will be an admin password along with the device to use the device for the first time. Then the SSID name and password can be changed accordingly. The device battery is to be cared for properly.

Franklin T9 Mobile hotspot plans 

Franklin T9 Hotspot device has unlimited hotspot plans with 500MB of high-speed data and speed will be reduced after 50GB usage per month.

Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Features


The buttons on the device are meant for the following functions.

Turn On Press and Hold for 3second.

Turn off Press and hold the button until the ‘Goodbye’ message appears on the screen 

Display Wake-up:-Wakes up the display from sleep mode

Info Display When the display is on, press the button to get the device menu and other information

The hardware specifications

Brand      From T mobile, USA

Wi-Fi Connection Management   Extended High-Speed LTE 

Wireless Networks Available  3G, 4G, and 4G LTE

Operating System Used   Linux 3.18

Wi-Fi Connectivity Standards      Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac;        Broadband connectivity               UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+, LTE

Display Type                               OLED Mono Display (128×36)     

Display size 0.9”   

 Processor                                    Qualcomm MDM9207-0 

Sim Card Type                             Nano sim card

Control Method                            Touch

Frequency                                    LTE: 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26, 41, and 66

Ram                                             256 GB

Port                                              1 Micro USB

Package Dimensions                  8.03 x 6.69 x 1.65”” (20.4 x 17 x 4.2 cm)

Total Weight                           10.8 ounces (306.18 grams)

ASIN                                         B099NX6SR8

Item model number               R717

Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi

Number of Connected Devices    15

Voltage      1.9 Volts (DC)

Country of Origin               This item will be imported from the US

First release available in The year 2021 

Other Specifications


Maximum Usage hours      8 hours

Standby Mode                   48 hours

Battery Capacity                2450 mAh

Memory Capacity               256 MB RAM and 256 Flash

b)Battery Care

The battery normally takes 3 to 5 hours, to be fully charged. The battery discharges faster when many devices are connected to the hotspot. The life of the battery depends on the Network, strength of the signal, temperature, and the total usage time. Keep the device at room temperature when it charges.  Do not leave the device inside vehicles or any unattended place. The temperature variations may affect the battery life. As in the case of all batteries, here also the wearing down happens gradually. So it may require a long time to get fully charged.

Descriptions of Icons displayed on the Hotspot Device

  • Five level signal strength indicator
  • Network Icons LTE/ 3G/ R based on the network connected
  •  Arrows indicating the data transmission
  • The power indicator blinks when power is low

Setting up the Device

The setting up for the first time follows certain steps. These steps are demonstrated in the User-Guide provided with the device. When the device is first switched on, the device information will be displayed on the OLED display. Then follow the steps:

Confirm whether the battery and the nano sim card are inserted into the device. Find out a better Wi-Fi Name and password which should be remembered easily but should not be common. Press the Power button to switch on the display, and select the Menu (Info Display Button). The default Wi-Fi name (also known as SSID)  of the device will be FranklinT9 along with the last 4 digits of the IMEI number

The default Wi-Fi password will be shown on the screen of the device.

Hold the Power key for 3 seconds, then the Welcome message is shown on the OLED display. Connect any Wi-Fi device like a smartphone or laptop to the Mobile Hotspot through tethering.

Then on the smartphone or laptop, search for the WiFi network available and then select the network name located on the OLED display.

Managing Admin Page

Connect the Wi-Fi-enabled device to the Hotspot Device.

Open the browser and enter either http://mobile.hotspot or in the address bar.

The Mobile Hotspot login screen appears on the screen.

Enter the default admin password.

The admin page will be displayed and the password can be changed from the account settings. On the admin page, go to Settings 🡪 device settings 🡪 account management. Here the password can be updated and then click on ‘Apply’.

Changing the Broadcast Network Name (SSID) and hotspot password

From the admin page, the Broadcast Network Name or SSID and hotspot password can be changed by selecting appropriate options from the Wi-Fi Settings tab.


Franklin T9 Mobile hotspot is a portable hotspot device with an OLED display and the Qualcomm processor inside. The device is capable of connecting 15 Wi-Fi-enabled devices at a time. It is lightweight and easy to use. The settings can be changed through the website by entering into the admin page with the default network name and admin password. The SSID and password can be changed from the admin page settings. Care should be given while using the battery to maintain the perfect service.


1. What is meant by the IMEI?

It is the short form of The International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique number to identify mobile phones and satellite phones. It is a telecommunication standard based on the technical specification of a device

2. How the device status is known to the user in the Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Device?

The service status of the device is displayed on the OLED display of the device and can be easily recognized.

3. What does VoLTE support mean?

VoLTE stands for Voice over Long-Term Evolution. It is a speed high-speed communication standard for mobile phones, data terminals like IoT devices, and the Wearables.

Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Plans- Know More

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