Is Esquire Jewelry Real?

Is Esquire Jewelry Real?

In this article we will see is the jewelry of Esquire real?Most jewelry belongs to women. It is considered that these are the tools for the embellishment of women. But it seems strange when men wear ornaments. Although in ancient times, men wear jewelry that represents attractiveness and strength. Even nowadays, ornaments are also becoming a fashion for some men, making male celebrities wear attractive jewelry and becoming a trend . Hence, to fulfill the craze of people, some companies design jewelry for men’s fashion. One of the male ornaments fashion companies is Esquire. Furthermore, the collection of Esquire was established in 1933 and its designs represent advanced stylish men as its name suggests. Moreover, Esquire products are sold on and in stores now only in holiday seasons. They provide a list of items like bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and other masculine choice products. Besides presenting modern luxurious jewelry, they also alert customers regarding their services or policies .

But is the jewelry of Esquire real?

Yes,Esquire sells real jewelry. Because it provides a signature with their jewelry that shows their honesty and authenticity. Also, Esquire sells ornaments with the collaboration of SHR jewelry group, an expert jewelry market in New York that produces the best fashionable products with license, and in partnership with LLC group that is also proficient in men’s jewelry dealing for a long time in the United States. 

Hence, all three partners market jewelry from casual to advanced and precious to make their buyer’s personality more elegant. In addition, they prepare their jewelry with sterling silver, and 10- 14 K gold covering. Along with, they make different designs with unexpected textures and materials according to different men’s tastes of wearing ornaments. 

Holiday period return policy

Esquire collection offers free shipping to the buyers if the purchase is above$150 and sends the products with proper care. Further, the store provides returns and exchange services for thirty days if the products are not torn or in bad condition.

Shipping services

There is some careful precaution Esquire jewelry makes aware of to the clients. Esquire is not responsible for any late delivery if it is caused by Australian post or any other third-party dispatcher company. Also, if the receiver’s address is not correct, they will not be liable in any case and they will not return money either. In addition, domestic customers have to pay 10.00 AUD and international orders will be 25.00 AUD for sending incorrect orders again.

Exchange policy of Esquire

Esquire jewelry exhibits its courtesy towards shoppers by giving credit notes for exchanging products within 39 days. But there are some cautious points that purchasers have to keep in mind while dealing or exchanging products.

Esquire stores will not refund for incorrect size or change of mind order. Because in the product description, all descriptive details are mentioned regarding size and materials. Along with that, shipping is also a part of the order. So, the company cannot pay back the customers.

If it is a matter of exchanging a ring due to improper size, then Esquire happily does this service.Return products conveyance should be under the customer’s responsibility until the product reaches the Esquire store safety.For return services, shoppers have to contact

Order Processing Policy

After booking jewelry, Esquire provides both invoice numbers and tracking numbers for each delivery.Esquire jewelers do their full efforts to deliver the items within 24-48 hours after the issuing date but it is not guaranteed and can be delayed.All the details of the largest should be correct.Due to pandemics, Esquire doesn’t upset their customers by rejecting orders. But they try their best to send products within 48 days. In a pandemic, employees are less due to social distancing.

Esquire will not refund the route selection fee if any tragedy happens during the voyage like lost or damaged products. Because the route is automatically chosen at checkout.Also, the company is not liable for loss or worn products during return products shipping. Clients have to first check the route of delivery. Purchasing incentives can not be adapted on custom orders,9 k to 14 K solid gold pieces.


Esquire’s collection put forward the most fascinating jewelry to complete the desire of modern masculine. Their authentic signature and partnership with popular jewelers prove them to be well-honored jewelers. Besides that, their guiding policies and services alert customers about their dealing, shipping, exchanging products, and placing the correct order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is Esquire offering any discount on the first purchase?

Ans) Yes, Esquire offers a 15% discount on the first purchase.

Q) What is the period of warranty on Esquire collection’s products?

Ans) Esquire provides a 6- a month warranty on products. In six months, if there are any defects in the product, Esquire will take responsibility. But once the warranty period finishes, then customers have to pay for repair. Also, clients have to contact customer service agents through phone or email.

Q) From where do the consumers buy Esquire jewelry?

Ans) They can buy jewelry from and from the store.

Is Esquire Jewelry Real?

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