Michaels Shipping Policy

Shipping products for delivery is not an easy job. According to statistics, one in every ten boxes gets damaged while being shipped. This is a concerning number. What if you have ordered something fragile and Because of the carrier’s mistake it gets damaged? You wouldn’t want that now, would you? Therefore it is very important to know which company is shipping your products.

Michaels Arts and Supplies Offers Shipping Services
Michaels Arts and Supplies Offers Shipping Services

Michaels is one such brand that gets used in every household in the United States. With everyday use items, It is impossible to ignore its products. And while a Michaels store is available in your vicinity, sometimes you do not feel like going. That is where online delivery comes in. And it is your right to know which carrier is bringing your products to your doorstep. This article will educate you about all the information which is available about Michaels’ shipping policy. So go on and read to know more.

What is Michaels?

Michaels is perhaps the most famous arts and crafts supplies store in the United States. Be it a Staedtler pencil or washi tapes, colored sheets, or even innovative gifts, you can find everything at Michaels. It is often considered a heaven for artists. Established in 1973, it has been almost 50 years since it has been serving every need of children and adults alike. Apart from crafts, it even keeps home decor items like mats, rugs, home organizers, chest drawers, and cabinets which adds to its splendid assortment of art supplies. 

What is Michaels’ shipping policy?

Michaels shipping policy is similar to other shipping policies. Michael’s normal order gets delivered between 1 to 3 business days. However, the actual delivery depends on the order that you choose. Michaels offers five types of deliveries. These are:-

  1. Standard Ground – This delivery takes a maximum of six business days to deliver the product. The days heavily depend upon your location. 
  2. Second Day – This delivery applies to selected items. And if the order gets placed before 11:00 AM, your product will get delivered in two business days. If the order gets placed after 11:00 AM, It will get delivered in a maximum of three business days.
  3. Next-Day – Like the second-day delivery service, this delivery is also applicable to selected items. If the order is placed before 11:00 AM, the product will arrive the next business day. If the order is placed after 11:00 AM, The order will arrive on the following business day.
  4. Same Day – This delivery is for those who are in a hurry. This type of delivery is applicable if there is a Michaels store within a 10-mile radius of your house. In this, your order will get processed and delivered on the same day if it gets placed before 2:00 PM. Otherwise, it will get delivered the following business day.

All these deliveries are applicable to the 48 contiguous states of the United States of America. Only the standard ground delivery is applicable for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii. And in addition to the price of the product, orders placed from these two regions will have two pay an additional fee of $15.

Who Does Michaels use for shipping?

For each and every type of shipping, Michaels uses UPS to deliver its items to the customers on time. It was in 2019 that Michaels announced its partnership with UPS in order to smoothen the process of shipping and delivery of its craft products. With UPS it can now deliver to even the remotest locations in the United States. However, it is only limited to them. The United States territories, Canada, and international are out of Michaels shipping policy at the moment. 

What is the difference between UPS and USPS?

Due to similar initials, you might have often confused between the two. But there is a vast difference between USPS and UPS. USPS, or United States Postal Service, is a national brand that is better known for delivering small and lightweight packages domestically and across the globe. UPS, or United Parcel Service, is more of a global brand that delivers products and parcels on an international level. In terms of cost, UPS is cheaper to ship heavy products, whereas USPS is inexpensive when it comes to lightweight and small packaged products.


It is evident from the above information that Michaels uses UPS for shipping its supplies across the USA. If you live in the USA mainland, you can easily place an order by choosing one of the shipping options. With the help of UPS, all the items that you order from Michaels will get safely delivered to you in less than a week. And if you are still not satisfied, there is always an option of pick up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to track Michaels order?

You can easily track your order by going on this page. You can track it either by filling in your email address and password or by providing your order number and zip code.

2. Does Michaels provide any discounts?

Yes, Michaels provides senior, military, and teachers discounts. Teachers can avail up to 15% discount, military personnel can avail up to 20% discount, and seniors can also avail up to 20% discount. 

3. Does Michaels have its own app?

You are right! Michaels has its own app. This app allows you to view the Michaels website, nearby stores, and buy items all at one place conveniently. By using this link, you can download the app on your phones and laptops. 

Michaels Shipping Policy

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