A lot of people, especially in today’s world, turn to fashion- outfits, accessories, bags, etc.- to make a statement style for themselves. That makes fashion subjective- for some, it might be wearing a cute pair of denim shorts with a basic oversized ripped white shirt, while for the others, it might be anything that comes under “modest fashion”, especially if instructed as such by their religion. This article concerns itself with popular modest fashion brands.

Ivy Fashion

For the unversed, modest fashion is essentially any clothing that is revealing to the least, covers your stomach, and goes beyond your knees. If you are wondering where you can look for them, Ivy City Co. is your savior when it comes to pretty dresses, but make it modest! Ivy City Co. is a women-centric brand that makes clothes perfect for a holy site visit or a wedding or even a maternity photoshoot! 


Ivy City Co. is a feminine supporting brand that is women-founded and women-operated. It exclusively deals in modest outfits for women and kids. An added advantage is that they are inclusive of all sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits you like a glove! They regularly update their website with new designs and arrivals, offer matching sets for mother-daughter duos along with maternity dresses as well. Their price range is at the threshold of a luxury retail store, but if you are on a moderate budget, then you might want to look out for their sales and discount services before you purchase a dress off them! 

Head over to https://ivycityco.com/ to browse through their products and get an idea of their price range as well. Else, you can follow them on their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/ivycityco/?hl=en to be the first one to receive notifications for best sellers and new arrivals!


Keeping in mind the description of modest attire previously, here are some fashion accounts that you can follow on the gram to understand what modest fashion is. 

1. Anisa Stoffel.

2. Maria Alia

3. Rachelle Yadegar

4. Noor

5. Dian Pelangi

6. Ramsha Sultan

7. Hadha Ana

There are countless other modest fashion influencers on Instagram and this was just a list of the popular ones to get you started on your modest fashion journey! Here is a link that will take you to a beginner’s guide on modest fashion, make sure to check it out: https://dubaifashionnews.com/beginners-guide-to-modest-fashion/ .


It is understandable that Ivy City Co. might be out of budget for a lot of people out there, so here is a comprehensive list of similar but more affordable modest fashion stores! Have a look.

  1. JessaKae:

JessaKae is a Utah based fashion retail brand that believes in providing the most beautiful and high-quality dresses for women, as their motto is feeling beautiful can have a huge impact on feeling powerful. It does not only sell modest fashion dresses but also other kinds of outfits at prices that are at par with those of Ivy City Co., but at the same time, you will find cheaper outfits as well, especially when they go on sale. Head over to https://jessakae.com/ to have a look at their collection and shop! 


Another brand that you must have heard of if you are into modest fashion is Love Olive, founded by a fashion-driven woman Stephanie and is named after her daughter! The brand is way more affordable than the other two brands mentioned up until now, includes popular modest fashion dresses along with other garment categories like swimwear and accessories, plus is inclusive of all sizes. They have a fair number of new arrivals, and offer free shipping on orders above USD 50. They have two brick and mortar stores in Idaho Falls and Rexburg, so if you are anywhere near these places, go check them out! If not, head over to https://loveoliveco.com/ to have a look!


Mikarose is a modest fashion brand that bashes the idea that one cannot be trendy as long as they are modest. They offer dresses, tops and skirts available in various sizes at affordable rates. You will be able to find trendy jeans and elegant dresses here on their website if you are not anywhere close to their physical retail location in the University Place Mall: https://mikarose.com/


One Loved Babe is a Utah based fashion brand for women that encompasses both modest fashion and otherwise. Its product range includes dresses, pants, skirts, caps among many other items at budget-friendly rates. It has gift cards available as well, much like the above-mentioned brands, and offers regular sales and discounts! Please visit https://www.onelovedbabe.com/ to leaf through their e-catalog.


Inherit Clothing Company is an online modest fashion boutique that believes dressing elegantly and modestly is a way to stay true to what you stand for. It offers a wide range of products like dresses, mother-daughter matching sets, shoes, accessories, among other items at reasonable prices. Do visit their neatly categorized website https://www.inheritco.com/ to browse through their collections. And yes, they have innovative collections like “Coastal Collection” and “Megan Fox inspired” collection!


Sweet Salt Clothing is a modest fashion retailer based in Utah, USA. Their products include modest dresses and other apparel, bags and accessories as they are an exclusively modest fashion brand. They have several physical retail branches, and a website where people can shop the loveliest outfits for themselves and their loved ones! They offer adequate sales and discount services- they in fact offer free shipping on all products! The link to their e-commerce site is linked here: https://www.sweetsaltclothing.com/ .


ASOS Design is a fashion brand that aims to sell comfortable and modest clothing at the most affordable rates. It does not just sell modest attires, but other textile articles as well, so it is a brand that serves both modest and non-modest dressers! Another advantage is that it includes skincare products, sportswear, accessories, crochet dresses- everything you could ever want at one place! Head over to https://www.asos.com/women/?ctaref=HP|gen|top|women to browse through their products and shop!


Be Modest Boutique is a non-profit fashion brand that donates its revenue to public service communities and worship places. The price of the product depends on the weight of the fabric and your geographical location. They do offer gift cards as well, and have an all-size inclusive product range that includes modest tops and even swimwear. Make sure to shop and donate for a good cause at https://www.bemodestboutique.com/ .


Slaydon & Rose is a modest fashion retail brand that ships globally, whose motto is “Always modest. Always adorable.” Their product range includes dresses, tops, skirts and shoes at feasible rates, and since they are size inclusive, you are sure to find your perfect fit here! Do visit

https://slaydonandrose.com/ to have a look at what they offer or download their app to shop. 


Since summer is just around the corner now, here’s a brand that caters to swimsuits and beach dresses. Lyra Swim is a modest swimwear brand that has revolutionized the modest swimsuit industry by introducing stylish, classy and modest swimwear at prices that are reasonable considering their quality and product finish. Go over to https://lyraswimwear.com/ to get your closet summer ready without having to worry about clothing! 


Modest fashion is up and rising in today’s world, and the industry is more representative of subjective fashion and choice than ever. Brands like Ivy City Co. that are exclusively modest might price their products a bit out of the reach for the average middle-income family, so knowing other similar brands might change your fashion game for the better! Plus, creative layering is all the rage right now, and that is something modest dressers can absolutely get behind! Now that you know a whole lot of modest fashion retailers, happy shopping! 


  1. What is modest fashion?

Modest fashion is any apparel that reveals minimum skin, and covers your shoulders, legs and stomach, in order to respect their religion or personal choices. 

  1. Is modest fashion a trend right now?

Modest fashion is not exactly a trend, but is getting more and more popular with several fashion influencers choosing to promote modest fashion- to highlight it as something that is not necessarily limited to a particular section of women, but accessible to every woman to enable the exercise of one’s choice.

  1. What would be a tip to mix and match your outfits keeping them modest at the same time?

Layering is your best friend if you are a modest dresser, but make sure you have enough one pieces or dresses that do not require much layering as well! 

  1. Does Ivy City Co. offer gift cards?

Yes, Ivy City Co. offers gift cards that are generally delivered by email and they range anywhere from USD 10 to USD 200 dollars. 


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