Where are Ralph Lauren Bags Made?

As more and more people begin to use social media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok, there is an ever-growing need to dress and look your best for those bomb photographs that you can post online- which also means you are always looking for different brands to shop your unique dresses and accessories from. Let’s know Where are Ralph Lauren Bags Made?

Where are Ralph Lauren Bags Made?

Ralph Lauren might just be your new favorite go-to brand for stylish and in-trend clothes and accessories. Their product range includes men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, accessories, and even scents! They are a premium brand – if not a complete luxury brand – with online and offline shopping facilities and ample sales throughout the year so you can pamper yourself regardless of whether you live near a Ralph Lauren retail store or not. This article also deals with how Ralph Lauren materials- especially bags- are sourced and if the brand is sustainable. Read on to know more.

Ralph Lauren in Detail

Ralph Lauren is an American international, multimillion fashion company that was founded by famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren back in 1967, and is currently headquartered in New York, USA. It has since branched out to clubs and restaurants as well.

Ralph Lauren’s wide range of products includes everything from affordable POLO tees to luxury clothing items. You can head over to https://www.ralphlauren.com/ to have a look. 

Price Range

Ralph Lauren is essentially a luxury brand, but the luxury tagline has somewhat dissolved because of the introduction of various more affordable sub-labels with the exceptions of the following two labels:

RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL: It is by far the most expensive sub-label of Ralph Lauren that houses the top products of the brand. It caters specifically to men’s clothing and accessories.

RALPH LAUREN COLLECTION LINE: It is a counterpart of the Ralph Lauren Purple Label, but for women.

More Affordable Sub-Labels

1. POLO Ralph Lauren is the most popular affordable spin-off of the brand and offers simple yet good quality clothing items.

2. CHAPS Ralph Lauren was started by the brand to sell clothing that is accessible to even the lowest income group of America and other countries, although the quality is nowhere near as good as POLO.

3. POLO GOLF was started to deal specifically in the golf wear market and is affordable and fairly good quality.

4. POLO Sport is a sub-label that was introduced to mark Ralph Lauren’s entry into the sportswear market- tees, windbreakers, sweatshirts, etc. are available in this line.

For more information on affordable Ralph Lauren sub-labels, head over to https://samtalksstyle.com/2020/05/27/a-guide-to-ralph-lauren-clothing-sub-brands-and-diffusion-lines/ 

Product Range of Ralph Lauren

As mentioned above, Ralph Lauren offers men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing which includes dresses, jeans, tops, and shirts among others, and accessories which include perfumes and bags. You might want to visit the Ralph Lauren website linked above in the article to leaf through the styles, colors, and price ranges of the same.

Where Does Ralph Lauren Make its Products?

As of 2021, Ralph Lauren has a whopping 193 factories in North America, 60 in Europe, and 72 in Asia which sums up to 325 factories in total. Most of its higher-end clothing- for the more luxurious section of the brand- is manufactured in Italy, and the lower-quality or more affordable clothing is manufactured in China, the two countries that produce the bulk of Ralph Lauren products together. The reason for cheaper items being produced in Asian countries is because of the availability of ample cheap and quick labor, raw materials, and energy.

Factories in Hong Kong usually produce sweatshirts and shirts, along with factories in other Asian countries like Pakistan, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Most of its men’s apparel and merchandise are produced in the United Nations of America itself, and the majority of the Black Label products are again made in Italy.

Ralph Lauren perfumes are usually made in America.

Where are Ralph Lauren Bags Made?

Ralph Lauren’s bag collection includes everything from handbags to backpacks to tote bags. You can visit https://www.ralphlauren.com/women-accessories-handbags to have a look at their unmatched bag collection.

As to answer the question, Ralph Lauren handbags are made in authentic factories in China and Italy, whereas there are tons of fake Ralph Lauren circulating in the market. Since you are paying a significant amount of money for these bags, you want to make sure of their authenticity by checking the small details such as stitching, instruction labels on clothing, and of course, the logo. Real products will always have even and neat stitching, whereas the fake ones will have uneven and more visible stitching. As for the logo, one hint might be that on the real Ralph Lauren products, the tail of the horse is visible whereas, on the fake ones, it is not. 

To learn how to differentiate between a real and fake Ralph Lauren in detail, please visit https://www.wikihow.com/Recognize-a-Fake-Ralph-Lauren#:~:text=The%20majority%20of%20Ralph%20Lauren,manufactured%20in%20China%20and%20Italy.

Is Ralph Lauren a Sustainable Fashion Brand?

Now that you know where the Ralph Lauren products are made, you would want to know the sustainability factor as well. The brand has not exactly been voted the most sustainable fashion brand exists. It has a disappointing sustainability rating of 3 on 5 under Planet, 2 out of 5 under People, and another 2 out of 5 under Animals. 

This data has been sourced from https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/ralph-lauren.


Ralph Lauren is a premium American fashion brand that has a wide range of products mainly including clothing and accessories, with enough affordable sub-labels. The majority of its products are produced in the European country of Italy and the Asian country of China together, although the brand has factories all over the world. The sustainability of Ralph Lauren is on the low side of things, so you might want to skip that Ralph Lauren piece if you are transitioning into a sustainable lifestyle. 


  1. What material are Ralph Lauren shirts made from?

Ralph Lauren shirts are made from 100% cotton. The two cotton variants or options that you have are cotton mesh and cotton interlock. Cotton mesh is more common.

  1. Who owns Ralph Lauren?

The famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren is the founder of the brand named after him, but the company is owned by Nestle.

Where are Ralph Lauren Bags Made?

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