Casetify Student Discount

Looking for the perfect phone case to glow up your mirror selfie? Or one that expresses your love for your favorite pop artist, or even matching phone cases with your partner? Casetify is that one-stop-shop for you, where you can choose from hundreds of options, or even customize these “Real cute. Real tough” protective phone covers! Casetify is one of the world’s largest tech accessories producers and is based in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Founded in 2011 by Ronald Yeung and Wesley Ng, it started selling its appealing customized phone cases through Instagram and later expanded to other electronic accessories. So, what is Casetify Student Discount. Read more for many useful information.

Casetify Student Discount

Casetify Student Discount

Casetify offers a 15% student discount through, along with other promo codes and discount schemes. Sometimes, these same offers might not be available on the main Casetify website, but exclusively on, so make sure you head over there before you purchase your Casetify case.

Casetify’s Vision

Casetify encourages self-expression through something that one carries virtually every hour of the day- which is your phones (cases). At Casetify, they believe in providing personal and aesthetic phone covers without compromising the quality at all, thus accentuating your individuality!

What makes Casetify Special?

It is costlier than your average phone case, agreed, but then there is nothing average about the case itself. They provide guaranteed protection, and what with the amount of money you pay for phones these days, protection is a must. Additionally, it is rare to come across reliable phone case companies that have an eye-to-eye quality and aesthetic ratio.

Casetify’s Partnerships

Everyone loves a quality brand that encourages sustainability, lifts the LGBTQA+ community with its proceedings, helps the medical faculties in the country with covid reliefs, AND partners with funds to educate girls globally. All this separates Casetify from the crowd while promoting their business and helping the world be a better place at the same time.

How are casetify’s cases made?

They are made from double-layered, shock-absorbing plastic which makes them immensely durable and protective, and are military graded. They are also a little raised around the corners for a higher percentage of protection in case you drop them on hard floors, even from a distance. 

  • Impact phone covers: These give protection from drops of up to two meters (6.6 feet).
  • Ultra Impact phone covers: These give protection in cases of drops as high as 9 feet!

General price structure

Casetify phone cases are generally priced anywhere from USD 55 to USD 85. They do offer discounts and use promo codes, so if you have one, make sure to avail them! As expensive as they sound, reviews have time and again shown that Casetify is worth every dollar you shell out.

Delivery and Shipping:

Shipping might take longer than usual, taking into account the location and conditions for the postal system to get it delivered as soon as possible. Casetify claims that it makes sure that your product leaves their facility in under 6 days, but then again, it depends on the availability of the product.

For US orders, the shipping time is 6-12 business days and for international orders, it is 5-23 business days. Delivery can take twice as long in some circumstances, but you know what they say, “the fruit of patience is sweet.


To summarize, Casetify is one of the best places for you to place your very own customized, protective phone case. A-listers like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, and numerous Instagram influencers like Aaliyah Mendes have loved, and hosted giveaways with Casetify! Casetify has an easy-to-use interface so it does not take you a whole lot of time to choose and order your phone case. Its payment methods are plenty, and you can avail services like discounts and warranties, plus it provides guaranteed protection. So go ahead and match with your favorite celebrity, or make your own design and flaunt it everywhere you go!


1.Can I make changes to my order after already having confirmed it?

Yes, but you have to do so in under 12 hours, with clear instructions.

2.How to recheck and track my order?

You’ll receive an order confirmation email once it is confirmed on their side.

To track it, you simply have to log onto Casetify’s website and go onto “Track my order”, fill out the required instructions, and you’ll receive the desired information.

3.Will I be refunded in case of a lost package?

Only if you inform Casetify within 90 days of purchase, will they take action. Otherwise, no refund will be issued to you.

4.How do I pay for my case?

Casetify accepts a card payment, JCB, Afterpay, Apple Pay, etc. depending on where you’re purchasing from.

Casetify Student Discount

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