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Crocs, Inc. is an American footwear company based in Broomfield, Colorado, founded in 2002. Crocs brand, manufacture, and market foam clogs. These are used as regular shoes for school children. The footwear was made for boating at the beginning.  The website associated with the student loyalty program called, the Student Beans, provides information about the discounts available for the students at Crocs. In this article, we will know about Crocs student discount.

Crocs student discount

What is used for making crocs?

An injection-molded EVA foam resin called Croslite is utilized to make the footwear at Crocs. Natural Resins are mixtures of organic compounds.  Crocs products are medically beneficial because of the material used. The foaming process makes the shoes lightweight and flexible to use. The Crocs product is breathable and water is drained easily. Crocs footwear is produced in many countries including China, Vietnam, Italy, Bosnia, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Crocs student discount

Crocs give a 25% student discount. It is available for the students through the Student Beans.

Student Beans

A person above 16 who is pursuing a full-time education program in a high school, college, university, and sixth form, is eligible to use the Student Beans website. The student can sign up with the academic email address. 

Account Login 

It is free for students. The students undergoing any type of training or apprenticeship can also use Student Beans. It is a website that provides student loyalty programs conducted anywhere.  The Student Beans account allows a student to access discounts, online and in-store. It is a secure software that allows only genuine students to avail of the reductions.


EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate is a type of foam used at Crocs to make the Croslite.  It is a soft and flexible plastic material with low-temperature toughness that resists cracks on the feet. As per the opinions of Podiatrists, this material is supposed to have medical benefits to the wearer. 

Crocs Collections   

Crocs collection includes Sandals, Clogs, and Flats for women and Shoes with color and size options. A wide range of collections is available for men and kids also. There are about 20 different colored Classic styles. Some footwear comes with a palette of four to six color combinations. The company is manufacturing seasonal products also.

Crocs Product List

Product NameRate (Rs)
Crocs Gray Bayaband Unisex Clogs2447.00
Crocs Perforated Slingback Clogs(for Boys)1196.00
Crocs Crocband Smoke (Kids Unisex Clogs)1795.00
Crocs Unisex Bayaband  K-Clog651.00
Crocs Classic Purple Unisex Clog1947.00
Crocs Literide1499.00
Crocs Unisex Adults Off-Road Clogs1957.00
Crocs Bronze Swift Water Flips1397.00
Crocs Light Ride Back Strap Clogs2995.00

Advantages of Crocs 


Crocs are lightweight compared to other substitutes. They make use of the material called Crostile. This is made from EVA. The foaming process makes the shoes so light.


The EVA material is lightweight and healthy covering for the feet. These are some of the accepted shoes as per the American Podiatric Medical Association and are advised wear for workers to stand for a long time during their duty.


It is waterproof as it does not allow water to go inside the shoes.


The Crocs shoe allows the feet to get air inside and water to drain easily. This feature prepares the product ideal for the summer season. There are holes on the shoes (13 holes) that help to enter the air inside and drain the water.

Recession-Proof (economic recession)

The company has a stable revenue stream regardless of the global economic ups and downs. Crocs’ company has managed to stay steady, just like its marketing. It is a public limited company that increased its stock to the maximum, at the start of the pandemic, to survive economically.


The Crocs Classic Clog is cheaper than other company products.  

Easy to Clean

They are easy to clean. Crocs shoes can be cleaned with soap and water. No special cleaning methods, agents, or polishes are needed.


Crocs is a footwear manufacturing company in the US. Crocs manufacture footwear with a resin material called Croslite. The footwear made at Crocs is accepted by the American Podiatric Association, as the material used has medical benefits. There are different stylish footwear for men, women, and children. The company allows a discount for genuine students who have an account in the Student beans. The Student Beans let the students know about the Student Loyalty Programs.

  1. What is resin?

Resin is a solid or highly viscous substance made from a natural or synthetic material that is transformed into polymers. Natural resin is made from plants.

  1. How is a resin formed naturally?

Plants secrete resins for their protective benefits in response to injury. The resin protects the plant from insects and pathogens. 

  1. Who is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a specialized person who deals with the treatment of foot disorders, ankle, and related problems of the leg. 

  1. What are the thirteen holes on the shoes meant for?

There are 13 holes on the top of each Classic Clogs and Slides. The holes make ventilation and let the moisture out. 

Crocs student discount – Know More

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