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The moment a loved one puts a wedding or engagement ring on your finger is special. It is even more special if it is both your dream ring and a perfect fit. However, not everyone gets a dream ring that is a cinderella-slipper fit. The ring might be a bit too tight or fall off your finger, which is perfectly normal. However, this leaves you stuck between taking the ring back to get the next best option or choosing to resize the ring. Let us know ‘Does Macy’s Resize Rings?’.

Does Macys Resize Rings?

Does Macy’s Resize Rings?

If you are looking to resize your ring, Macy’s is one of the department stores that offer the service to their customers. You get a free resize if you have paid for their Macy’s Fine Jewelry Protection plan. The Protection Plan allows you to go to any Macy’s store for any repair, including resizing, for up to three years after the purchase date. Read more to learn about other factors and policies you need to know if you are looking to get your ring resized at Macy’s.

Macy’s Fine Jewelry Protection Plan 

If you purchased your ring at Macy’s, you are guaranteed a free ring resize once you sign up for the Macy’s WorryNoMore Fine Jewelry Protection plan. It covers a lifetime trade-up policy and free ring resizing for rings without sizing limitations. You can sign up for the care and maintenance plan within thirty days after your purchase.

To Sign up, dial Macy’s Customer service or go to any Macy’s store with your purchase receipt. Your ring must be in good condition for it to be eligible for a resize. 

When to resize your ring?

Your perfect ring will fit comfortably on your finger. It should be easy to slide on but a bit hard to get off, especially around your knuckle. When the ring starts being too tight or slipping off your finger, it is time to consider a ring resize. But first, you need to ensure the ring is consistently loose or tight. Factors like pregnancy, cold weather, weight loss, or recent high salt intake might temporarily lead to your ring being loose or tight.

For instance, extremely cold weather will cause your finger to shrink, making your ring a bit loose on your finger. In this case, you might need to take off your ring for a while or look for a temporary fix with a ring sizer.

What is the price of resizing a ring? 

Macy’s will cover your first ring resize. However, if your ring needs more work or a second resize, you might need to part with a couple of dollars to get a fitting ring. 

The cost can be as low as 20$ for a ring requiring minimal work to hundreds of dollars if it requires more. The pricing will vary depending on the ring’s material, thickness, and design. 

How long does it take to resize a ring?

It will take around two weeks for a chain jewelry store like Macy’s to get your ring resized. The ring is shipped to a jeweler’s workshop for resizing and sent back to the specific store where you bought your ring in two weeks. Smaller jewelry stores might have on-site resizing services since the jeweler’s workshop is usually located in the same place as the shop.


Resizing your ring is an easy and permanent fix to a wrong fitting ring but very crucial. You must understand the process and get the right jeweler for the job. As tempting as might be, avoid handing over your ring to the lowest bidder to get it done. Make sure the jeweler is someone you trust for the job. If need be, speak to someone who has had their ring resized to get the best advice on the best jeweler to take your ring to for resizing.


Does resizing a ring ruin it?

No, resizing will not ruin your ring unless it is made from metal that is difficult to resize. Only rings made from silver, gold or platinum can be resized. Eternity rings or rings made from Tungsten, RoseGold, and Titanium are too hard to resize.

Do all Macy’s resize rings?

Yes, all Macy’s resize rings for their clients. All you need to carry is your purchase receipt. Remember, if you have signed up for their Fine Jewellery Protection Plan, you are guaranteed a free ring resize at Macy’s

Is it expensive to resize a ring?

The cost of resizing a ring depends on the design and type. Depending on the jewellery store, it varies from 20$ to a couple of hundred dollars. However, do not go for the cheaper jeweller without assurance of their work ethic. 

How many times can you resize a ring?

Most jewellery stores will only resize a ring two sizes up or down. Resizing a ring beyond the two sizes can stress the metal and destroy its quality and design. 

Does Macy’s Resize Rings? – Know More

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