Does Tiffany & Co. engrave jewelry? – Know More

It is a universal truth that there is no better way to celebrate your success than with diamonds that reflect all your magic and also – bonus points- add class to your otherwise monotonous outfits for your special day. Tiffany & Co. has you covered- look no further. Tiffany is an American luxurious jewelry brand that has a plethora of statement accessories to choose from- everything from personalized platinum engagement rings, diamond watches, gold bracelets to fragrances and hoop earrings! So, Does Tiffany & Co. engrave jewelry? Read more.

Does Tiffany & Co. engrave jewelry?

An Introduction To Tiffany and Co.

The favorite brand of the world’s elite- Tiffany & Co. – was founded by Charles Tiffany in 1837, and currently boasts of 326 stores spread across the Pacific Area as well as Asia. 

  • Tiffany is a huge believer in sustainability and acts effectively on matters of climate change and environmental preservation. The money that you’re spending at a luxurious Tiffany retail opening is assuredly going into good hands. 
  • It encourages a diverse and growth-inducing environment for its community- be it the employees or the consumers. 
  • Every product that has the Tiffany tag on it has been tailor-made with immense care and precision intending to contribute healthily to the planet.

Recently, another popular French luxury brand Louis Vuitton bought Tiffany for a whopping 15.8 billion US Dollars. Its parent company LV now has opened a wider luxurious berth for Tiffany’s globally.

Shopping at Tiffany and Co.

Simply head over to their website to view their wide range of accessories to order right away, or you could even book an appointment. The website allows you to choose your price range, jewelry type, sizes, etc., therefore, guaranteeing a more than a satisfactory shopping experience.

Even your favorite models like Hailey Bieber and Anya Taylor-Joy have done shoots for Tiffany & Co., and they use only the best of the best, so you know what you are buying is going to be 100% authentic.

Gifting Tiffany & Co. Items

Your best friend’s getting hooked next week? Or your brother got his first job? 

Or you want to spoil your mother just for no reason? Celebrate these priceless moments by gifting them the best of Tiffany’s gifting options, they have a whole gifting category on their website. Gift cards are available too! 

Does Tiffany & Co. engrave jewelry?

Yes, Tiffany does offer customization of jewelry and engraving of up to three initials of personal significance on whatever piece of jewelry you choose to buy from their website. For additional details, Tiffany requests you to either visit their nearest retail opening or contact them on their helpline number 800 843 3269. Generally speaking, engraving can cost you anywhere from US dollar 100- 400, depending on what kind of jewelry you want to be engraved.

MONOGRAMMING: A monogram is any design that puts an intimate touch on your jewelry, for example, your or even your loved ones’ initials would be called a monogram. They make lovely gifts for super special occasions.

PRICE: US Dollar 70 per item.

HAND ENGRAVING: As the name suggests, manually carrying out the lettering on a piece of jewelry is what hand engraving is all about. 

PRICE: US Dollar 50 per item.

STANDARD ENGRAVING: Standard engraving is similar to hand engraving, except it’s done with the help of technology that saves time and increases precision. 

PRICE: US Dollar 35 per item.

Some things you want to remember before you get your jewelry engraves is that the maximum number of inscriptions on one item is three, regardless of what type of engraving is being done, and once it’s done, you cannot return it whatsoever.


Summing it all up, Tiffany & Co. has time and again proven to be the best in the luxury accessories retail industry, and although it is pricey it is worth every dollar you spend. You all know how gold and diamonds are procured and their excavation affects the planet, so a brand that acknowledges and works on it is the need of the hour. Quality jewelry that makes you feel confident and helps you make a style statement is what Tiffany & Co. was, is, and will always be about. 


1.Can I get a full name engraved onto my jewelry I purchase from the Tiffany website?

Unfortunately, Tiffany only offers up to three initials per piece. Other engraving services can be availed by visiting their store,

2.When can I expect my Tiffany order?

It depends on your geographical location, but Tiffany will give you an idea like all other online shopping sites. If you’ve requested engravings, then that will add extra delivery days to your order depending on the type of engraving you are getting done.

3.Can I have a non- Tiffany item engraved at a Tiffany opening?

No, Tiffany & Co. engraves only authentic Tiffany items.

Does Tiffany & Co. engrave jewelry? – Know More

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