How Much Does Walmart Pay?

From the food you like to furniture you enjoy, every item you need is available in Walmart. Providing every customer, the goods and merchandise they need for their everyday use, ensuring a good quality product is the Walmart way of service. With the highest number of employees, Walmart is the largest employer in the USA. Details about Walmart Jobs and Pay gave below.

How Much Does Walmart Pay?

Employees at Walmart are paid on an hourly basis with yearly bonuses and benefits. Every employee is valued and is held at the highest standards for their service. From cleaning, stocking. And to taking inventory, every task is done with top care and safety. Employees are at the heart of Walmart they keep the system running.

Details about Walmart Jobs and Pay:

  1. Package handler:
  • Allocating and placing customers’ packages.
  • Confirming package details.
  • Setting and organizing items or goods and merchandise in loading trucks.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $18.04/hr. 
  1. Cashier:
  • Processing of purchased items and goods.
  • Undertaking cash or monetary transactions.
  • Resolving customers’ transaction issues if any.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $10.58/hr.
  1. Warehouse worker:
  • Managing and taking inventory of stock items.
  • Accepting deliveries, loading, and unloading trucks.
  • Marking and labeling stocks
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $20.36/hr.
  1. Seasonal associate:
  • Greeting customers as they enter the store.
  • Helping in cleaning and organizing sales floor.
  • Restocking shelves, and answering customer queries about any product or merchandise.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $13.79/hr.
  1. Retail sales associate:
  • Helping customers in the selection of products they need.
  • Driving sales, giving product information, marketing.
  • Escorting customer to proper rack or counter.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $14.50/hr. 
  1. Warehouse associate:
  • Preparing of supply goods and merchandise in proper order.
  • Ensuring the right product is shipped and received correctly.
  • Packing and delivering the order in rightly.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $16.53/hr.
  1. Pharmacist:
  • Finding the right drugs and medicine.
  • Checking formulation of drugs dosages.
  • Marketing and selling of drugs and medication.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $59.49/hr.
  1. Pharmacy assistant:
  • Collecting and entering patient info in the system.
  • Checking for an incomplete prescription.
  • Preparing and packing medication and drugs.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $14.04/hr.
  1. Certified pharmacy technician:
  • Managing and conforming orders of medication and drugs for the customer.
  • Interacting with customers and answering doubts and questions.
  • Managing inventory and stocking medications.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $17.39/hr.
  1. Administrative assistant:
  • Answering and managing phone calls.
  • Organize and distribute mail.
  • Preparing memos, schedules, and maintaining calendars.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $22.24/hr.
  1. Call center representative:
  • Handling inbound and outbound calls of customers and clients.
  • Resolving customers’ issues and answering questions. Taking follow-up reviews from customers. 
  • Selling products on call.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $14.57/hr.
  1. Receptionist:
  • Serving and engaging with visitors.
  • Communicating important details between security and telecommunication system.
  • Answering visitor questions and queries and directing them toward the right employee.
  • Paid by the hour an average wage of $12.18/hr.


1. Job training:

Employees are given special job training to maintain a proper management system.

2. Cafeteria:

Employees are provided with a cafeteria in the break room to replenish the mood.

3. Health insurance:

Every employee is provided with good health insurance with a family plan to provide support.

4. Soft skills training:

Employees are provided with soft skills training programs to enrich their communication and language skills so that they engage with customers properly.

5. Team Outing:

Employees are taken on team picnics and outing to refresh their mood.

6. Free transport:

Walmart has provided employees with a free public transport system that they can use to commute.

7. Child care:

Female employees who are single mothers or employees who have become recently parents are given child care to help them.

8. Gymnasium:

Employees have an inbuilt gym for the workout and exercising to maintain a healthy body and mind.

9. International relocation:

Employees are assisted in relocating internationally if required.

10. Educational assistance:

Employees who are pursuing higher studies for their careers are provided with the LBU platform of Walmart to help them go ahead.  


Customer every need is available at Walmart. From food products to furniture items, everything that you need is at convivence at Walmart superstores. Good and merchandise are kept and stocked with the highest standard. Maintaining a clean and safe environment for the customers to buy what they need is Walmart’s way of service.

Achieving and maintaining these standards are the employees of Walmart. With cleaning floors, restocking shelves for sales, taking inventory of products and items for ordering. Making deliveries and communicating with customers and answering their every query. Walmart values every employee with great appreciation and respect for their work.  

How Much Does Walmart Pay?

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